Car Strobe Lights, What's Its Main Function?

Car strobe lights are indeed one of the accessories that are often used to modify. However, not all accessories can be used by everyone, one of which is this lamp which can only be used by certain cars.

Modifying the car has become a common thing to do. However, there are still many people who modify their vehicles without following the existing rules. If this happens, of course there is a risk that the authorities will overshadow your journey.

There were many car modifications, such as changing the number plate, changing the car body paint, to adding a strobe light on the front of the vehicle as a decoration. If you understand the rules of car modification, actually these accessories cannot be installed carelessly because there are laws that regulate their use. Not a few police raided car users who installed these lights without a clear need. If so, what exactly is its function and who has the right to use it?

Functions on the Car

There are still many who do not know that the main function of this lamp is to give a signal or sign that it has the main right to smoothness. Therefore, this lamp should not be used by just anyone. Only vehicles that have certain interests are entitled to use this lamp. Then, who has the right to install on their car?

Its installation is regulated in Law no. No. 22/2009 in paragraphs (1) and (2). Therefore, according to the law, the following people are entitled to use it on a car.

  • The Indonesian National Police Officer's car uses blue signal lights and sirens.
  • Prisoners' cars, Indonesian National Army escort cars, fire engines, ambulances, Red Cross cars, and hearses use red signal lights.
  • Toll road patrol cars, vehicles for monitoring traffic and road transportation facilities and infrastructure, maintenance and cleaning cars for public facilities, vehicle towing cars, and special goods transport cars using yellow signal lights.

Well. now you know what the function is and who has the right to use this lamp. So that you don't get prohibited actions from authorized officers, from now on, obey the rules that have been set by the Police and also the Government.