Causes of Dead Car Speedometer Lights and How to Fix It

The car speedometer light turns off, confusing the driver when starting the car engine. Usually the problem with the car speedometer lights off occurs in older cars.

Well, to overcome the problem of the dead car speedometer light, you also have to understand the cause. There are several things that cause the car speedometer light to turn off. Generally, the car's speedometer light turns off due to an electrical problem.

But before understanding how to solve it, if suddenly the car's speedometer light turns off, the first thing you do is don't panic.

the Cause of the Car Speedometer Light Is Off

The reason why the car speedometer light is off, you must find out the cause immediately, because if you are driving in the middle of the road, of course it will be very helpful to solve the problem.

Usually, there are 3 things that cause the car speedometer light to turn off. So that you understand how to fix a dead car speedometer light, then understand these 3 causes.

1. the Electrical System, the Most Popular Cause of a Car Speedometer Light Is Off

The first cause of the car's speedometer light is off is from the electrical panel. This is because the dashboard display is closely related to the car's electrical system.

However the indicator light on the speedometer is directly related to electricity. So if the electrical system experiences a short circuit or error, the car speedometer light turns off.

So you must immediately find a way to fix the dead car speedometer light, the car speedometer light is off, so that the indicators in the speedometer can work properly.

2. Error Panel

Then, apart from electricity, another cause is damage to the panel. Panels with automatic errors make the hint indicator turn off. If only one panel is damaged, this will still affect the indicator indicator. Fortunately, now checking the condition of the speedometer panel can be done easily.

You can use a tool called the scan tool to find out which parts of the speedometer panel are damaged or have errors. If the damage is found, immediately replace the panel with a new one to optimize vehicle performance.

3. the Sensor Is Damaged, Also the Cause of the Car Speedometer Light Is Off

Next is the problem with the speedometer sensor that you can find on vehicles with electronic sensors. This sensor is placed on the transmission.

So, if the vehicle speed sensor is damaged, the socket is loose and detached, until the transducer gear is worn, then the vehicle speed cannot be predicted.

The presence of damage also makes the check engine light turn on on most Engine Fuel Injection (EFI) cars.

Then, on the type of vehicle with ABS brakes, speed sensors are also installed on the wheels. So that the ABS is damaged, then it definitely makes the speedometer die.

On the other hand, for vehicles that still use the speedo strap, breaking the strap can cause the speedometer to not move.

How to Fix a Dead Car Speedometer Light

If you already understand the indicators on the speedometer. So if there is damage, you also have to understand how to fix a dead car speedometer light.

To do this, there are actually simple steps for you to understand together. Here's how to fix a broken speedometer light.

1. Check the Condition of the Battery, One Way to Repair the Dead Car Speedometer Light

The first thing you can do to fix the speedometer light is to open the hood to check the condition of the battery.

Previously, pay attention to whether there are nuts or bolts that are loose and are actually clamping the battery poles. If there is, then tighten the nuts and bolts first.

This is so that the nuts and bolts remain attached to the poles of the battery. Then, if you see any dirt such as rust or white powder on the poles of the battery.

Try to clean plug it back in. Dirt on the poles of the battery can hinder the flow of electricity to the car components.

2. Check the Fuse

In addition to checking the battery, you also need to check this fuse to find out if the cause of the indicator light is off due to a problem with the fuse.

If the problem is, try borrowing the Engine Control Unit (ECU) from another car to see if the check engine light is still on or not.

3. Check for Broken Cables, Also How to Fix a Dead Car Speedometer Light

The next thing is when the car indicator light is off then check all the cable conditions.

Given that the car's indicator light is closely related to the electrical aspect, the condition of the cable that is not good or broken will disrupt the flow of electricity.

If you really understand the ins and outs of wiring and electricity in cars, there's nothing wrong with entrusting it to an experienced technician.

There are times when the car lights go out, all of this only happens for a moment and when you restart, there are no major problems.

But that doesn't mean it doesn't have a car electrical problem. It could be that a dead car indicator light is a signal that there is a minor disturbance.

Types of Indicators on the Speedometer

In order for you to better understand the speedometer, then you should also understand the functions of several indicators on the speedometer. So when the indicator turns off, you understand what components are less than optimal.

1. Check Engine

The first indicator on the speedometer is an indicator light to check whether there is damage to the car or not, namely the check engine light.

This check engine light is one of the most crucial indicator lights. With the engine logo, the check engine light is a sign that something is wrong with the engine or electricity.

2. Seat Belt

Then, in addition to the check engine indicator light, there is also a seat belt indicator light that will light up if the driver or passenger has not used a seat belt.

This indicator light serves to remind the driver to use the seatbelt. Generally, the seat belt indicator is equipped with a sound and an alarm.

