Car Dashboard, Functions and Meaning of Some of Its Symbols

The car dashboard is an important component in a car. the luxury, beauty and coolness of a cabin is usually seen from the dashboard. The dashboard is the main point of beauty in a 4-wheeled vehicle cabin.

That's why every vehicle, whether it's an SUV, MPV, sedan, sport and so on, has a different dashboard.

Special hybrid vehicles, of course, have a different dashboard. Then the dashboard of a luxury car is also different from a standard car dashboard.

You may also often see directly that the dashboard of the Avanza car is different from the dashboard of the Ayla car, even though both are Toyota, especially with the dashboard of a Honda car, it is definitely much different.

Although often the dashboard is also used as a table where to put accessories. Several dashboard accessories are lined up or on display, ranging from toys to other displays.

In fact, because it is generally used for display, there are special products such as unique car dashboard decorations or unique car dashboard displays that are specifically sold to be placed on the dashboard.

Not infrequently there are also those who buy car dashboard dolls to make the cabin look unique. Later the car dashboard decoration doll can be the center of attention of all passengers, especially the person sitting next to the driver.

But not infrequently the driver also modifies the car dashboard.

Some added their own Avanza dashboard carpet, or even a Brio car dashboard fur which was long and had a striking color. All to the cover of the car dashboard.

There are also those who use wood and are painted shiny to make it look luxurious. Then add a car dashboard carpet or just an anti-slip car dashboard so that the items placed don't slip easily.

Back again, everything as an identity as well as a point of view of a vehicle interior, yes, from the dashboard.

Then, if so, what is the main function of the dashboard? Become an important component in a car or just for a placemat?

Get to Know the Car Dashboard and Its Functions

Dashboard is one part of the cabin interior which is usually found on the front. Its main function is as a place for various indicator panels on the car.

In general, the dashboard is a separator between the driver's seat and the front of the car.

Then what is a dashboard when viewed from its function? Actually the dashboard has a very important role especially for vehicle performance.

If a vehicle does not have a dashboard, the driver will certainly feel uncomfortable. Inside and every part of the dashboard of a car there are many components that are interconnected and support each other.

Everyone who wants to learn to drive a car, must learn the function of each component contained in the car. So that when you are driving you are not confused anymore to use every part of the dashboard correctly.

Main Parts of Car Dashboard

Besides the speedometer, what else is usually seen on the dashboard? There is a car dashboard drawer, then there is an air conditioner which is usually used for car dashboard perfume hangers.

On the car dashboard, the variations of the parts are very diverse, the most common, as mentioned a little, are air conditioning, car dashboard drawers, car dashboard clocks and several car dashboard indicator buttons.

Now to be clear about what's on the car dashboard, here are the main parts that are generally found on a vehicle dashboard.

1. Car Drawer

The first and most common is the car dashboard drawer. The drawer on the dashboard of the car is located in front of the passenger seat next to the driver. The main function of a car drawer is to store various important items.

It's just that most drivers actually use it to pile up items that are not needed. Like brochures, receipts, or other objects that are piled up in a mess. even though

Even though there are many mandatory items that are important to support drivers such as flashlights, cell phone chargers to first aid kits or vehicle manuals. The car insurance book should also be stored in the car drawer on the dashboard for easy access.

Even though a car dashboard drawer is provided, it doesn't mean you can store all car securities in it. This is very risky, and if you are negligent, you could lose securities such as the car BPKB, stolen by someone.

2. Car Dashboard Light

Next is the car dashboard light which is an indicator of the engine or car. Indicator light on the car. All indicator lights that show the condition of the car will appear on the dashboard.

Its position is in front of the driver and behind the steering wheel, making it easy to see. The driver must pay attention to all the indicators on the car dashboard lights to know how the condition of the car before and while driving.

For example, on the speedometer, the condition of the gas tank, car airbags, whether the door is locked, and much more. This indicator is often in the form of an icon so a learning driver must memorize it.

3. Ignition Lock

It is clear that the location of the ignition on the dashboard is precisely at the bottom right of the steering wheel. So you just insert the key into the keyhole and turn it so that the car can be started.

In addition to the keyhole, the dashboard is also often a place for the engine start button. Back to the song, now it all depends on the type of car used, whether it's new or old.

4. Car Lever

The car lever is not only gear, but also other levers. On the dashboard of the car there is a lever that is located on the right and left of the steering wheel.

The location of this lever makes it easier for the driver to turn on several vehicle functions quickly.

The levers on the left and right of the steering wheel have different functions. There is a function to turn on the headlights at night or give a sign to the vehicle from the opposite direction.

There is also a lever that is used to turn on the right and left turn signals. The last lever on the steering wheel is used to turn on the wipers. So when it's raining or the driver's glass is blurry, you can run it.

