Car Ecu Is? Defective Ecu Type, Function and Handling

The car ECU is a component that has a function as the main electronic circuit in a car. Like the CPU on a computer, this component is in charge of controlling the mechanical functions of the car.

The ECU is also commonly called the "brain" of a car because it contains a series of electronics that are tasked with instructing the system to work.

It is very important for you car drivers, especially beginners, to know what a car ECU is, what are its components, and how it functions. For that, see the following article, yes !

What Is a Car Ecu?

Before you know the components and functions of a car ECU, you need to know what it means. ECU itself stands for Electronic Control Unit. As the name implies, this component serves as the main electronic circuit in a car.

Almost all systems in today's cars adopt electronic technology. And it can be said that the car is like an electronic item that has a main circuit.

Electronic Control Unit has a role as a central controller. If you think of it, the ECU is like the CPU on a computer that controls hardware functions.

In the car itself, the controlled hardware is in the form of actuators that work to replace mechanical systems such as injectors, VVT, Electric Fans. and so on.

Types of Car Ecu

The ECU is the controller unit that regulates the performance of the entire electrical circuit of a car. It is important for you to know what the types of ECU are in the car.

1. Tcm ( transmission Control Module )

A module that is only found in automatic transmission cars whose function is to regulate the displacement and transition moment according to the engine RPM as well as driving conditions.

2. Ecm ( body Control Module )

This module specifically regulates engine performance, from starting. starting spark plugs, fuel injection to cooling.

3. Bcm ( body Control Module )

Specifically regulating the electrical performance of the car such as lights, wipers, horns, to the entertainment system in the dashboard.

4. Pcm ( powertrain Control Module )

As a regulator of the performance of the car's powertrain system. This module usually ensures efficient flow of power from the engine to the wheels and is specifically only found in certain types of cars, usually cars with all-wheel drive.

5. Abs control Module

This module is found in cars with ABS brake technology which functions to regulate the braking system to prevent the wheels from locking or slipping when on slippery roads.

6. Airbag Control Module

It is a safety module, which is a system that has the task of developing an air bag ( car air bag ) in the event of a hard collision with the car.

7. Hvac control Module

This module can only be found on cars with an auto air conditioning system that allows automatic cabin circulation control according to weather conditions inside and outside the cabin.

Car Ecu Function

The ECU on a car has a function as a regulator of several important systems in a car, such as:

  • To adjust the opening and the volume of gasoline in the injector.
  • Set the engine cooling fan performance.
  • To set the time the spark plugs are lit according to the condition of the car.
  • Set the timing of the valve opening in accordance with engine conditions.
  • Turn on the alarm when the car is in trouble.
  • As a regulator of car key identification.

With a very complex task, you can know that the ECU is a very important component for a car. If there is damage to the Electronic Control Unit,it will be difficult to steer even to turn it on.

Characteristics of a Damaged Car Ecu

Maybe some drivers don't understand why the car suddenly doesn't run properly. It could be, it's because your Electronic Control Unit is having problems.

Therefore, identify the characteristics of your car's ECU being damaged, such as the following:

  • The car engine will stagnate
  • Car engine can't start
  • A faulty ECU can be the cause of wasteful fuel consumption.
  • Experience a decrease in engine power.
  • The check engine light is off but some may make the check engine light turn on, depending on the fault.

Damage to the Electronic Control Unit is usually a problem with different car symptoms that sometimes cannot be detected with the diagnostic tool.

Causes of Broken Car Ecu

After knowing the characteristics of a damaged Electronic Control Unit. what are the things that cause the damage? Here are the causes that are often found:

Vehicle Age

The age of your vehicle could be the cause of the damaged car ECU, because the car must have been operated frequently.

Similar to machines in general, car engines will certainly experience a decrease in performance when they are driven too often because their components no longer function normally.

Car Mileage

Cars with long mileage tend to experience damage to various components, including the ECU.

Not surprisingly, a machine that is used continuously will certainly reduce its condition which is no longer the same as the condition when it was first used.

How to Handle the Machine

One more thing that makes this vital component damaged is poor engine handling. Sometimes the treatment given to the car engine worsens the condition of the car.

In the ECU, one of the fatal treatments is the use of a test pen to check the car's ECU.

How to Repair Car Ecu

If you are sure that there is damage to your car's ECU, there are several ways you can do to improve its condition. Among them:

  • Replacing the elco car with a farad type is also the same voltage.
  • Check all PCB paths that are broken or exposed to liquid.
  • Check the electronic components of the legs.
  • Do the disassembly so that the internal components of the car can be checked using a multitester tool.

Car Ecu Service

Just like its valuable function, the price of a car ECU service is also quite valuable. This is because this component is very sensitive and should not be set arbitrarily.

The service price for this component is priced from around Rp. 2 million. Even consumers can spend up to tens of millions just for service costs.

In addition, for those of you who are interested in servicing the ECU by remapting it into a racing car ECU, the price is even more expensive, which is in the range of IDR 2.25 – 3.25 million.

Car Ecu Price

If it can't be serviced. you have to pay a higher price because the price of a new ECU is quite expensive. Here are some prices for new car ECUs in general.

Kind of carPrice
Toyota Agya and Daihatsu AylaRp1-2 Million
Avanza IDR 4-6 Million
ErtigaIDR 2-7 Million
european carRp10-12 Million

There is another alternative if you object to the price of the new components, namely a removed car ECU. But of course there will be no guarantee from the APM of the car.

  • The removed Toyota Avanza ECU costs around IDR 2 million.
  • The removed Toyota Camry ECU costs around IDR 4 million.

Meanwhile, for European cars it is difficult to obtain, because on average they are already immobilized. so almost all ECUs removed from European cars must be coded first.

Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! The car ECU is an important component in a car. Its function as the main electronic circuit in a car is even referred to as the "brain" making it a component that cannot be missed either in maintenance or handling if it is damaged.

Therefore, you need to know the type and how to care for the Electronic Control Unit properly and correctly to avoid damage. If it is damaged, the handling fee will be very expensive.

Check the car regularly and regularly to see the condition of every important part of the car. Use the best car insurance that can help ease the financial burden when the car has to be serviced at a repair shop.

Take Advantage of Car Insurance to Cover Repair Costs at the Workshop

Having a car, of course, must be prepared with the various costs that come with it. What usually drains the pocket the most is the cost of repairing the car at the workshop.

Therefore, so that your finances are not burdened by the high cost of car service, use the best car insurance that can cover the cost of damage, both small and large.

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