Car Spotlights: Types and Ethics of Using Them

Car spotlights or flashlights have many uses, especially as additional lighting at night. In addition to lighting, spotlights also have a function to make the car look more macho.

That's why most spotlights are also used for fierce and dashing cars like offroad cars.

However, there are also many firing lights that are applied to MPV or hatchback cars though. Of course this is fine as long as the firing lamp is used according to its needs and functions.

Car Spotlight Function

In today's modern era, car spotlights are not only useful for lighting up dark roads. On the streets, the function of lights that can break up the darkness is often also used as a signal to others while on the road.

So you want to use car LED spotlights, halogen types or even the brightest and focused car types, each of which has a function other than lighting up the dark.

Here are some functions of car spotlights

1. Illuminate When Driving on a Dark Road

First, it is clear that the function of car headlights is to illuminate dark streets. Of course with the lights, you can highlight the road ahead.

So even though it's pitch black, with the car's headlights, you can see far to the end of the road though.

At night, of course, passing the road is not enough if you only rely on the low beam. You need to use a flashlight as lighting. That way you can see the road more clearly.

Super bright car spotlights, will reduce the risk of accidents because they can not see the road is very high. So make sure the condition of the headlights is in normal condition when you keep stepping on the gas on a quiet night.

2. Dispel the Fog on the Streets

Passing through a foggy road also requires fog lights to break down. But sometimes the fog lights are not very helpful so it takes a brightest and focused car shooting light,

The car's spotlights will give you more visibility. So it really takes the brightest and focused car shooting lights to break up the fog so that visibility is open.

Fog even though it is only a thin air, but when combined with the lack of light or darkness will create its own obstacles.

Without the help of your car's spotlights, you may be able to hit trees, buildings, or fall into the worst possible way, injuring animals and humans who pass by.

3. Be a Code When Overtaking and Turning

On some toll roads and highways, flashing lights are often also used as a signal to the car in front of us. The gleam of the car's headlights can be a signal for the car in front.

The signal usually contains a notification if you want to overtake it from the side lane. Thus reducing noise pollution activities by not pressing the horn and replacing it with a floodlight code.

In addition to overtaking, the flashing lights of the car in front of the car in front are useful as a notification to other cars that you want to turn. The trick is to turn on briefly along with the low beam.

So that other drivers will see the light like a flash from a dazzling car.

This code is a sign that you are about to cross the road and ask other drivers to stop and give way. That way there will be no accidents even if you have turned on the turn signal.

the Difference Between Led and Halogen Car Spotlights

Car LED spotlights are now most often used as flashlights. Yes, car LED lights have the brightest light power and are considered the most energy efficient.

LED itself is an abbreviation of Light Emitting Diodes which uses diode technology to produce light and uses semiconductor chip electronic devices with resistance so that the light is very bright and durable.

Using car LED spotlights certainly has other advantages, namely it does not produce heat so it does not damage the lights and is more energy efficient.

LED technology is actually not only in car LED spotlights, but is now targeting household lights.

While Halogen is an ordinary incandescent lamp that was often used before LED lamps were widely used today. This lamp contains a tungsten filament that is wrapped in a kind of glass and given nitrogen, argon or krypton gas.

Halogen lamps work, namely electricity entering the bulb will make the tungsten filament hot, causing light or light.

The light is then further amplified by the gas contained in the bulb.

If you already know about the two types of car spotlights. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using LED and Halogen for car spotlights.

Advantages of Led Lights

  • The light is white so it gives a bright impression
  • Not hot and durable
  • The light beam can be varied
  • More energy efficient

Disadvantages of Led Lights

  • Relatively more expensive
  • Not yet varied and not widely available in the market
  • If it is damaged then you have to replace a set
  • The car's LED headlights dazzle other drivers' eyes
  • Can't penetrate fog
  • For complicated installation
  • Can only be used on vehicles that have a DC electrical system

the Advantages of Halogen Lamps

  • Stronger light intensity
  • More affordable price
  • The spotlight is stronger than LED
  • Easy to install
  • Can see through the fog

Halogen Deficiency

  • Easy to heat
  • High heat temperature
  • Wasteful and quickly drains the battery

Super Bright Car Spotlight Brand

Finding super bright car spotlights is not difficult because most of the shooting lights have a very bright light. So that with super bright car shooting lights, your trip can be safer and more comfortable.

To make it easier for you to choose the best super bright car shooting lights. Here are recommendations for super bright car spotlights that you can use in your car. Here's a list of the best super bright car spotlight brands today:


The name of the first super bright car spotlight was Cree. This brand is known in the automotive circles because it is one of the brightest and focused car lighting brands at an economical price.

You can buy a Cree brand car spotlight at a price of only Rp. 60 thousand. With that price, you already get a lamp that is waterproof, saves power, and is on but the other is silent.


The next super bright car spotlight is ONS. This lamp is not only bright but also soft, so it doesn't dazzle the eyes.

The price range of lamps from ONS is also very affordable. The lighting ability of the lamp is also very good so that it can penetrate fog.


RTD became the next super bright car spotlight brand, and is a car shooting LED light. So this lamp is suitable for those of you who like offroad.

The RTD is an off-road car LED spotlight suitable for touring. In addition, the offroad car's RTD LED spotlights have a focused and bright spotlight.

