Car Fog Lamp Functions, and Errors in Its Use

Fog lamp means fog lamp in Indonesian. Foglamp is a safety feature that has a function to help illuminate the driver's view when road conditions are in bad weather.

Foglamps are used to deal with extreme weather, such as heavy rain, puffs of smoke, or crossing in foggy areas. However, now many users have turned on their car fog lamps all night, just to illuminate the streets from the darkness.

Foglamps are used as lights in extraordinary weather because the fog lamps tend to widen the spotlight. So that the luminescence of the main light is further towards the front.

Car Fog Lamp

As the name implies, car fog lamps are fog lights that are in front of the car. Its purpose is to help the driver to provide brightness and break up fog or heavy rain in front of the car.

Usually car fog lamps have a range of about 10 meters and the beam spreads. Car fog lamps are effective at helping close vision so you can be more alert to road conditions, such as potholes, shoulders or road markings.

In this way the car fog lamp can also be called a safety feature in a car as well. Then, car fog lamps are also usually placed at the bottom, preventing other road users from dazzling from the front.

Therefore, maximize the function of the car fog lamp by activating it when needed.

Rear Fog Lamp

Rear fog lamp means the same as rear fog lamp. Unlike the front fog lamp which is not installed with the headlamp, the rear fog lamp is installed together with the car's taillight which emits a bright red color.

The function of the rear fog lamp is still to support safety in driving in the midst of bad and foggy weather. If the front fog lamps are front fog lamps to help the driver's vision, the rear fog lamps are useful to help road users behind.

The rear fog lamp provides a clear view for the car behind to your car. So even in heavy fog or heavy rain, the rear car knows if there is a car in front of it.

But keep in mind, these car lights are only used when the weather is bad. In other words, the rear fog lamp means you can't use it in normal weather conditions.

This is because the position of the rear fog lamp is made so that it can be clearly seen by other drivers behind so that it is dazzling when it is turned on in time.

In addition, the rear fog lamp usually uses a semicircular symbol like a lamp shell as well. The difference is, the direction of the 3 rays is straight to the right accompanied by wavy lines.

On the instrument panel, the front fog lamp symbol is green, while the rear fog lamp is yellow. In order not to misoperate, you should first learn the position and how to use the fog lights.

Car Fog Lamps: the Difference Between Headlamps

There are still many people who do not understand the use of fog lamps. Some don't even use it because they feel the function is the same as a headlamp. However, it should be understood that both fog lamps and headlamps have different uses.

Car fog lamps are turned on only when the weather is foggy or heavy rains. The focus of the car fog lamp is more focused in one direction to be able to penetrate the fog. While the headlamp light is more diffuse which serves as the main street light.

However, due to a lack of public understanding, they often turn on the car's fog lamps along with the main daytime running lights (DRL). This is not only dangerous for the driver of the car in front of him because of the glare, the battery will also be wasteful.

DRL itself is a driving safety feature in the headlights that was originally applied to European and United States (US) cars. While the head lamp, more to the lighting system than the main light.

There are many types of headlamps, there are bulbs, halogen, HID (light irradiation distance) and LED. The placement of DRL and LED is usually different, some are separated from the headlamp, some are also integrated with the main lamp housing

Fog Lamp: Don't Just Turn It On

Fog lamps are now widely embedded in new and modern cars. This is sometimes poorly understood and becomes a problem. There are still many car owners who do not understand its true use.

Often you will meet on the road a car driver proudly turning on the fog lights at night, even though this is a misunderstanding. Even funnier, the main lights are not turned on at night, and only the fog lamps.

Some don't understand that turning on the fog lamps is none other than when it's raining heavily, especially at night or when the road is foggy. This is because the spotlight of the fog lamps tends to widen than the luminosity of the headlights which are farther forward.

If ignited without knowing the time, the impact will be harmful to other drivers. The spotlight on the fog lamps dazzles the driver in front of you, or behind, especially for the rear fog lamp.

For that, it's a good idea for you to understand the correct use of fog lamps. This fog lamp is not just a luxury accessory, but has a special use.

But for those of you who don't have a car fog lamp, you should install fog lights from the car manufacturer's official accessories. This is of course to prevent improper installation, or even interfere with the driver in front because of the very sharp glare of the fog lamps.

Benefits of Fog Lamps

The benefit of a car fog lamp is to break up fog and light up the streets in extreme weather. But there are also several other benefits of fog lamps. What are they? the following is the explanation

Light in the Dark

If you are walking on a track that is very dark to dense, then use a fog lamp. First, make sure there are no other drivers around you or even local residents.

