Brake Pads: Functions and How to Solve the Problem

Brake lining is a vital component in a car. Brake pads are useful for helping the car when braking. The task of car brake linings is also further divided into two types of brakes.

First, in a car's drum brake system, the brake lining is in the brake shoe. The shape of the brake pads is similar to a circle with two semi-circular shoes.

In drum brakes, when the brake pedal is stepped on, the canvas pushes out. So that the canvas was wide open, then rubbed against the drum housing bowl. This friction is what helps the car to stop.

While the second is a disc brake system. In this system, the canvas presses against the disc disc to provide friction. Friction is what makes the car stop moving.

Brake Lining Function

In addition to the previously mentioned, braking pads also have other functions that help the car when it stops.

That's why the canvas is always near the wheel. Although it is hidden and close to the legs, the canvas has a vital function for the car.

1. Easier Braking

It is clear that the brake lining of the car serves to simplify the braking system. Especially if there is sudden braking, the braking pad helps the driver and car to avoid unexpected incidents.

Car brake pads will press the disc brake, and make the car tires slow down gradually. This depends on the level of pressure on the brake pedal, if it is pressed slowly it will slow down slowly.

However, if fully pressed, the brake lining of the car will make the car tires stop instantly. Friction is what makes the lining often thin and must be replaced for the sake of driving comfort and safety.

2. Ease of Setting the Pace

Car braking pads also function to adjust the speed of the tires. When driving fast, a layer of sandpaper on the canvas is useful for adjusting the speed of the wheel rotation.

Especially if the car wants to maneuver, whether to turn, or stop, it certainly involves braking and working canvas.

With the brake pads, the speed of the wheels can be adjusted, so that the car can be fully controlled and does not cause significant problems.

3. Help in Difficult Terrain

On a difficult track by a car, braking pads can also help pass it. Whether the road is uphill or a sharp descent, definitely rely on the brake pedal to hold the pace.

So that's when the brake pads take on a role by holding the car down when the descent is steep, or when you're on a road with lots of vehicles. Braking pads help you not go too far.

Braking pads play a very important role so that they must be in prime condition before being invited to go for a walk. So that your trip can be comfortable and safe.

Characteristics of Problematic Brake Pads

Its vital role for the car makes the current braking pads are always replaced periodically. If you often use a car on extreme routes, you should check the condition of the canvas more often.

Likewise with cars that are only used on the highway, it is still necessary to know the condition of the canvas. Because on the highway there will be a lot of cars passing, it will be very dangerous if the car is driving with a problematic braking pad.

To better understand the condition of the brake lining, here are the characteristics of a problematic canvas.

1. Brake Vibrates

The most noticeable sign when the brake pads are gone is the appearance of vibrations when braking. This vibration can also occur when the car is speeding. The vibration occurs because the brake lining is very thin or even worn out.

So that when you hit the brakes, the disc does not have a flat surface. If the vibration has reached the steering wheel, it means that your brake pads are up and must be replaced immediately.

2. Noise When Braking

In addition to the appearance of vibration, another characteristic of worn out brake pads is the sound of a car brake squeaking sound when you apply the brakes. This is because of the friction between the iron and the iron when braking, because the brake lining has run out.

If the sound is getting louder, then immediately replace your car's brake pads.

3. Press the Pedal Very Deep

The last thing that characterizes your braking pads is that when you step on the brakes, the pedal must be pressed down once before you can brake. This is of course very dangerous for your safety.

Usually half a step on the pedal has stopped completely, this has to push deeper. Things like this of course can't be relied on anymore, you have to immediately replace the brake pads so that driving can be safer and more comfortable.

Types of Brake Pads

1. Semi-Metallic

The first car braking pads were semi-metallic ones. This type is a braking pad with good material, durable and has good heat resistance.

This is because semi-metallic canvases are made from organic synthesis basic ingredients mixed with metal mixtures.

Unfortunately, this semi-metallic canvas is very wasteful and wears out very quickly. So it will often replace it with a new one.

2. Non-Asbestos Organic

As the name suggests, organic non-asbestos braking pads are made from materials that do not use asbestos. This is because asbestos is suspected to be the cause of lung cancer for drivers.

Instead, this braking material uses a combination of rubber, glass, carbon, resin, and others. This braking pad has the advantage that when braking you will not hear an annoying squeaking sound.

However, this type of canvas is also considered wasteful. The canvas wears out quickly so you have to do regular checks often.

3. Low Metal Organic Non-Asbestos

Just like the previous canvas, the low metal organic non-asbestos braking pad also eliminates asbestos material. However, it is much better than high metal braking material.

Unfortunately, this low metal non-asbestos braking pad has a drawback, namely that it is still noisy. Every time I brake, there is an annoying squeaking sound.

4. Ceramics

This is probably the best type of brake lining ever. This canvas is made of ceramic material, so it doesn't leave any residue residue. And also does not cause annoying noise and does not damage the car's rotor.

With the quality and comfort it brings, the weakness of ceramic canvases is that they are more expensive than other braking pads.

Why Is the Front Lining Thin First?

The question is, why the front brake lining is thinner than the rear one?

