Causes of the Car AC Fan Not Spinning and How to Overcome It

Car AC fan not rotating can be a significant nuisance to the driver because this will affect the temperature in the car. As a driver and owner, you should pay close attention to this part so that the car remains in top condition wherever you take it.

However, if you can't avoid damage such as a dead car air conditioner, you have to find out the cause first to be able to overcome it.

Check out the reviews of the causes and how to fix the car AC fan not rotating below, yes!

the Cause of the Car Air Conditioner Fan Not Turning

A dead car AC fan needs attention. You should find out the cause of this condition as early as possible. Because, if left continuously then you will feel hot and less comfortable driving.

To find out whether the car's AC fan is off or not, you should read these signs:

  1. The gust of wind from the air conditioner weakens
  2. The air in the cabin is getting hot
  3. Playing the AC to a high temperature doesn't work aka it doesn't cool down

If you find these three signs, it means that there is a problem that you must solve related to this car AC fan. For that, you have to know some reasons why the car air conditioner fan doesn't spin. Here is the review for you.

Unhealthy Freon Condition

Check the condition of the freon on the air conditioner, it could be an obstacle related to the AC fan turning off because the freon is not healthy.

Unhealthy Freon could be due to freezing, clogged, low freon oil, or even out of stock.

In addition, there are many signs to check if your car's freon is working properly.

  1. Check where the leak is in the car's AC system
  2. Refill the freon oil in the car's AC system
  3. If indeed the freon is not working, you should replace the old freon with a new freon

Compressor Loss of Pressure

The compressor can lose pressure and cause the car's AC fan to turn off.

As we know, the compressor functions as a distributor of cold air to the evaporator. Thus, the evaporator will blow cold air into the cabin.

Well. if the compressor loses pressure and doesn't work properly. This of course has an impact on the air temperature in the cabin.

Blown Car Fuse

A blown car fuse can be the reason the car's AC fan turns off. Basically, the car fuse as a provider of electricity to the car engine.

If the car fuse blows then the electricity will also be cut off. As a result, the AC fan and the air temperature are not cold.

Blown fuses are also usually caused by overheating or shorting.

Broken Relay

Car relay can neutralize high voltage to normal situation. When the relay is broken, the relay will generate excessive heat.

The excess heat will cause overheating and cause the AC fan to not turn properly or even turn off.

How to Fix a Car Air Conditioner Fan That Doesn't Spin

There are several ways you can do if the car AC fan suddenly turns off. The steps taken, of course, must be in accordance with the cause of the damage to the car AC fan.

You can check the carbon content of the brush on the car air conditioner fan component as one way to overcome the damage. Carbon brushes can run out and cause the fan to not work optimally.

Not only that, you also need to check a number of related components such as the relay from the extra fan. The relay socket may have become loose and you will have to replace it with a new one.

In addition, collisions can also be one of the reasons the fan is damaged and turns off. If this is the case, then you have to replace the old one with the new one.

It's just that, for this matter, you should make repairs directly at the nearest repair shop that you trust.

How to Properly Care for the AC Fan

After knowing the cause of the car AC fan not turning and knowing how to fix it if the car ac dies. The next step you have to do is to properly care for the car AC fan.

Here's how to take care of the car's AC fan so that it doesn't get damaged or even the car's AC compressor fan doesn't spin.

Caring for Radiator Water

Radiator water can be used to check whether the fan is working or not. If the radiator water is damaged, we can no longer know whether the fan is still working or not. For this reason, disassembly was finally carried out to ensure the performance of the extra fan.

Continuous checking is also actually quite energy-consuming. Especially if there is a possibility of damage to other AC components. Well. rather than being too risky, you should take good care of the radiator water.

If something happens and must be repaired, leave it to the experts at the repair shop instead of trying it yourself without knowing the cause of the damage.

Adding Radiator Water Regularly

As already explained, the AC radiator works well if there is enough radiator water. The reason is, the work of the AC radiator will be more difficult if the radiator water runs out.

So that the resulting performance remains optimal, it would be nice for you to fill the radiator water regularly by preparing a special bottle of radiator water on the side of the car. Make sure the bottle is always full and not empty.

Regularly Check the Temperature

You should always pay attention to the temperature or temperature in the engine or even the car cabin. The most important thing is to pay attention to the temperature in the engine. Because the engine must be at a stable temperature so you can drive safely.

Make sure you always check the engine temperature, especially if you are on a long trip. Pay attention to how far the engine is able to work with the distance you drive. Because the temperature will increase according to the distance traveled.

The farther the distance, the easier the engine will heat up. Therefore, you have to make sure it is in a stable condition, make sure the number is no more than half the panel on the speedometer.

Use AC as Needed

To keep your car air conditioner in top condition, make sure you use it as needed. Turn on the air conditioner only when you are in the cabin. If you plan to leave the car, you should turn off the AC so that the extra fan also turns off. That way, both the AC and the extra fan will last longer.

Don't Turn Off the AC for a Long Time

Like electronic goods in general, they are easily damaged if they are rarely used. The same applies to car AC fans. If you leave it off for a long period of time without being used or heating it several times then the chances of it turning off or getting damaged are higher.

Therefore, it would be better if you continue to use it as needed. However, if you don't travel for a long time, warm up to ensure the condition of the AC components so that all of your cars function properly.

Use Motor Cooling Fan

As the name suggests, the cooling fan motor functions to cool a hot fan. This addition can also back up the extra fan function so that the air produced in the cab becomes cooler.

The presence of this cooling fan motor also facilitates the work of the fan, so it is not too heavy to work and does not die easily.

Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! If the fan is not turning or the car air conditioner is off, you have to check some of the causes mentioned above. If you think there's something wrong with the AC fan that you can't handle on your own, seek expert help at a repair shop you trust. Make sure the car's AC fan is functioning properly so you can be comfortable driving.

Protect Your Car with Insurance

A broken car AC fan can happen at any time. Before looking for a way to solve it, you must first know the cause. If you really need to have it repaired by an expert, you can take your car to a trusted subscription repair shop.

The cost of such damage can vary depending on the cause. Surely you don't want to incur unexpected costs like this? Therefore, it is important to have car insurance that will be able to cover events like this and other damages.

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