Car Headlights Dim at Low Rpm? Know the Cause!

One of the components of a car that has an important function when driving safely is car lights. However, in some cases, the car's headlights can become dim. especially when the RPM is low.

Characteristics that may appear when this happens are the car's lights suddenly look dim when it's idle (quiet or low on energy), but gradually become brighter when the gas is increased at RPM or high engine speed.

In foreign terms, RPM is Revolutions per Minute which means the revolution of rotation of the piston handlebar against its axis in one minute.

Meanwhile in Indonesian terms, RPM is known as Rotations per Minute which also has the same meaning as the foreign term above. In simple terms, both describe the rotational speed of the vehicle engine.

Not a few car drivers complain that the car lights that turn on at night are not too bright, one of which occurs when the RPM drops. Apart from the low engine speed, it turns out that the dim lights can also be caused by other things.

Therefore, let's find out the various causes of dim car lights and how to overcome them in the article below.

Causes of Dim Car Lights When Rpm Is Low

One of the problems that often arise in car headlights is that the lights suddenly dim when the RPM is low. This problem occurs for several reasons, including:

the Light Bulb Is Outdated

Reporting fromChapel Hill Tire. just like light bulbs at home, car light bulbs also need to be replaced every now and then, especially if the car has been in use for too long.

Therefore, if it is felt when driving your car's headlights are not as bright as usual, immediately check the bulb and replace it with a new one.

Mika a Dull Lamp

The mica of car headlights, which are generally made of acrylic, can actually undergo an oxidation reaction with UV rays from the sun.

As a result, the appearance of the headlight mica will become dull, cloudy or yellowed. This can lead to less than optimal car lighting.

Problems with Electrical Components

Headlight bulbs are connected by various electrical components. Problems with electrical components can certainly cause headlights to dim or even stop shining. This problem can also be caused by corrosion or dirt on electrical components.

Although it rarely happens, this should be considered thoroughly when identifying the cause of dim car lights.

Problem with Car Alternator

The most likely cause of the dim light of the car's headlights when the RPM is low is due to a problem with the car's alternator.

A car alternator is an important component in a car that can generate electric current for certain components, such as air conditioning, car lights, and car audio.

Cars that are not equipped with an alternator or experience a malfunction in the alternator will of course have low performance, moreover it can affect the safety of the driver in terms of lighting when driving at night.

How to Deal with Dim Car Lights at Low Rpm

To make the dim headlights of a car turn bright again, we have summarized several ways to deal with it.

Replace the Bulb with a New One

Replacing an old car light bulb with a new one doesn't have to cost a lot of money. By paying a starting fee of IDR 20,000, you can get a new replacement bulb.

Please note that the price of car light bulbs for each car is different, so you need to compare prices independently at the workshop or marketplace you choose.

Clean the Headlight Mica

Mica a dull lamp can actually be washed until it is clean and clear so that your car's lighting becomes normal again.

However, this mica release process requires a special technique because the lock on the mica is quite strong. Most likely, you will need a special tool to unlock it.

For better results, you should use the services of a trained mechanic or visit the nearest repair shop to clean these headlight mica.

Replacing Electrical Components

This replacement of electrical components is more focused on cables and requires several things. Starting from resetting cables, new cable circuits, replacement fuses, to repairing other electrical components.

In replacing these electrical components, you need the services of an experienced mechanic who can help diagnose car headlight problems so that the results are as expected.

Repairing Alternator

Just like replacing electrical components, you also need to repair the car alternator to a repair shop or use the services of an experienced mechanic.

The reason is, to repair this alternator, it is necessary to carry out a Full-Load test. such as a dynamo tester. to check whether any parts of the alternator are broken, cracked or damaged.

After that, all parts of the alternator must be carefully disassembled and inspected or cleaned thoroughly.

Then, reassemble all the alternator parts properly and do a retest to make sure the alternator is working properly.

Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! It's actually quite easy to find out the cause of the dim car lights when the RPM is low, so that later it can be determined how to fix the lights according to the existing causes.

If you want to solve the problem of dim car lights yourself, you can certainly try it from home. With notes, you know and master the car's electrical system.

However, if you are in doubt and want to get the best results, you should take your vehicle to a car repair shop to have it checked and repaired by an experienced mechanic.

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