The function of the fog lamp is for safe driving at night, but if the streets are busy, you should only use LED headlamps. The use of fog lamps can endanger other drivers on the road, in front or behind your vehicle.

Don't let the misunderstanding about the function of the fog lamp make other drivers uncomfortable because your fog lamp light doesn't turn on on time. Prioritize your driving safety and other cars on the road.

Clearing the Track in the Pouring Rain

In addition to lighting up the darkness, fog lamps are intended for travel in heavy rain. Just like fog, heavy rain can also interfere with the driver's visibility. The spotlight of the fog lamps tends to be wider than the headlamp lighting.

The highlight of the fog lamps certainly helps you in driving more comfortably and safely in the middle of heavy rain. So you can clear the streets safely in the pouring rain.

Sweep the Fog for a Fear-Free Journey

Lastly, as the name implies, fog lamps are useful for traveling on foggy tracks. Especially for those of you who often drive cars on mountain roads, of course it will be safer with fog lamps.

The contours of the mountain roads are not only foggy, but also full of curves and uphill, so they are more ready to run with the help of fog lamps. The beam tends to be stronger and wider, which will help you see at a longer distance, even if the view is blocked by fog.

Another situation, you can use fog lamps when driving on roads with thick smoke. The fog lamp located at the bottom of the car will support the driver's vision to find out where the trail of the car in front, or the road divider.

Tips for Choosing Fog Lamps

If you already understand the use and function of the fog lamp. For those of you who want to buy fog lamps, here are some tips that you need to understand. In order not to be wrong in buying fog lamps, here are tips for choosing the right fog lamp for your car, including:

Choose the Best Quality

Foglamps that have the best quality of course must already have an ISO certificate as a quality guarantor. Then besides ISO, quality fog lamps usually have an E-mark.

Of course, there will be many benefits if you choose the best fog lamp. Besides of course it will be durable and not easily damaged. Choosing a quality foglamp is also an effort to save the budget, so that the cost does not go out again to service car lights or buy again because the fog lamps do not last long.

Choose One That Is Easy to Install

Next, to choose the best fog lamp, choose a fog lamp that is easy to install. This will make it easier for you when there is damage and you also have to replace the foglamp immediately.

If you choose a fog lamp that is easy to install, it will be easy for you to install it yourself without having to take it to a repair shop. In addition, choose a fog lamp that comes in a complete set with cables, bolts, switches, and relays.

Both of these certainly have advantages in terms of saving costs. Therefore, before buying it, make sure you choose one that is easy to install and sells completely.

Choose a Fog Lamp That Is Waterproof

In addition to choosing one that is easy to install, also choose a fog lamp that is strong and waterproof. This is because fog lamps are used in heavy rain conditions to assist lighting and assist driver visibility.

That's what makes you have to look for fog lamps that are waterproof. So that when operating, the fog lamp does not get water which is usually the cause of the lights going out.

Choose a Halogen Fog Lamp

For a fog lamp recommendation with good light, choose a bulb for a halogen fog lamp. Halogen types will emit a yellow light. This light is ideally at 3,000 Kelvin and is able to penetrate fog and heavy rain.

Using a halogen bulb will also provide an advantage in terms of saving purchase costs because the price is cheaper. In addition, the penetrating power is also stronger.

Unfortunately, halogen bulbs tend to heat up quickly, making them less energy efficient. The age of this type of fog lamp can reach 350 hours.

It's Important to Choose a Yellow Led Fog Lamp

In addition to halogen bulbs, make sure the LED lights for the fog lamps must be yellow in color. LED foglamps will deliver high brightness and are more energy efficient.

Then, the durability is also longer than the halogen type bulb, its lifespan can reach 500 hours. However, they are more expensive than halogen bulbs.

to Make It Easy to Adjust, Choose the One Equipped with a Reflector

Finally, choose a fog lamp that is equipped with a reflector feature. The existence of this feature, makes you more flexible in adjusting the lighting as needed. This will result in a more optimal lighting.

Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! Foglamp means fog lamp in Indonesian. Foglamp is a safety feature that has a function to help illuminate the driver's view when road conditions are in bad weather.

Foglamps are used to deal with extreme weather, such as heavy rain, puffs of smoke, or crossing in foggy areas.

This fog lamp is also used as a lamp in extraordinary weather because the focus of the fog lamp tends to widen. So that the luminescence of the main light is further towards the front.

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