Car Handbrake – Functions, Types and How to Use

All types of vehicles must be equipped with safety features. For safety, the brakes will stop the vehicle. A car hand brake or parking brake is a car safety system with a simple principle, but its role is very important to keep the car in position when stopped.

For new riders, you must know what are the functions and how to use the handbrake properly and correctly. This article will discuss about car hand brakes that are important for you to know. Come on, let's see the article!

Car Handbrake Function

The car brake or hand brake is also known as the parking brake. This is because the function of the handbrake on a car is to keep the vehicle stationary when parking.

Especially when the car is on uneven roads such as going up or down.

The function of the handbrake is not only limited to that, but it can also be used as an alternative to braking in an emergency. You just need to know how to use it properly.

However, you must still pay attention when you are using the brakes on a very steep road area. Car tires still have to be propped up with stones to be safer, especially if you are going to stop for a long time.

Types of Car Handbrake

There are several types of stick brakes that you need to know so that you are more careful when driving, including:

1. Type of Brake Stick

Manual and automatic cars still use this type of brake. The shape itself is in the form of a stick which is located on the center console, to the left of the driver's seat. The end of this section is equipped with buttons that can be pressed.

2. Type of Brake Pedal

This type of brake is located parallel to the gas pedal. As the name implies, namely the pedal, the way to use it is to step on it like the gas and clutch.

Currently it is automatic cars that use this type of brake. You have to step on the brakes all the way in to make it work and lock, while to return it you just have to step on it once again deeply.

3. Button Brake Type

The button model is the easiest model to use compared to the two previous car handbrake types. How to use it is to pull the lever slightly on the handbrake button and the brakes will work then stop.

There are still not many cars in Indonesia that use this type of brake. Another term to call it is an electric handbrake.

How to Use a Car Handbrake

Although the use of a car handbrake looks easy and simple, not many drivers know how to use a handbrake properly and correctly. For that, here's a review of how to use the handbrake.

  • Especially for the type of stick hand brake, how to use it by pulling the stick lever. Make sure to make a clicking sound for four to seven times.

If it's more than that, take it immediately to a repair shop, there might be a setting that doesn't match your car's handbrake.

  • As much as possible avoid using the handbrake when the car stops at a red light or when the car stops for a moment. It would be nice to position the transmission to "N" or neutral gear so that your handbrake pads are more durable.

This applies to all three types of hand brakes.

  • Do not step on or pull the brakes excessively. In the handbrake stick, the height of the lever is simply pulled 45 degrees. it can lock the car tires so they don't move.
  • Avoid using the handbrake if the car is parked for a long time. For manual car transmissions. you can use a wedge to slow down the vehicle.

Then for automatic cars, you just need to enter the "P" transmission or just park, this way to avoid the handbrake from unlocking the tires.

  • Do not step on the gas before releasing the handbrake when driving on an incline. Make sure the hand brake is in an unlocked condition. If the handrem is not fully released, but has already stepped on the gas, this will make the brake cable easily break.

Car Handbrake Stuck

It is undeniable that the handbrake sometimes experiences disturbances such as jams and the car's handbrake doesn't work. For that, here are some of the causes of your car's handbrake stuck.

  • Pulling the handbrake lever too hard

If you are too strong in pulling the handbrake lever to exceed the limit of the teeth in it, it can cause the handbrake in your car to jam. Pull slowly so that kind of thing doesn't happen.

  • Brake lever does not return after being pulled

This can happen if you do not understand the mechanism of action. Therefore you must identify the cause of the jammed car handbrake.

  • Using the handbrake for a long time

It is not recommended to use the handbrake for a long period of time. Especially if the location of the car park there is a puddle or in a flood condition. This can have a sticky rust effect on the brakes, making them difficult to remove.

  • Cannot tell the difference between manual and automatic transmission handbrake

Four-wheeled vehicles such as cars have two types of transmission, namely manual and automatic.

Both have different ways of using the handbrake. The cause of the car's jammed handbrake can occur because the driver does not understand the difference between the two transmissions, so they often use it incorrectly and cause the handbrake to not function properly.

How to Fix a Stuck Car Handbrake

After you know the cause of the jammed handbrake in your car, there are several ways you can fix it, namely:

  • Gently pull the handbrake

If the handbrake often jams because the rider is too strong in pulling the brake, the solution is to operate slowly.

  • Returns the non-retractable brake lever

To return the handbrake lever that cannot be pulled the solution is to use extra force. Firmly lift the brake lever and quickly lower the brake lever so that the handbrake returns to normal.

  • Don't use it for a long time

If certain conditions or terrain such as roads are flooded with flood water, it is not recommended to use the brakes for a long time.

  • Understand manual and automatic handbrake

Understand about hand brakes, both manual and automatic. Cars with manual transmissions use hand brakes that rely on levers for operation, while automatic transmissions already use a lot of brake pedals that operate as well as when releasing.

You need to know, how to use the handbrake that is not right will actually make the handbrake damaged quickly. The costs that must be incurred are not small. as if the brake cable is damaged and must be replaced.

On the handbrake, there are two brake cables and if it is replaced with a new one, the price is around Rp. 500,000 per cable.

Car Handbrake Light Is on and How to Fix It

In addition to the problem of the handbrake being stuck, there is another problem that is often encountered, namely the handbrake light keeps turning on. Find out the causes and how to solve them, as follows:

Not Perfect When Lowering the Handbrake

Less than perfect when deactivating the parking brake can cause the handbrake to continue to work. As is the case when lowering the handbrake that is not full or blocked by something so that the handbrake switch remains depressed which causes the indicator light to not turn off.

The fix, try playing your handbrake lever by raising and lowering it fully. If the handbrake light does not turn off, please check other parts such as the parking brake switch located at the bottom of the hand brake lever or in the brake fluid reservoir tank.

Lack of Brake Fluid in the Reservoir Tank

In the car's brake fluid reservoir tank. there is a hand brake indicator light switch shaped like a float which will inform you that the condition of the brake fluid in the reservoir tube is decreasing.

Check to see if the level is really reduced, if so, add more brake fluid to the reservoir tank to the maximum limit.

Under normal circumstances, brake fluid can drop or decrease due to the depletion of the brake pads on the car, you should check the brake pads, who knows, they are thin and need to be replaced.

the Handbrake switch Is Faulty

If you've been playing with the handbrake lever but the indicator light is still on on the car dashboard. it could also be caused by a damaged parking brakeswitch.

Therefore, try to check whether the parking brake switch is still working properly or is it damaged.

There are two handbrake switches. the first is located at the bottom or back of the handbrake lever. disassemble and test the switch using an avometer. if it is found to be damaged, replace it with a new part.

The car hand brake or parking brake is one of the car security systems that has a very important role to keep your car in position when it stops.

Therefore, for you car drivers, especially those who are still beginners, you must know the types and how to use this handbrake so that you are safer driving.

Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! Know when your car's brakes are no longer comfortable to use. If you feel uncomfortable, it is better to submit it to the nearest repair shop.

Hand brake damage related to brake linings, disc discs and brake hoses is quite complicated. If you do not have the expertise to repair it, it is better to have it serviced at an authorized repair shop.

Take Advantage of Car Insurance to Cover Repair Costs at the Workshop

Not only car hand brakes that require special attention, there are still other car parts that need to be ensured their performance. Do not let damaged car spare parts threaten driving safety.

You must have known the cost of repairing in a repair shop is not cheap. Especially if the damage is fatal due to accidents or natural disasters.

Therefore, so that your finances are not burdened with the high cost of car service, use the best car insurance that can cover the cost of damage, both small and large.

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