Characteristics of Car Axle Oil Must Be Replaced and the Reason

Most car owners are only familiar with engine oil. In fact, there is also axle oil that is no less important to note. As a car owner, you should recognize the characteristics of the car axle oil that must be replaced.

Axle oil is a lubricant for automatic transmission parts in cars. When the components rub against each other, the components will not be damaged quickly because there is oil that lubricates them.

Axle oil may not need to be changed as frequently as engine oil. However, you still have to remember to replace it.

Know the Characteristics of the Car Axle Oil Must Be Replaced

There are several signs that should be recognized as signs of needing an axle oil change. Following are these characteristics:

1. Strong Vibration in the Car

When the axle oil is not changed for too long, you will feel a fairly strong vibration in the car. This vibration will be felt, both when the car is brought to pass through a straight road or not.

The vibration will usually get louder when turning or when the car's speed increases. This could be a sign that it is time to change the axle oil.

2. the Smell of Burning on the Axle of the Car

The next characteristic is the appearance of a burning smell on the axle of the car. Usually, this unpleasant burning smell can be detected from the gearbox.

A burning smell may arise due to the axle getting too hot. This is caused by dirty or exhausted axle oil. In addition, it could also be that the oil used has expired, thus triggering an unpleasant odor that resembles a burning smell.

3. Noise in the Car

In addition to vibration, also pay attention if there is a noise that is quite disturbing when the car is driven. His voice resembled a loud buzzing sound.

The appearance of noise is caused by the components on the axle rubbing against each other without adequate lubrication of oil. If not replaced immediately, the sound will be louder and more annoying.

4. Car Wheels Are Difficult to Control

When the car's wheels are getting harder to control, this may be a sign that the axle oil needs to be changed. If the oil is still good enough, the axle should be able to control the rotational speed of the wheels.

However, if the quality of the axle oil is dirty or exhausted, the speed of the wheel rotation will be disturbed. If left unchecked, this can be dangerous, because it has the potential to cause an accident.

5. Oil Color Changed

Try checking the axle oil directly, has the color changed? If so, it's probably time for you to change your axle oil.

Checks can be done when you service the car at the garage. The characteristics of the car axle oil must be replaced can be recognized by looking at the color of the oil. The oil that needs to be changed will be a metallic gray and slightly darker color.

Also pay attention to whether the texture of the oil is still thick or already runny. If the oil looks runny, it could be a sign that the axle oil needs to be replaced.

What Happens If the Axle Oil Is Not Changed?

If you have seen any of the signs mentioned above, you should immediately change your car axle oil. If not, then there will be bad impacts that occur, for example as follows.

Forced to Replace Components at High Cost

Axle oil that is dirty or used up makes the components on the axle rub against each other without lubricating it.

This friction can trigger component damage. If the components are badly damaged, of course you can no longer use the car to drive.

As a result, you are forced to replace the damaged component with a new one. The cost of replacing these components is not cheap, it can reach Rp. 300 thousand for each component.

Driving Is So Uncomfortable

As explained earlier, some of the characteristics of a car axle oil that must be replaced are noise, unpleasant odors, and a fairly strong car vibration. All of these characteristics can make the driving experience less enjoyable.

Moreover, if not replaced immediately, these things will get worse. This will be very disturbing and cause inconvenience, both for you as a car owner and for other people who ride.

Potential to Cause an Accident

Dirty or depleted axle oil will make it difficult to control the car wheels. If you can't control your car's wheels properly while driving, it's possible that your car will trigger an accident.

The wheels of a car may turn too fast or too slow. The car becomes difficult to drive on a road full of turns. When the car cannot be controlled properly, there is a risk of an accident that can occur.

When Should the Axle Oil Be Changed?

If you feel the characteristics of the car axle oil must be replaced, you should immediately take the car to a repair shop. That is the first sign that can be used as a reference to determine when to change the axle oil.

Apart from the characteristics, you can also take into account the time of use since the axle oil was last changed. It is recommended that the axle oil be changed immediately when the car has been used to drive up to a distance of 4-8 thousand kilometers.

Usually, the distance is covered within 3-4 months. So, every 3-4 months, try to take the car to a repair shop and check the quality of the axle oil. If it is not clean, immediately replace it with a new one.

How to Change Car Axle Oil

After feeling the characteristics of the car axle oil that needs to be replaced, you can decide how to replace it.

There are two ways you can do to change the axle oil, namely by doing the replacement independently or taking the car to a repair shop.

Change the Car Axle Oil Yourself

If you want to change the axle oil yourself, first turn off your car engine. Do the replacement in cold car axle conditions. Also make sure the car has been parked on land that has a fairly flat surface.

Then, from the bottom of the car, unscrew the bolts for the manufacture of the old oil. Drain the old oil until it runs out. You can also use an air compressor to ensure that all dirty oil is completely drained.

Then, connect the bottle filled with oil with a hose that is connected to the oil filler section under the car. Fill the oil until it reaches the limit, then close it again with the bolt and tighten it.

Changing Axle Oil at the Workshop

If you are not an expert in changing axle oil yourself, you should use the help of professionals. After feeling the characteristics of the car axle oil that must be replaced, take your car to a repair shop and ask for a check and change the axle oil.

Using Insurance for Car Maintenance

Car service at a repair shop may cost a lot of money. Sometimes, if the damage is severe enough, the costs will also increase.

But, if you have car insurance. the cost of car maintenance will not feel burdensome. Because, there is insurance that will help cover the entire cost of the treatment. That is why car insurance should be owned from the start as an anticipation effort.

Even when changing axle oil, you can use car insurance to fund the replacement costs at the workshop.

Check the amount of car insurance premium you have to pay with the calculator below.