Car Radiator Water Runs Out Fast What Causes It?

car Radiators Must Be Regularly Maintained and Checked, but It Often Happens That the Radiator Water Runs Out Quickly Even Though It Has Not Been Filled for a Long Time. What Caused It?

The radiator water system is one of the components in a car engine that is useful for cooling or reducing the heat of a car engine. So with the radiator, overheating of the engine can be avoided and makes the engine temperature more stable. It is also very important to continue to maintain the temperature of the car so that it does not heat up quickly and run out. If that's the case, it can cause the car engine to overheat and die later. You can also be aware that if the car's radiator water runs out quickly, this could be an indication of a faulty radiator system.

Some Causes of Radiator Water Running Out Fast

Close Radiator

A weakened car radiator cap can be an indication of the cause of the radiator water running out quickly. This happens because there is damage to the rubber on the radiator cap. With the rubber cap that has weakened, this can make radiator water flow into the tube for backup water quickly.

Leaking Radiator Fin

Radiator fins that have leaks can also be the cause of the car's radiator water running out quickly. It's better to check regularly on this section, so that if there is a leak, you can immediately deal with it.

Weak Radiator Fan

Weakening of the radiator fan can be the cause of the car's radiator water running out quickly. The factor can be from the carbon brush that is starting to run out, the magnet on the cooling fan slightly shifts. Until the fan that uses a visco fan radiator. the liquid in the fan clutch is wasted out.

water Pump Leaking

If the water pump is damaged or leaks, it can result in a rapid decrease in the radiator water volume. If this rapid leak is not repaired immediately, it can cause the engine to overheat. so that the water runs out quickly.

Radiator Hose Not Tight

Radiator hoses that are not tight can also be the cause of the water running out quickly. This can make it easier for radiator water to come out of the gap between the hose and the radiator iron. Of course the step that must be taken is to close the hose on the radiator so that there is no gap that makes the radiator water leak.

Tips for Caring for Car Radiator Water

If you already know what causes the radiator water to run out quickly, then the next thing to consider is taking care of the car radiator water. With the right way to care for it, the radiator will be maintained and the car will always be optimal.

Pay Attention to Water Volume

You should frequently check the water volume in the radiator regularly, so as not to overheat the engine.

Clean Tank

By draining or cleaning the car radiator tank regularly. This is important to avoid corrosion of metal components that flow through special holes in the cylinder head.

You can do it at least once every 2 weeks, so that the engine temperature remains in a normal condition.

Don't Use Tap Water

The main function of radiator water is not only as engine coolant, but also to prevent rust in the radiator water lines. For that, you should avoid using tap water.

Use Air coolant

Use radiator coolant to protect your vehicle's radiator. This water is specifically for maintaining the temperature of the car engine, which serves to lift dirt and rust that has accumulated in the radiator tank.

You should ask several repair shops and dealers or car repair shops, for the radiator coolant that is suitable for your car.

Fill Water Periodically

The next step is to replace the car radiator water, which is to fill in a special coolant for the radiator water. Radiator water can also be filled with plain water, but ordinary water sometimes causes scale on the car.