Car Engine Silencer, Know Its Functions and Types

Each component in a car engine certainly has its own function. One of them is a car engine silencer which is usually installed on the inside of the hood.

If there is no component of this one, the heat from the car engine is not damped, as well as the sound of the engine.

Not all cars have built-in dampers so some need to add additional engine dampers. So, what are the functions of these dampers and what are their types? Let 's see the full explanation below!

What Is a Car Engine Damper?

A car engine silencer is a device used to block heat and sound from a car engine so it doesn't interfere. The silencer in the car is not only located in the cabin but is also installed behind the hood of the car.

The existence of this car hood damper is very important, especially so that the sound and heat of the car engine do not interfere while the car is being driven.

With the development of the times, there are many very sophisticated vehicles. However, with high production costs, not all cars are equipped with this one component.

If your car doesn't have a built-in silencer, you can install a good car silencer yourself at a repair shop as needed.

Car Hood Damper Function

What are the functions of the components installed on the inside of the hood of this car? Here are some of them:

1. Car Engine Silencer to Reduce Heat

When the engine of the car we drive is running, the engine heat needs to be muffled because the heat in the engine is very necessary, especially when the engine has not reached working temperature.

In addition, when the air conditioner is on, the engine cooling system will work even though the engine temperature is below the working temperature. This will certainly be detrimental, especially in the fuel use sector, but with this silencer, at least the heat in the engine will keep the engine at working temperature even though the AC is on.

2. as a Car Engine Silencer

Cars that are classified as having a fairly quiet sound, it's not without reason. In addition to the effect of the muffler which is set with a silencer, on the engine there is also a silencer to prevent the car engine from being noisy and disturbing.

This silencer, in addition to reducing heat, will also coat the surface of the engine so that the sound of the engine does not propagate and resonate in the hood which is made of iron plate.

3. Protects the Inside of the Hood

The heat that comes from the engine can leave marks in the form of stripes on the engine paint. The stripes on the paint are the result of erratic heat radiation.

Car Engine Damper Type

In addition to its function, also know the types of car hood dampers including:

1. Silencer Hood Made of Aluminum Foil

Using aluminum foil material that can keep engine heat from spreading to the hood. With this material it is also suitable for diesel cars or cars in cold areas.

For in the tropics, a damper like this is not really needed because the air temperature is warm so that engine performance can take place optimally.

2. Glasswool as a Diesel Engine Silencer

Made of thick cloth fiber, but this silencer is suitable for use in cars with diesel engines that produce loud sounds. This material can be a good car sound absorber, but not optimal to reduce engine heat.

3. Combination Car Hood Silencer

Consists of two layers, namely glasswool and then coated with aluminum foil. This type of car hood silencer can reduce sound and engine heat.

Therefore, this one silencer can be a good choice of silencer compared to the two types above.

How to Reduce the Sound of a Car Engine

In addition to using the type of silencer in the car already mentioned above. Actually there is a way to reduce the sound of other car engines that can be done.

However, this method may be a bit difficult because you must first know the location or part of the car that you want to install the silencer on. Different locations, different types of dampers will be used.

Here are some ways that can be done:

1. Use Jelly Reducer

This type of jelly reducer is more in demand because of its lighter weight. In addition, the installation is quite easy because there is no need for glue anymore.

It doesn't stop there, this type of silencer is also usually coated with aluminum foil which has a function as a car heat absorber. These are some of the things that make jelly-type silencers quite popular.

2. Asphalt Silencer

The second type of silencer is asphalt which is stiffer than jelly. You will need a heater and glue to install it.

Although it is quite complicated in the process of installing it, the damping in the car cabin is maximized. You can install this silencer on the door. Two layers of asphalt absorbers weigh about 2.4 kg.

3. Foam or Foam

Silencer isolator shaped like foam or foam this one serves to block the sound in the cabin. However, this damper does not have a function to reduce heat.

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