Complete! List of Car Carburetor Functions and How They Work

Every car that uses gasoline must have a carburetor. The function of the carburetor is to combine fuel with air, then channel it to the interior of the combustion engine chamber.

You could say, the carburetor has a very vital role. When the carburetor is damaged, the impact will be great for the condition of your car.

This article will review the functions of a car carburetor and how it works.

Carburetor Function in Cars and Their Components

Broadly speaking, the carburetor functions to collect air and fuel. But, keep in mind that the carburetor has a variety of components.

Each component functions in a different way. Then, what exactly is the function of the carburetor on the car and its components?

Float Chamber

The float chamber is also known as the combustion chamber. This component is where the fuel and air undergo combustion. The float chamber position is on the carburetor cylinder head.

The working system of this car carburetor is up and down automatically. When the gasoline in the car is full, the float chamber will rise and close the fuel valve.

If this component is damaged or does not work properly, there will be a gasoline leak or flood.


This car carburetor component has a size that tends to be small. Floaters are also often referred to as floats.

The floater works when the fuel is too full or too little. The presence of a floater will limit the amount of fuel that is too high, so that it remains stable.

Choke Valve

The choke valve is the part of the car carburetor that is located before the venturi component and its function is to close the air passage to the engine.

When the choke valve closes, air will no longer enter the engine. This allows more gasoline to be channeled into the interior of the engine, making the car 's engine easier to start.


The venturi component is located on the inside of the carburetor tube. This component section is very narrow. The function of the carburetor component in this car is to increase the speed of air flow.

Venturi will help so that more air is inhaled and can be mixed with the fuel. The pressure of the incoming air will make it easier for the fuel to rise to the engine.

This will have an impact on the speed of the car. The car can go faster and can be used on uphill roads better.


The piston is one of the components of a car carburetor that regulates how much air mixture will be put into the combustion chamber or float chamber. This component is shaped like a valve.

When you step on the gas pedal in a car, the piston valve opens. This allows for a smoother flow of air, making it easier for it to flow into the float chamber as well.

Jet Playing

The main jet is the part of the car carburetor that is between the floater and the venturi, its function is as a place to exit gasoline. The main jet allows the amount of gasoline to be released to remain ideal, not lacking or excessive.

Each car has a main jet diameter on a different carburetor. This diameter will be adjusted to the engine capacity of the car. Damage to the main jet will have an impact on the function of the carburetor.

Screw Control

There are two control screws on the car carburetor component. The two control screws consist of an idle speed air screw and an idle mixture air screw.

Idle speed air screw works by adjusting the angle of the piston opening when the gas pedal is pressed. Meanwhile, the idle mixture air screw functions to adjust the size of the idle jet channel.

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Idle Jet

The idle jet function on the car carburetor is a place to channel filtered air. Air that is channeled through the idle jet can directly enter the engine room without having to go through the main jet first.

Slow Jet

Slow jet is a car carburetor component that serves to provide gasoline and air supply when the car is in an idle or silent position.

When the car is stationary, there will be no valve opening which usually occurs when the gas pedal is pressed. This slow jet helps the carburetor function to work properly even when the car is stationary.

Economizer Jet

Just like a slow jet. the economizer jet will work when the car engine is idle or idle. The position of this component is in the middle of the idle jet.

When the car is stationary, the economizer jet will maximize the mixing of gasoline with air to keep the engine running properly.

Jet Needle

Jet needle is a needle that serves to emit gasoline. Gasoline will come out through this component when you step on the gas pedal of the car.

Thermostatic Valve

The function of this carburetor component is to regulate temperature stability. This component is in the form of a valve that will open when the engine temperature becomes hot.

If the temperature in the engine is not stabilized due to damage to the thermostatic valve, the engine will overheat. making it difficult for fuel to be channeled properly.

How the Car Carburetor Works

By now you probably already understand what the function of a car carburetor and its components are. Then, how does a car carburetor work?

Broadly speaking, car carburetor works by regulating the flow rate of gasoline and its volume. This process starts when the car engine is started.

Once the car engine is turned on, the piston in the carburetor will work forward and backward. When the car is moving backwards, the carburetor will work by sucking air in the front of the car carburetor system.

Automatically, air and fuel will be sucked in and the combustion process starts in the float chamber.

When the gas pedal is stepped deeper, the piston performance will also be further improved. That way, the movement and distribution of fuel and air to the engine will also increase.

The way a car carburetor works is quite complex. The function of the carburetor is also very important and crucial for the survival of the car engine. Therefore, all components of a car carburetor should be treated properly.

Car Carburetor Service Price

Then, what if the car carburetor is damaged? The solution is to service the car carburetor.

Car carburetor service costs vary, depending on the condition of the damage and the type of your car. Generally, this fee starts from Rp. 150-250 thousand. If the damage is very severe, it may cost more.

In addition to servicing the carburettor at the garage, you can also clean the carburetor yourself. You do this by using a special car carburetor cleaner.

Carburetor cleaners can be obtained freely with a price range of Rp. 20-50 thousand.

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