Car Dashboard Vibrating? This Is the Cause

The car dashboard often vibrates when driving on the highway, what causes the car dashboard to vibrate?

When you are driving on the highway at low speed or high speed, you often feel the car dashboard vibrate. Sometimes this is a natural thing, but if the vibration is frequent and disturbing. This could be a problem with your car right? If this continues, it will certainly have a negative impact on the car. For more details, let's further identify the causes of the car dashboard vibrating.

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The car dashboard vibrates when you are driving the car can be caused by the condition of the engine. The possibility that often occurs is a mixture of fuel and air which does not burn completely. So, resulting in insufficient pressure on the fuel in the combustion chamber. So that makes the engine vibrate, so the car dashboard automatically vibrates. It is important to maintain and maintain the machine regularly, to avoid this from happening

Car Brake

Car brakes can also be the cause of the car dashboard vibrating, it can be ascertained if the source of the problem originates. The biggest possibility could be from the brake disc that is not precise, or its condition must be replaced. If these two things are allowed to make the driver feel the car dashboard vibrate while driving on the road.

Car Tires

One of the causes of a car dashboard vibrating is a car tire. This can happen because of an unbalanced car tire condition, an unbalanced tire surface. However, usually if it comes from tires. The new vibrating car dashboard will be felt at a speed of 80-90 km / h. Another cause can occur because the air pressure on the tires of the car is different, which causes the shock absorbers to become heavier and then spread to the steering wheel.

Car Axles

A damaged car axle can also make vibrations felt to the car body, especially if used at high speeds.


Shockbreaker that serves to withstand vibrations in the car when passing through uneven roads. If the shockbreaker is damaged, then of course its main function will be disrupted. Especially when passing through a potholed road, it makes the car dashboard vibrate too. For this reason, in passing through potholes, you should walk slowly and don't force it so it doesn't get damaged.