Car Air Filters: Functions, Types, and How to Clean Them

The car air filter is a component that functions to filter air that enters the combustion chamber, so that there is no blockage in the injection system or carburetor.

Unfortunately there are still many people who underestimate it. Though this component plays an important role in the combustion process in the engine.

If the filter is dirty, then the pull or power of the car will also weaken and be unresponsive.

Therefore, every vehicle owner must know how to keep the car air filter clean and the engine can work optimally.

Car Air Filter Function

The position of the car air filter is at the top of the engine which is covered with the filter housing. When burning, this component will flow air into the combustion chamber.

To prevent air from leaking, the filter housing is protected with a valve to maintain cleanliness and air quality.

Just as humans need oxygen to breathe, so do cars for the combustion process.

The air filter functions to prevent dirt, dust, sand, insects or other particles from entering the engine and ensures that the air and fuel mixture is maintained in quality.

Types of Car Air Filters

After knowing the function of the car air filter, you also have to know the types or types available on the market. There are three types of car air filters that are distinguished by their material and characteristics, which are as follows:

Paper Material

Paper is the main raw material for the filter. This type is widely used by automotive manufacturers because of its good filterability, even the smallest particles can be absorbed with this paper filter.

Foam Material

Using foam or foam as the main filter, this type of air filter is also called a wet foam filter. In order to absorb or filter dust optimally, this type of filter must be oiled first.

However, when compared to the paper type, car air filters made of foam tend not to last.

Fabric Material

The main filter element of this type of filter is the cloth. This material is arguably the best of the other two types.

Besides being easy to clean, the level of filtering dirt or dust from this filter is also very good. For matters of durability or service life, this type can be relied on.

Result of a Dirty Car Air Filter

When driving, no one can ensure that dust or dirt outside the vehicle is not sucked into the car.

With a car air filter, it can reduce the risk of dust or dirt entering the combustion chamber.

However, over time and distance of car use, dirt and dust on this air filter will also accumulate.

As a result, the pores in the car's air filter are clogged and the air supply to the combustion chamber is disrupted. As a result, the engine does not work optimally which can cause permanent damage to the engine.

In addition, it automatically affects the use of fuel which is also wasteful.

Also because the air that enters the combustion chamber is disturbed resulting in incomplete combustion. As a result, the exhaust emits dirty smoke.

When Should the Car Air Filter Be Replaced?

Therefore, car owners are obliged to check the condition of the car's air filter regularly so that the car remains comfortable to drive.

To be sure, you need to know some of the characteristics of a car air filter that must be replaced, including:

1. Car Mileage

Driving time and distance are indicators of use that need to be considered. The longer and farther the car travels, the higher the air filter performance.

As a result, the potential for accumulation of dirt or filtered dust particles is even greater.

The recommended time to replace the air filter by car manufacturers is after a distance of 15,000 km – 25,000 km.

However, this condition occurs when the car is driven in a city that has a relatively clean environment and air. This means that if the vehicle frequently travels on roads with poor air quality, the air filter replacement distance will be even shorter.

2. Engine Power Is Reduced

When you feel the performance or power of the car's engine decreases when accelerating, you should immediately check with a professional service to diagnose the condition of the vehicle's engine.

If you find your car's air filter is dirty, you should replace it with a new one.

3. the Exhaust Emits Dirty Smoke

The amount of dust or dirt particles that enter causes an incomplete combustion chamber which is characterized by thick dirty smoke from the exhaust.

When you experience this, there is a possibility that the air filter will have to be replaced with a new one.

4. Fuel Is Wasteful

Disrupted air intake due to dirty air filter results in incomplete combustion. As a result, fuel consumption becomes more wasteful than usual.

When you see this, immediately check the air filter to see if it has to be replaced with a new one.

5. Moist and Black Air Filter

If the air filter is found to be damp and blackened, immediately replace it with a new one.

Because, if it is not replaced immediately, it is feared that it will cause other, more serious problems in the engine.

How to Clean a Car Air Filter

Because it has an important role in combustion, car owners must be diligent in checking and cleaning the air filter.

If you haven't had time to go to the repair shop, you can try to clean it at home independently.

The method is easy and can be done independently at home. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Open the hood and open the filter housing to remove the air filter.
  2. Before that, make sure you know the type of filter used so you don't clean it the wrong way. Because each type of filter requires different treatment.
  3. This type of filter paper avoid washing with water because it will damage the particles of the base material. We recommend using high pressure air to clean the dust and dirt adhering to the filter.

For the air filter from foam you use a mixture of water and laundry soap to clean it. But still don't squeeze too much. After that aerated to clean and dry.

As for cloth filters, cleaning is enough with a mixture of water and laundry soap.

  1. After washing, the air filter is aerated to return clean and dry.
  2. Do not forget to clean the filter housing of the dirt and dry it.
  3. After the filter housing and air filter are dry and clean, put them back in their original places and close the filter housing again.
  4. Make sure everything is installed properly to prevent air leakage.

Price of the Air Filter on the Car

Looking at the type of basic material, it is certain that car air filters have price variations. The price of an air filter made from paper with the best quality ranges from Rp. 100 thousand - Rp. 200 thousand.

Meanwhile, with foam material, the price is Rp. 200 thousand - Rp. 350 thousand. And for an air filter made of cloth, which is more durable than the other two types, it is priced around Rp. 300 thousand - Rp. 450 thousand.

Importance of Vehicle Insurance to Reduce Repair Costs

Cleaning the car air filter is one thing that vehicle owners must do to keep the engine running optimally and prevent permanent damage.

Because if the machine is damaged, the costs you have to spend will be swollen. Because of course there are other components in the machine that are damaged.

Because it takes protection for the vehicle so that you don't mess around with high costs when the car engine breaks down.

One type of insurance that you can use to cover all repairs is all risk car insurance. With this insurance, you don't have to worry about the cost of repairing your car due to minor or major damage.

In fact, all risk insurance also provides other protection due to loss due to theft. Also provides coverage for third parties in the event of an accident.

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