Causes of Dim Car Lights Next Door and How to Solve Them

The dim light next to it definitely makes driving uncomfortable. Especially if you drive at night because you can't see the road clearly.

Driving in dim car lights or dim lights is quite dangerous. Good for drivers, passengers, and other road users. The lack of lighting makes it difficult for you to see the road conditions in front and behind the vehicle.

It is not impossible that a minor accident or a serious accident may occur. Therefore, find out the causes of dim car lights, how to fix dim car lights to tips on caring for car lights.

This article will discuss some of the causes of dim car lights and how to overcome them.

the Cause of the Dim Car Lights Next Door

There are many causes of car lights not bright or not bright. Summarized from various sources, the following are the common causes of dim car lights.

1. the Fuse Has a Problem Until It Blows

The main function of the fuse is as a safety when the possibility of overcurrent occurs when a short circuit in the cable path.

For example, there is a chipped cable path, a loose cable, or a loose socket. Whatever the problem with the wiring, if there is an indication of overcurrent, the fuse may blow.

Fuses are closely related to cars. So, if the left side of the fuse is blown, the car lights that are dimmed on the left are automatically the left side of the fuse, and vice versa.

2. the Quality of the Bulb Is Not Good

The next cause of dim car lights is the age and quality of the light bulbs. Even the age of the bulb that is quite old above the average age of a car light bulb in general can create problems with the headlamp fuse so that the headlamp fuse blows.

It could also be due to the size or power of a small bulb with a lower wattage compared to a standardized car light bulb from the factory.

In addition, those of you who use halogen lamps should really pay attention to the light of car lights because halogen greatly affects the durability of car light bulbs.

3. Car Relay Off

Another source of electricity that can cause car lights not to shine is a problem with the car relay.

If your car's relay is off or has a problem, it will have an impact on the light emitted by the car's lights.

The relay itself is a box that is a place to connect the cable to the power source.

4. Loose Cables and Sockets

Another source of problems is in the wiring as an electrical line. It could be because the cable attached to the car body or the ground cable is not tight, so a short circuit occurs which causes the car lights to dim.

Or, any cables in the car and a loose socket can be a factor causing the car's headlights to not shine.

5. Using Lamps with a Voltage That Is Not in Accordance with Car Standards

It's fine if you want to replace the car's headlight bulbs or taillights according to taste. However, you also have to pay attention to the magnitude of the voltage on the lamp.

Starting from HID lights. LED lights. or other types of lights you can use on your favorite car, but the voltage size must match the specifications of your car.

In addition, when installing the lamp, being less careful can also cause an inconsistent electric current in the lamp. The worst scheme is that the car's lights can go out due to an electrical short.

6. Dull Car Reflectors and Headlights

Reflector as a medium for emitting car lights so that the light can widen and spread lengthwise. When the car's reflector is dull, the reflected light is difficult to get out of the car and produces bright light.

Likewise on car lights that have been dull. There are many factors that cause car lights to become dull, it could be due to environmental conditions, weather, temperature differences between car headlights and the surroundings to dirt and dew that settles on car lights.

7. Use of Short-Range Lamps and Long-Range Lamps

Often car owners and drivers take the fastest middle ground when they find the car's headlights dim, namely by turning on the long distance lights continuously because they assume that the short distance lights are off.

If you don't get rid of this habit, you can endanger other drivers by constantly using remote lights.

8. the Rear Lights of the Car Are Dim Next Door

There are three light components on the back of the car, namely the red brake light, the white light to indicate the car is going backwards and the orange turn signal light.

What if one of the car's headlights is dim or even off? You can't imagine the bad impact that will threaten you as a driver and other road users.

The factors that cause the car's taillights to dim are due to a blown fuse so that the light bulb also blows, the socket connected near the lamp is dirty, or the light switch on the car brake located at the end of the upper brake pedal that has been damaged.

In fact, another factor in the cause of dim car lights could be the case or the housing of the light bulb that has rusted and rarely gets maintenance. The last case will be easy to find on this type of pick up car.

9. the Turn Signal Flashes Quickly Until It Turns Off Completely

A directional indicator light or a turn signal located on the speedometer that flashes quickly is also a sign that the car's turn signal lights are dim or even completely dead.

How to Fix a Dim Car Headlight Next Door

Here's how to fix a dim car headlight that you can do yourself at home.

1. Make Sure to Use a Light Bulb According to the Specifications of the Car

When replacing a car light bulb with the best quality bulb, you still have to pay attention to whether the bulb also has the power size specifications that are really needed by your type of car.

2. Solution to the Problematic Fuse

How to fix the next dim car light due to a problematic headlamp fuse, you can check the fuse.

If the damage to the fuse can still be repaired at home without going to a repair shop, then you can wind two copper or metal fibers from the cable to the terminal.

