Car Safety Features That Must Be in Your Vehicle

Before a car is marketed to the wider community, the car must go through a crash test from NCAP. The goal is to find out the safety features of the embedded car.

Car safety features are here to minimize, prevent, and even anticipate accidents. For example, such as seat belts that can hold passengers and/or drivers crash when the car shakes.

Modern cars usually have more sophisticated technology for car safety features. This is also in line with the development of technology and innovation in the industrial sector.

So how important are safety features? What are the safety features of the car that you need to know? Come on, find out the answer in the explanation below!

Car Safety Features

The safety factor for passengers and pedestrians is an indicator of the NCAP assessment. If you want to buy a car, then the first thing to consider is adequate car safety features.

Even though the car you want is good and is a dream car, but if there are no car safety features, you should think twice. Of course you want to be safe, comfortable, and safe while driving, right?

Well, here is a list of car safety features that you need to know as consideration for buying a new car.

1. Seat Belt, a Must-Have Car Safety Feature

The seat belt or car seat belt is the first car safety feature that you need to know. The purpose of a car seat belt is to ensure that the body is not thrown when it hits another surface due to shock.

Until now there are still many people who do not want to use a seat belt. The reason is trivial, according to them car seat belts make it uncomfortable. Without realizing it, the seat belt is an important component in the safety features of the car.

2. Car Airbags

The next car safety feature is the car airbag. This one feature aims to restrain the movement of the car seat belt. For example, when there is a hard impact, your body is not only held by the seat belt.

Car airbags will provide extra cushioning so that your body does not directly hit the car dashboard. Generally, the latest cars currently have at least two car airbags for passenger and driver protection.

3. Abs Brakes

ABS ( Anti-Lock Braking System ) brakes are a car safety feature that you should also consider. This system can prevent the car wheels from locking when you brake suddenly. So the car can be more easily controlled.

If you want to buy a new car, make sure the ABS brake feature is embedded. Because some cars marketed in Indonesia still don't have this ABS brake feature.

4. Ebd Brakes

In addition to ABS brakes, there is also a car safety feature called EBD ( Electronic Brakeforce Distribution ) brakes. This one feature is a technology that aims to regulate the distribution of brake pressure in each tire as needed.

The EBD brake system will work according to the load each wheel has. This feature should be your consideration when you want to buy an MPV car that will transport a lot of people.

Because, the load of passengers in the car will also affect the load on the wheels. This of course has something to do with when you brake so that the additional power on the wheels can be adjusted.

5. Drl Lights

DRL ( Daytime Running Light ) lights are a car safety feature to reduce the risk of accidents. This affects the visibility of other car drivers, so their attention will be drawn to the car's headlights that are on.

The presence of DRL lights on the car is not meant to illuminate the front area of ​​the vehicle, right! But to add to the attention of other car drivers. This feature will turn on automatically when the car is started and is not a replacement for the main light.

6. Parking Sensor

Next is the parking sensor which is a feature to minimize damage due to accidentally bumping a car or other stationary object while parking.

Parking sensors are also a must-have feature, you know. Usually to support parking sensors, there is a parking camera that can make you better at reverse parking.

7. Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror

This one feature is only available for some luxury and sophisticated cars. Even though the function of the auto-dimming rear view mirror can reduce glare reflected from the car or vehicle behind us.

When you want to buy a new car, you should also check whether this one feature is available.

Because, one of the causes of accidents is the use of high beam lights from other vehicles that point directly at us.

8. Hill Start Assist, a Car Safety Feature on an Incline

Hill start assist is another car safety feature that you need to consider. This one feature can help you when driving a car on a steep incline.

The function of this feature is to hold the brake when your foot moves from the gas pedal to the brake pedal. If you buy a car without this feature, you might have trouble getting up or stopping on an incline.

9. Vehicle or Electronic Stability Control

One more feature that should be your consideration. Vehicle stability control which serves to prevent the car from experiencing oversteer or understeer when turning.

This feature will help maintain the stability of the car when turning at high speed. In addition, this feature can also help you to control the speed of the car when you lose control.

10. Child Lock, Car Safety Feature for Children

If you are married or have younger siblings, the child lock feature is a must in the car of your choice. Just like the central lock. its function is to lock the door from the inside.

Different from the central lock. this car safety feature must be activated by itself. Child lock can prevent small children from accidentally opening the car door when the car is moving or stopped due to traffic jams.

11. Blind Spot Detector

This one feature can help you to monitor blind spots from inside the car. Because, not all areas of the road can be seen from the driver's cabin.

In addition to maximizing the viewing area in the rearview mirror, this car safety feature can help you detect if there are other vehicles in the car's blind spot area. The warning form will be in the form of a blinking light or sound.

Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! Make some of the car safety features above your consideration in buying a car. Because, safety, comfort, and security are the main things when driving.

Thus an explanation of some of the safety features that you should know. Hope this article was useful!

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