3. Car Temperature

Next is the car temperature indicator light that tells the driver when the temperature or engine temperature of the car is too hot or overheated.

Hot temperature conditions generally occur when the car engine is driven beyond its maximum capacity or there is damage to the cooling system.

In addition, the car's temperature indicator light will also light up when the car's radiator water is reduced or leaks. You have to be careful if this happens.

4. Supplemental Restraint System

SRS or Supplemental Restraint System is an additional security system for cars. The safety features in question are airbags, seatbelts, and safety sensors.

Inside the speedometer there is also an SRS indicator light that will light up if there is a problem with the car's safety device. This includes airbags and seatbelts. safety sensors, as well as car security.

5. Car Battery

Then there is also a battery indicator light indicator. The battery indicator light that lights up when the engine is on or off indicates that there is something wrong with the charging section of the electric current.

The way to deal with the car battery indicator light continues to vary, depending on the cause. Find out the cause, whether there is a problem with the battery by taking it to a repair shop.

Usually some of the causes of the battery indicator light on, there is on the dynamo amperage or the battery won't charge.

6. Car Oil

In addition to the battery, there is also an oil indicator light that will light up if the engine oil pressure drops drastically. Car engines need enough car oil to lubricate all parts, so the car is not safe if it runs with insufficient oil pressure.

7. Anti-Lock Brake System

In addition to the SRS, the speedometer also has an indicator light for the anti-lock brake system to keep the car's braking system from being locked during sudden braking.

When the tires are locked, then accidents can occur because the car loses control. In ABS technology there is an indicator light that will light up when the ABS brake system is working. But you need to find out more if the ABS indicator keeps on, it means there are other problems that need to be fixed.

The causes can be various, such as reduced car brake fluid, problems with the speed sensor, cable problems in the engine, or others.

8. Tire Pressure

If the tire pressure when traveling is less, then for modern cars today there is an indicator on the speedometer. Normal tire pressure is needed to make driving comfortable, reduce friction, and increase safety.

The indicator contains instructions on the tire pressure according to the condition of the car. In this case, it is important for you to take this indicator into consideration before driving.

9. Gasoline Indicator

Of course, on the speedometer there is a very familiar petrol indicator light. Generally, the gasoline indicator light will stay on if the car runs out of fuel. Therefore, immediately fill your car with gasoline when the gasoline indicator is on.

10. Brake Indicator

In addition to gasoline, there is also a brake indicator that when there is a problem it will light up. If the light continues to flash, it means that your car's handbrake is active. However, if the handbrake has been released but the light is still on, then it's possible that your car's brake fluid has run out.

For that immediately fill the car brake fluid using the recommended brake fluid.

11. Door Open Indicator

The next indicator light is the door indicator light. If the light indicator is on, then your car door is definitely not tight.

However, the features of this car door indicator light are different, there is an indicator that lights up continuously if one of the doors is not closed tightly. Likewise, there are also more detailed indicators that provide notifications about which part of the door has not been closed.

12. Airbags

Finally, the airbag indicator light serves to indicate that the airbag or vehicle buoy is in use.

Now if you feel that the airbag feature has never been used but the indicator is still on, you need to find out the cause.

Generally this happens when the seatbelt switch is disturbed or there is dirt around the seatbelt that is stuck. This is because there is a very close relationship between the seatbelt indicator and the airbag.

Speedometer Function

Outside of the discussion about why the car speedometer light is off. Let's agree first to understand the function of the speedometer.

If you are not familiar with the speedometer, this component is usually located behind the car steering wheel or at the top of the motorcycle handlebar.

Through the speedometer, motorized vehicle drivers can find out various things related to the condition of the vehicle. In addition to monitoring vehicle speed, on the speedometer there are also many notifications that display several car components.

So there are many functions of the speedometer, which can be explained as follows.

  1. Knowing information about the capacity or volume of fuel.
  2. View information about the speed of the vehicle so that the driver can adjust the vehicle speed optimally.
  3. The speedometer displays information about the position of the automatic transmission gear and shows the condition of the vehicle's lights, either on or off.
  4. Get information about the distance traveled in kilometers.
  5. As a driver, you can also find out information about the vehicle's engine temperature through the speedometer.

So, the existence of a speedometer is not just to beautify the appearance of the vehicle, but to present various important information related to the vehicle.

Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! To overcome the problem of the dead car speedometer light, you also have to understand the cause. There are several things that cause the car speedometer light to turn off. Generally why the car speedometer light turns off because of a problem with the electricity.

But before understanding how to solve it, if suddenly the car's speedometer light turns off, the first thing you do is don't panic. We recommend that you immediately go to a trusted repair shop and do a car speedometer service, so that the damage does not get worse.

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