In addition to the lever located on the steering wheel, there is also a transmission lever which is located next to the driver, precisely at the barrier between the passenger and driver.

This transmission lever has the purpose of shifting gears when the car is running. This lever also serves to increase the speed of the vehicle. It's just that for the types of manual and automatic vehicles the type of lever used is different.

5. Head Unit

The head unit is the entertainment stage in the dashboard. The contents are usually the car dashboard indicator buttons to buttons for other interesting and sophisticated features.

Each dashboard also has a head unit whose function is to turn on the entertainment features in the cabin.

The location of this head unit is in front of the lever or the center of the entire dashboard. Features that are usually in the head unit such as music features. You can listen to music by connecting your phone or USB to the head unit.

For the cellphone to be placed close to the dashboard, then you can add a cellphone holder on the car dashboard.

On the dashboard of a large SUV or minivan, usually in the cabin there is a car dashboard mini bar.

In the head unit itself, there are two types of head units on the market, namely 1 DIN and 2 DIN. DIN is the Deutsche Institut fur Normung which is the standard for making head units.

6. Car Feature Control Center

Last but not least, the car feature control center in the middle of the dashboard. More precisely, it is under the head unit so it is easy to find.

In the control center, you can turn on the air conditioner, adjust hazard lights, place matches, chargers, and much more. Until turning on the car dashboard tv. In addition, you can also add a set of car dashboard cameras.

It's the middle of the season to put the camera on the dashboard of the car. Apart from vlogging or creating content, having a camera can certainly be a powerful weapon for those of you who are thieves or witnesses to crimes.

If you are interested, you can look for a special dashboard camera. Usually the price of a car dashboard camera is offered varies, depending on the resolution of the camera and the technology in it.

Indicators and Function Buttons on the Car Dashboard

In addition to having several important parts, on the dashboard there are also many car dashboard indicator buttons. There are several types of dashboard indicator buttons. So to introduce it, here are some lists of car dashboard indicator buttons.

1. Abs Tombol Button

The first is the ABS or AntiLock Brake System button. ABS is a security system that will prevent the brakes from locking.

So, when you want to brake suddenly, this button needs to be pressed so that the brakes are not locked.

2. Airbag Button

Next is the car airbag button or air bag is useful when the car has a collision with a solid object.

So to anticipate a direct collision, you can press the airbag button just before the accident so that all airbags are open to all passengers.

3. Audio Button

Entertainment is usually in the middle of the dashboard. You can find the audio button on the head unit that can be used to turn on the audio.

Starting from the volume, radio channels are available. Those of you who feel bored while driving can turn on this audio button.

4. Speedometer Indicator

The speedometer serves as an indication of the speed you are racing. Not to break the speed limit, but to be more careful and not go too far because the speed limit has rules.

For this reason, it is important to always monitor the speedometer, because the speedometer also has an indicator of gasoline and oil. Do not let you drive a car before checking the availability of fuel.

5. Odometer Indicator

Next is the Odometer indicator which will measure the distance from the vehicle that has been traveled so far until it is not used again.

6. Thermometer Indicator

In the car is also usually embedded thermometer which is useful for measuring the temperature of the car engine. So that you understand the condition of the car's interior and what temperature the water circulates in the car engine.

When you find the cabin temperature is hot, you can immediately check it. And immediately lowers the temperature.

Meaning of the Symbol Lights Up on the Car Dashboard

1. Machine Check Symbol

The engine check symbol is the Check Engine Light, which is a symbol found on old and new cars.

The shape and color depends on the manufacturer. If this symbol is lit continuously, it means that there is something wrong with the car engine.

This is a sign on the dashboard that you can check directly. Problems can also vary, ranging from a disconnected airflow socket, a faulty oxygen sensor, or a faulty engine even making this CEL symbol light up.

If the CEL symbol lights up, you can service the car dashboard to return it to normal as well as check for engine damage.

Immediately take it to your mainstay workshop to determine what damage occurred. That way engine damage can be resolved more quickly.

2. Battery Symbol

This symbol has a picture like a battery with plus and minus signs. For this you need to be careful when this light is on. Because it indicates that there is something wrong with the car's electricity.

When the battery light symbol is a good idea for you to check the battery and the alternator. It could be that the battery is old and unable to charge. Or it could be that the alternator belt is disconnected. Worse, the alternator doesn't work so only the battery is on.

3. Temperature Symbol

Not all of these symbols exist, especially the latest new cars rarely use them. This symbol indicates the temperature conditions in the car. The shape of the symbol is similar to that of a temperature gauge in general.

When starting the car, if the blue temperature symbol shows the car is not fully ready for use and you should preheat the engine first.

Usually the blue symbol only lights up for a short time and will disappear when the car is hot.

This is not much because there are also those who need more attention, namely, when the temperature symbol lights up red. It indicates the car is overheating. You have to stop immediately if that happens, because chances are the car doesn't have water or coolant in the system.

