Car City Lights Functions and Prices

Car city lights are one of a number of lights that are on a car. Also called twilight lights or clearance lights, these lights are only turned on when the sky starts to get dark or in the late afternoon.

There are also those who call it a small lamp because the intensity of the light produced tends to be low.

In addition to lighting, many use these lamps for different functions. Want to know what are the functions of city lights and how much do they cost? Check out the following information!

Car City Light Function

At first glance, you already know what the function of car city lights is? Yes, its function is for lighting and notifying the existence of the car to other road users.

City lights are turned on when the sky is dark or when you are driving in low light conditions.

By turning on the city lights, road users can find out where your car is as well as estimate how wide your car is. Other road users can avoid your car while driving on the highway.

Not only that, city lights can also be used as a marker for your car when passing through foggy and heavy rain areas. Thus, the function of car city lights is very useful to minimize accidents.

Even in some situations, the city lights on the truck must be turned on, you know! Because, its large size and narrow driver visibility are very dangerous for road users, especially motorcycles.

City lights also act as a speed marker of the car. If the flashing lights look fast, then the car is also going fast. On the other hand, if the flare looks slow, it could be that the car is actually moving slowly. City lights can also give a sign whether other cars are moving in the direction or the opposite direction from us.

In cars, city lights are located on the front and back of the car. For the front city lights, it is located close to the headlights. The front city lights can be turned on alone or in combination with the headlights, this depends on the type of car.

While the rear city lights are integrated with the brake lights. Its function is the same, namely as a signal to other vehicles. With the rear city lights, the vehicle behind can estimate the width of our car.

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City Light Components

As a car component, it turns out that city lights consist of a number of parts. What are the main components in the electrical circuit of city lights? Here's the explanation.

1. Battery

The battery, as in other lamps, functions as a source of electric current (DC). The battery will supply electrical energy needs to various vehicle systems before the car is started.In light vehicles, the battery provides a low-voltage electric current.

In addition to city lights, one of the components that use batteries as an energy source is turn signals (direction markers).

Therefore, a good battery condition will greatly affect the turn signal and city lights. Low battery power makes the lights dim or not turn on at all.

2. City Light Switch

The next important component is the city light switch which functions to connect and disconnect the current. With a switch, we can turn on or turn off the car.

In other words, a switch is a button that we control to adjust the car's headlights.

3. Wiring Harness or Cable

The cable or wiring harness functions as an electrical conductor or part that will transmit electric current from one component to another in the car's electrical system circuit.

4. Fuse

The fuse or fuse is a special component of the city light's electrical circuit. Its function is as an electric circuit for city lights.

In other words, the fuse functions as a component safety, which is to prevent damage to the component when there is excessive current flowing.

5. Relay

Relay is a component that serves to reduce the load on the battery. Relays can also be called switches that operate using electricity.

The relay will disconnect and connect the electric current in the city light electrical circuit. Relays have two main parts, namely the electromagnet (coil) and the mechanical part, namely the switch contacts

6. Indicator Light

Another important part of car city lights is the indicator light. These are the lights that we can find on the dashboard of the car.

The location is near the speedometer. When the city lights are turned on, the indicator lights come on too. When driving and you doubt whether you have turned on the city lights or not, just check the indicator lights.

7. Remote Light

High beam or high beam serves to illuminate the road in a long distance. The beam distance is about 100 meters.

How Car City Lights Work

Broadly speaking, how the city lights work together with the brake lights (at the rear) and head lights (at the front).

The type of bulb in the rear city light is double filament. The rear city lights are dimmer than the brake lights.

While the front of the city lights on average one switch with headlights. To activate the city lights, turn the headlight switch once.

To activate the headlight, turn the switch again. Thus, both lights will light up.

Broadly speaking, the way car city lights work is divided into two types, namely a circuit without a relay and a circuit with a relay. The following is an explanation of each.

1. How to Work on a Circuit Without a Relay

If the light control switch (head light) is turned once, the switch that was originally off is now connected to the tail terminal.

So that the current from the battery will flow through the fusible link then to the fuse, then to the light control switch, city lights, and mass.

The current flowing makes the lamp light. All city lights are generally connected in parallel.

2. How City Lights Work with Relays

This method is almost the same as a circuit without a relay. The difference is, this circuit uses a relay.

First, when the light control switch is turned once towards the city lights, the current from the battery will flow through the fusible link, then flow into the fuse, flow to the relay, light control switch, and mass.

Because the relay is energized, there will be magnetism so that the contact points will be connected. As a result, the current from the battery will flow to the relay and the light will turn on.

Other Types of Car Lights

In addition to city lights, the following types of car lights are available in cars.

1. Light near

This type of lamp is the easiest lamp to find. Lights near or low beam has a short lighting range.

These lights are used by cars when entering residential areas so as not to disturb the people around them.

2. Remote Light

On the other hand, the high beam is turned on when the visibility is short. The lighting range can reach 100 meters in the future. This lamp is also known as High Beam.

This lamp is a must-use lamp when driving on major roads and expressways, especially when the sky starts to get dark.

3. Fog Lights

Not many cars in Indonesia have fog lights. This is because fog lights follow the conditions of the place and the weather, for example in a country with four seasons.

These lights, also known as fog lamps, are usually located at the front and back of the car. The function of the Fog Lamp behind the car is to signal other cars to keep their distance.

4. Tail Lamp

Tail lights or stop lights are located at the back of the car. Usually, tail lights are also connected to the same switch as city/twilight lights.

5. Brake Light

If this lamp has a clear function, which is to give a sign to road users behind our car when the brakes are applied. The brake light is useful for signaling the vehicle behind to reduce its speed.

6. Turn Signal

Well, this lamp, of course, you already know its function. The turn signal serves to give a sign that the vehicle is about to turn.

The driver must turn on the turn signal according to the intended direction. Don't want to turn right, instead turn on the left turn signal, okay?

7. Hazard Lights

A hazard light is a signal of danger or emergency. You must have often seen these lights on police convoys, official entourages, ambulances, or funeral parlors.

Well, this is what is called a hazard light. This light signals other vehicles to pull over and give way.

8. Reverse Light

The lights on the back of the car will light up when the car is moving backwards. The point is to give a signal to the vehicle behind that our car is about to reverse.

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Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! Car city lights have an important function, namely providing lighting when you drive at night. Car city lights can even penetrate the fog so that your view is not disturbed while driving.

If your car's city lights don't work properly, you should immediately fix them so they don't cause problems when you're driving.