After that, replace the headlamp fuse with the correct position. Try turning the car headlights back on. This solution is a temporary solution when you have trouble finding a car repair shop.

3. the Solution When the Car Lights Are Dim Due to a Dead Relay

If the cause of the car's lights isn't bright enough, it's a faulty car relay, you can find out by shaking the cable when the car is stationary and the car lights are on. Also check the other wires connected to the car relay.

Use the cable to connect the lamp to a power source. However, if this solution also doesn't feel effective, it is certain that you have to replace the car relay with a new one.

3. Check the Electrical Cable

One of the factors that cause the car's lights to be less bright is that it could be due to the electrical cable in the car or a loose socket.

For that, you can check each cable one by one. If you find a broken cable, then you can reconnect it.

If the cable problem lies in the cable attached to the car body. then the way to overcome this dim car headlight is to look for the black cable around the headlamp.

The cable that is attached with a bolt to the car body is usually a little loose or a rusty bolt so you have to check that part.

4. Routinely Clean the Car Case or Reflector

It could be the cause of the dim car lights on the other side due to the car lamp housing or the lamp reflector that is already dull. Therefore, the best solution is that you only need to pay attention to the maintenance on the reflector or car lamp case by taking it to a car lamp cleaning specialist.

Estimated Cost of Repairing a Dim Car Headlight Next Door

Summarized from various sources, the estimated cost required to repair a dim car headlight varies. Japanese cars usually require a car lamp service fee which is cheaper than European cars.

The estimated cost of repairing car headlights from Japan costs between Rp. 300 thousand to Rp. 350 thousand. Especially for Japanese cars with premium quality and advanced technology, the cost of servicing car lights costs up to IDR 5 million.

Meanwhile, European cars can cost a minimum of 500 thousand to millions of rupiah.

The reason why the cost of repairing the headlights of European cars is more expensive than Japanese cars is because the structures and components of European cars are more complicated, both disassembly and assembling.

In addition, the repair costs required to replace the car headlight mica depend on the adhesive glue used. Wet adhesive glue usually costs IDR 350 thousand per car with a processing time of approximately two hours.

As for working on car lamp mica using dry glue, it costs Rp. 750 thousand per car with an estimated processing time of four hours.

Find financial protection options from car insurance so you no longer have to worry about the high cost of maintenance and repairing car damage at the garage. With financial guarantees from car insurance, your savings and investments are safe.

Tips for Caring for Car Lights So They Don't Dim Quickly

Given the importance of this one car component, you should routinely take care of the car lights so that they don't dim or even die completely. Here are tips for caring for car lights so they don't dim.

1. Use Car Light Bulbs According to Car Factory Standards

It is recommended to use a car light bulb with a power and specifications that comply with the standard from the car manufacturer.

If you use a car light bulb with a higher power, the impact is that the light emitted over time will turn yellow and blurry because the heat that comes out exceeds the capacity of the lamp or reflector's ability to emit.

In addition, buying a car light bulb on the grounds that the price is cheap is also considered unwise.

So, to decide whether the light bulb used has the best quality light performance, it is to use a light bulb with the right power and specifications as directed by the car manufacturer.

2. Also Use a Special Anti-Uv Liquid or Wax to Protect the Windshield of the Car's Headlights

Even if the car's headlights have been protected by glass or special car headlight mica, that alone is not enough.

Actually UV rays are not good for vehicle lights, therefore the use of special anti-UV liquids is necessary to keep the car lights in good condition.

The use of this liquid can also make the mica of the car's lights not easy to turn yellow and blurry so that the car's lights will last longer.

3. Park the Car in the Shade

Very basic. but often car owners and drivers neglect to choose a car park. It is advisable to park the vehicle in a shady place. The goal is that when it rains or when the sun is hot, the car's lights do not experience changes in temperature that can interfere with their performance.

The reason is, if the car's mica is continuously exposed to UV rays, the impact is that it can make the car's mica turn yellow and blurry.

4. After It Rains, Wash the Mica or Car Headlight Protector

Rain water can seep into the headlights of the car so that the headlights of the car become dim one or the other and turn yellow quickly.

Therefore, after the car is exposed to rain water, you should immediately wash the mica lamp or car headlamp glass to avoid dirt particles adhering to the car headlights.

It's Important to Have Car Insurance

Although the cost of repairing car lights is cheaper than the cost of repairing other car components, it can still be financially disruptive. Therefore, you should protect your finances with car insurance.

Car insurance will cover the cost of repairing your car, ranging from light to heavy, to guarantee compensation if the car is lost because it is stolen.

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Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! When the car's lights are dim on the other side, you should not leave it alone and immediately file an insurance claim for repairs.

Dim car headlights can be dangerous, especially when you drive at night.

After your car lights have been repaired, don't forget to take care of your car lights to make them last. For information related to car insurance that is suitable for you, you can consult at Tanya Auto Insurance Agencies!