So for those of you who like to hunt at night, through the forest, it is perfect to use RTD. Even better, installing the RTD is very easy because it is complete with a mount and screws to lock the lamp.

Spotlight Car Spotlights and Bars

Car spotlights are also divided into two forms, there are spotlights (car LED firing lights) and bar shapes. The difference between the two is only in the light distribution of the two lamps.

If you want to illuminate an area with a wide coverage then use a spotlight in the form of a bar. Meanwhile, if it's just to illuminate the road or just a little part, the spotlight type is sufficient.

If you can tell the difference, then you choose according to your needs. Do you want to use a bar spotlight, or a car shooting led light or a spotlight form.

Tips for Choosing Car Spotlights

To choose the best car spotlights, you should choose the brightest and most focused car headlights. There are many other things you should pay attention to before picking up a spotlight.

Here are some tips for choosing the best car spotlights:

1. Adjust the Number of Car Spotlights to Your Needs

To adjust it you have to pay attention to several indicators. First, first make sure the terrain that you will pass by car. From there you can choose how many lights you want to use as lighting.

Then if you are lazy to estimate and immediately choose to use a lot of lights, then consider the total power.

The more car lights you use, the greater the need for electric power.

Then choose a color that is comfortable for your trip. Usually there are white and yellow light color choices.

Be aware that the yellower the light, the easier it will be for the light to penetrate the fog. Unfortunately, for the yellow light the reflection of the object is not as good as the whiter color.

If you are a lover of the outdoors, love camping and offroading. We recommend using spotlights in the form of a bar. This is because the light coverage is wider and will be very useful when exploring.

2. for Remote Areas Use Halogen Spotlights

Suppose you have plans to travel to remote areas, or in areas that are very traditional and natural, you should use spotlights with halogen spotlights.

It is because of the halogen, it is easy to repair when damaged on the road. Bring a spare halogen lamp, so when the lights go out they can be replaced immediately.

Especially in remote areas, it is very difficult to find a repair shop or technician, so use halogen spotlights.

So you don't have to panic too much looking for a repair shop when the spotlight suddenly breaks in a remote area.

3. Choose a Metal Spotlight Case

This is important because the metal casing on the car headlight will protect the lamp from impact. And also the metal casing is much better at dissipating heat from the lamp. This results in the lamp being durable and long lasting.

In addition to the casing, also look for a car shooting light with a strong holder or bracket, so that it doesn't come off easily when exploring as well as one that has good insulation against water (water proof).

Don't forget to also choose a lamp with a lens or projector, so the light will be more focused and not dazzle other motorists.

So in addition to getting the brightest and most focused car shooting lights, you also don't disturb other drivers.

4. Pay Attention When Installing Lights

When installing lights, you also need to pay attention. This is because the installation of car firing lights has regulations for position, a good lamp installation should not dazzle other motorists who can be dangerous.

Don't forget to use good terminals and insulation as well as fuses or fuses to prevent fire in the event of a short circuit.

5. Choose the Lamp Specifications That Best Suit Your Needs

Of course, every car flashlight has its own specifications. Therefore, before choosing a car flashlight that suits your needs, first know the specifications. Adjust as needed so that the benefits are not reduced or even excessive.

6. Number of Led Dots or Eyes and Watts

In addition to the brand and specifications, you also have to pay attention to the number of points or points of the firing light. This number of eyes is usually only on LED spotlights. In addition to the light point, also pay attention to the amount of watts.

Because the more the number of LED eyes and the greater the power, the brighter the light will be. Also choose a spotlight that uses a quality LED chip.

the Etiquette of Using a Flashlight While Driving

Using spotlights, of course, must be polite, especially on the streets. Because when this light is on continuously in crowded or congested road conditions, it will disturb other drivers.

Drivers in the opposite direction will be distracted. Especially for riders who have cylindrical eyes will feel very intense glare. Automatically the driver with cylinder disturbance will close his eyes.

If you are in bad shape, the driver may be angry with you. So that it can trigger a fight, or even worse, it can lead to an accident.

For this reason, here is a list of ethics using flashlights when driving on the highway.

1. When You Want to Pass Each Other

You can turn on the LED lights to shoot the car when you are facing each other. There are several choices of the right time to turn it on. The first is when another car from the opposite direction turns on the high beam or dim lights continuously.

At that time, you will definitely be disturbed by these activities. Especially when driving at night.

For that, you can turn on the headlights several times in a short time as a code for the driver to turn off the remote lights.

The second right time is when you want to overtake or overtake the vehicle in front. Turn on the car's LED flash a few times, so that this is a harbinger for other cars.

The blinking of your spotlights will show the car in front of the rearview mirror. In addition, the spotlight also becomes a signal, for example there is a car in the opposite direction.

2. When the Streets Are Quiet

You can turn on the car's LED firing lights when you cross a very quiet road. The deserted and dark streets are certainly a homework in itself, so you can freely use the flashlight to illuminate your journey.

3. Turn on When Passing Through the Blind Spot

There are many sharp bends on the roads in Indonesia. So you have to be more careful when driving the car and going through sharp turns. This is because the bend is a blind spot.

For that you need to shoot a spotlight into the corner. This is to signal the person on the other side to avoid it. So that you avoid collisions or bends that are not sterile /

So you fail to turn and instead crash into another car. Of course this would be very dangerous.

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