4. Oil Pressure Symbol

The following symbol has an image of a dashboard like a funnel which at the end is like an image of a water drop. If the symbol lights up, there could be damage to the engine, especially the engine oil.

The car may lack oil so that it reminds the driver to fill it. But if the button doesn't go out, you should take the car to a repair shop

5. Abs Symbol

Then if the ABS symbol lights up for an instant when the car is running, it could be that the car's ABS has a problem. If it's like this, it's better for you to be more careful when driving because without ABS the car can lose control when braking.

6. Airbag Symbol

If your airbag symbol light continues to glow while driving, it may indicate that the airbag did not inflate during an accident. Take the car to a repair shop to check its condition for sure.

7. Gasoline Filling Symbol

This symbol, of course, most people already know. If the symbol is lit, it will definitely tell the driver that it is running out of gas. Immediately find the nearest gas station so that the car avoids breaking down because it runs out of fuel.

8. High Beam Symbol

When driving at night there may be some drivers who do not notice when turning on the lights. If the blue light symbol on the dashboard lights up, it means you're turning on the high beam.

Remote lights are not used haphazardly. This light is activated when passing through the surrounding streets that do not have lighting.

But if on an ordinary street full of lighting and other vehicles pass, of course this is very disturbing sight

9. Handbrake Symbol

Next is the handbrake symbol, this symbol serves to tell the condition of the handbrake on an active car. Of course, before driving, first check the activity of the handbrake.

Driving a car with an active handbrake can certainly reduce performance and there will be a brake odor that can be smelled when the car has gone several kilometers

10. Seatbelt Symbol

Last but not least, of course, the seat belt symbol that lights up. This symbol lights up to remind the driver to always wear a seat belt when driving.

This symbol not only blinks, but also makes a sound that continues to sound until you use the belt. Seat belt is one of safety when driving.

Repair Cracked Car Dashboard

In general, dashboards are made of hard plastic so they are not easily broken or broken when hit by a hard object. But there are also those made of iron plates, especially on cars output in the 80's.

As the vehicle ages, the colors on the dashboard begin to fade. Some even try to buy a car dashboard blackening liquid. So that the dashboard base is clean again, you can also coat it with new dashboard paint.

The use of car dashboard paint is also to cover cracks on the dashboard. You can combine it with a car dashboard kit to make it look new again.

Because other problems with the dashboard besides cracking, the faded colors tend to be dull.

If your dashboard experiences this, you don't need to worry. Just follow these four automotive tips on how to repair a dashboard.

1. Dashboard Special Filling Fluid

If the dashboard is broken or cracked, then you can buy a special filler liquid for the dashboard. This fluid is widely available in automotive stores and repair shops.

With this liquid, you can modify the Carry car dashboard to be newer.

Then you can also choose the color that suits your needs because this liquid has a variety of colors. Then don't forget to give the car dashboard a shine to make it look new.

2. Coat the Car Dashboard

Then next to repair the dashboard you can use a car dashboard coating.

You can coat the dashboard with a special sticker. If you cover it with a full black sticker, then this can be a way to blacken the car dashboard.

Using a dashboard coating can also be a solution to overcome a cracked dashboard. This coating is also available in upholstery shops and is the same as a special dashboard filler fluid, and has a variety of colors.

However, to use it, you need to be careful so that the coating does not cover your car's airbags which can interfere with safety in the event of an accident.

3. Car Dashboard Cleaning Fluid

Next is how to clean the dashboard by using a vacuum cleaner, duster, or a clean rag with a smooth surface so that it doesn't leave blisters on the dashboard.

You can also spray the best dashboard cleaning fluid or a dashboard cleaning kit for maximum results.

But before that, you should choose liquid lotion and avoid liquids that contain silicone, so that the color on the dashboard surface does not change.

4. Replacing the Car Dashboard

If all the previous methods did not satisfy you, then the last step is to replace the dashboard. Even though it costs more than other methods, this method has its own level of satisfaction.

Especially if the dashboard lights are off, then you can replace the dashboard as well as the dashboard LED lights and the lights under the dashboard.

All so that the cabin looks new, striking but still not excessive, of course.

If you have replaced a new one, you just have to take care of it better and take care of the dashboard. Don't forget to add a dashboard protector for additional protection.

Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! Dashboard is an important component in a vehicle. The luxury, beauty and coolness of a cabin are usually seen from the dashboard.

The dashboard is the main point of beauty in a 4-wheeled vehicle cabin. That's why every vehicle, whether it's an SUV, MPV, sedan, sport and so on, has a different dashboard.

In general, dashboards are made of hard plastic so they are not easily broken or broken when hit by a hard object. But there are also those made of iron plates, especially on cars output in the 80's.

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