Car Indicator Lights, Get to Know the Functions and Meanings Behind It

There are many indicator lights on the dashboard of a car that the driver needs to understand. This is because the car's indicator lights are a warning sign regarding safety and comfort while driving.

When the car indicator light is on, it means that there is damage or there are components that must be checked by a repair shop as soon as possible.

In order for your driving experience to be safer and more comfortable, you should listen to the following explanation of the function and meaning of the indicator lights in the car:

the Function and Meaning of the Car Indicator Light

As mentioned earlier, in a car there are many indicator lights. Maybe you are confused by the large number of them.

However, you should know the function and meaning behind the car indicator light for a safe and comfortable driving experience. Here's the full description:

1. Machine Temperature

The engine temperature has a function as a warning of the hot temperature in the vehicle engine when it overheats or overheats.

The first thing you have to do is immediately turn off the electronic components that can overload the machine, such as AC or Audio.

If you experience this condition while on a trip, you can contact the mechanic team by telephone to fix it.

Do not open the radiator immediately if you want to add coolant. Wait at least 30 minutes for the temperature to cool. That way, hot liquids and steam don't gush out.

2. Engine Oil Pressure

One of the signs of a car indicator light is engine oil pressure, which looks like a teapot with dripping fluid.

If the sign is lit, it means there is a problem with your car's engine lubrication system.

Engine oil pressure that is on is usually the result of a decreased oil volume or a problematic lubrication system. Therefore, you should check the oil volume and make sure there are leaks.

If the car oil indicator is still on, it's a good idea to immediately contact a trusted mechanic. Thus, your trip will feel safe and comfortable.

3. Check Engine

Check engine is a car indicator light that has an image like an engine. There is an indication of a problem with the engine or control when the check engine is running.

However, this does not always indicate serious damage. It could be due to a loose socket or a component/sensor in the machine that needs to be replaced.

Do not immediately panic if the car indicator light is on. Contact a service center, then ask a mechanic for help to identify and fix the problem with your car.

4. Tire Pressure

The car indicator light with the wind pressure image will light up when the tire pressure on the wheels of your car decreases. As a result, the use of fuel can be wasteful, even causing accidents due to tires tucked in the streets.

If you experience this situation, you can go to the gas station or return home. However, do not drive with a flat tire too far so that the tire is not easily damaged.

5. Charging the Battery

If the car indicator light with a battery/battery image is on, it means that there is something wrong with the battery/battery.

This can happen because the battery is damaged, the cable installed is not good, or the alternator must be repaired immediately. You must replace these components in case of damage.

6. Parking Brake Indicator

If there is an image of the parking brake in the shape of a circle and the P in the center is on, it indicates that it is in operation or active.

7. Brake Fluid

The brake fluid indicator light is a circle with an exclamation mark in the middle. When the car's indicator light is on, it means that the brake fluid volume is low. In addition, there could be a leak. The solution, add brake fluid with the same type.

8. Anti-Lock Braking System(abs)

The presence of a circle and the words ABS in the middle indicates a problem with the system. However, the brakes can still function with conventional types, so you don't have to worry if the brakes don't operate.

9. Automatic Transmission (At)

AT is only owned by vehicles with automatic transmission. When the car's indicator light is on, it means there's a problem with the transmission system.

10. Vehicle Stability Control (Vsc)

The VSC car indicator light depicts the vehicle and the road slip. If the indicator light is on, it means there is a system malfunction or the VSC is being disabled by the driver.

11. Gasoline Panels

Don't panic if the car indicator light with the gasoline panel on the dashboard lights up and points to the 'E' sign, aka leaving one bar. Because, it does not mean the fuel in the tank runs out.

This sign indicates that there is still a reserve of 4-7 liters of fuel when the car's indicator light is red.

You still have time to rush to the gas station to refuel. The bigger the engine of your vehicle, the greater the remaining fuel available.

There is a fairly easy way to monitor whether the fuel in your car can still last a long time. You can take advantage of Multi Information Display (Multi Information Display) data.

Through MID data, you can check the total mileage of the car, list of trips, average fuel consumption, and the maximum distance that your car can travel.

In addition, the MID data usually shows a mode for monitoring the maximum distance the vehicle can travel.

That way, you can estimate how far your car can go until the fuel runs out.

So, what if the indicator for measuring the distance traveled by the car on the MID shows the number 0 km? Can the engine die right away? Of course not. Your car can still be driven several kilometers until the fuel is completely exhausted.

However, keep in mind that the speed of the car can affect fuel consumption. In addition, the factor of traffic density and the way you drive can also cause fuel to run out quickly. Therefore, do fuel efficiency until you find a gas station to refuel.

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