Car AC Blower: Functions, How It Works, and How to Solve the Problem

As a car owner, you certainly have to understand every component that exists. One of the most important components in a car is the air conditioning system. including the car air conditioner blower.

For information, the AC blower is indeed an important part of the car's cooling system. The car's cooling system itself plays a role in providing a sense of coolness to the driver and passenger of the car.

The air conditioner blower in a four-wheeled vehicle itself is located at the back of the evaporator, aka a component that plays a role in removing cool air in the cabin.

So, how does a car air conditioner blower work and what does it do? If the blower is AC, what is the cause? Here's the full explanation.

Car Air Conditioner Blower Function

As previously stated, the car air conditioner blower is one of the crucial components in the car's cooling system.

The AC blower itself consists of several components, ranging from the blower motor, fuse, speed control resistance of the blower motor, to the regulator switch.

The AC blower also has its own function, namely sucking the air around the blower. Then, the air is exhaled into the cabin space through the fins of the evaporator.

Through this process, the air is able to release heat to the freon which has a lower temperature. Thus, the air that will enter the cabin of your car is definitely cooler or cooler.

About how much air enters the cabin, this depends on the speed of the AC blower. This speed is determined from the air conditioning setting selected by the passenger.

Therefore, how the AC blower works also depends on the AC settings, ranging from low, medium, to high.

For low AC settings, wind current will flow from the ignition to the blower evaporator motor switch. After that, the wind current enters the AC blower motor and mass.

The blower motor starts to spin, but slowly as it passes through two resistances. This is what causes the low AC setting position on the car to be not too cold.

So, how does a car AC blower work for medium AC settings. This setting is different from the low AC setting.

In fact, on a moderate AC setting, wind current flows through only one resistor. So, the current flowing into the AC blower motor is getting bigger. Finally the rotation speed is higher.

For how the AC blower works in the highest AC setting, the current to the blower motor is definitely not going through the resistance anymore. As a result, the current becomes maximum until the motor rotation becomes the highest.

Problems with Car AC Blowers and How to Solve Them

As a car owner, you must have experienced a noisy car AC blower. This condition is certainly not comfortable for the driver and the car passengers.

This is also a sign that something is wrong with your car's AC system. So, what causes the noisy AC blower?

Compressor Problem

There are several problems that can cause compressor-related noise, namely insufficient compressor oil, loss of compression in the compressor, and the AC compressor jamming.

If the sound source comes from the compressor, you are advised to immediately take the car to a repair shop. The problem of noisy car air conditioners that are ignored in causing damage is increasing and causing repair costs to skyrocket.

Damage to the Components of the Car Air Conditioner

The second problem that causes noisy AC blowers is damage to the components in the car air conditioner.

As stated above, a car air conditioner system consists of many components, such as a blower motor, fuses, the speed control resistance of the blower motor, a regulating switch, and others.

Well, some component damage that causes the AC blower to be noisy, namely magnetic clutch problems, AC line leaks, and improper installation of the car AC fan belt.

Dirt on the Car Air Conditioning Blower System

The third problem is related to the dirt in the AC blower system. In fact, quite a lot of car air conditioner problems that make noise occur because there are foreign objects rotating in the blower system.

These foreign objects can be leaves, plastic food scraps, pieces of paper, or insects trapped in the blower system.

This dirt causes the appearance of noise from inside the car's air conditioning system. To solve the problem of a noisy car air conditioner blower because there is dirt, usually the blower is dismantled, cleaned, and then sterilized.

This sterilization is very necessary especially if the noise occurs because there are cockroaches in the blower system.

AC Blower Is Off

Another problem that also often occurs is the blower of the car AC dies. This is usually caused by the AC blower motor found in the car's AC system.

For information, the AC blower motor is separated into front and rear parts and will rotate continuously when the AC is on.

Just like other components, this component can be damaged and cause the car air conditioner to die. This can happen because the AC blower motor has worn out.

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