This usually happens because the car's brake pads are located on the disc brakes. and for passenger cars usually disc brakes are on the front wheels, and drums on the rear.

So that the front brake discs work more than the rear brake pads. However, there are also cars that use disc brakes on the rear tires.

Plus, in everyday life the rear brake is not only in charge of braking, but also serves as the parking brake.

While the front brakes are only for braking only. But the front brake pads wear out faster than the rear brake pads.

This is because the distribution of the front brakes is much larger than the rear brakes. Front brakes get a bigger load than rear brakes.

Therefore, the front lining wears out faster than the rear lining.

Recommended Brand of Car Brake Pads

To choose the best car braking pads, here are some brands that have the best quality to keep your car brakes. The following are recommendations for the best car brake lining brands.

1. Bosch

We start with the brake pad for the car at the highest price, namely Bosch, which costs around Rp. 300 thousand. These brake pads have many types and sizes.

That's why Bosch is widely used for SUVs and commercial passenger cars such as taxis.

Bosch is considered capable of providing an ideal balance, with its main characteristic being to minimize friction from braking. Even in a state of high speed, heavy rain, to extreme temperature changes.

Made of non-asbestos material, this braking pad is the best choice for your favorite car.

2. Bendix

The next brake lining comes from the United States, namely Bendix. This brand has been around for a long time in the Indonesian automotive industry. Sold at a price of around Rp. 300 thousand, this braking pad has many advantages.

Starting from Bendix material which is made of ceramic with hybrid fusion technology. Then it is claimed to be more gripping by 30 percent than other braking pads. It is also resistant to high heat temperatures, so the life of this canvas is quite long.

3. Mk Kashiyama

Next to the brake pads made in the country of Sakura, namely the MK Kashiyama brand. This brand has been known as “Brake Technologies” for more than 80 years. In Indonesia itself, MK Kashiyama has received ISO 9001-2008 certification.

MK Kashiyama canvas is considered durable, and will not damage the disc when braking. This braking pad is sold at a price of IDR 250 thousand in the market.

4. Akebono Brake

Akebono brake is a car braking pad produced by OEM Supplier (Original Equipment Manufacturing Quality) PT Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia.

The advantages offered are ultra quite which does not produce sound when braking.

Then there is low dusting which does not produce canvas dust and smooth braking or stability when braking. The price of Akebono brake pads starts from Rp. 240 thousand.

5. Birkens

Heading to the most sought after car braking pads, the Birkens. Birkens are imported disc brakes that have the best quality with superior materials. Birkens canvases are sold at a fairly affordable price, which is around Rp. 200 thousand.

This braking pad muffles the sound emitted when braking so it doesn't interfere with the cabin. In addition, it also minimizes vibration when braking and is also heat resistant.

Motorcycle Brake

All wheeled vehicles, not just cars, have braking pads. There are even those without engines, such as bicycle brake pads. But this time it's not about bicycle brake pads, but motorcycle brake pads.

Motorcycle braking pads may cost less than car brake pads. This is because the number of canvases is only a pair, on the front and rear wheels.

And the position of the disc on the motorcycle is usually always in the front and only a few discs are front and rear.

Especially on new types of motorbikes, most of which are automatic motors. Like the vario 125 brake pads, what you usually look for is a pair of vario 150 front brake pads and vario 150 rear brake pads.

Likewise, large automatic motorcycles, such as the Yamaha Nmax. have Nmax front brake pads and Nmax rear brake pads.

Even though there are only two, it is best not to replace the brake pads on the motorcycle at the same time. This is because new brake pads usually have data on the surface so they cannot grip and are not gripped.

So if your Beat's front brake pads and Beat's rear brake pads run out, replace the thinnest ones first. If it's been a while, the other brake lining has been replaced.

Characteristics of Problematic Motorcycle Brake Pads

Motorcycle brake pads are divided into two types, drum motor brake pads and disc motorcycle brake pads. Both have different characteristics when the brake pads are starting to wear out or even run out.

Drum Brake Pads

Both automatic motors, such as the vario 150's brake pads, and gear motors, such as the supra x 125's rear motor, have different characteristics. For this reason, the following is an explanation for drum brake linings:

1. the Pull Feels Deep

The first sign that the brake pads are about to run out is that the motor pull feels deep. When the brake is applied or pulled, it must be very deep. That is an indication that the canvas is starting to thin and even run out.

2. There Is a Friction Sound

Just like a car, a motorcycle braking pad that is worn out or thinning usually sounds like the friction of iron with iron. The friction between the brakes and the wheels occurs immediately when the lining wears out. As a result, both brakes and wheels can be damaged.

3. Scorched Smell

Just like clutch pads, if the brake pads wear out, a scorched smell usually appears. This happens when the motor is moving, so it is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the brake pads before driving.

Disc Brake Pads

Meanwhile, the following are the characteristics of a disc type motor braking pad when there is a problem:

1. Disc Is Not Glossy

Braking lining that runs out on disc motors, is usually seen from the surface of the disc that is not shiny. If this is the case, try rubbing the disc, if the surface after being rubbed is no longer shiny, it means that the brake pads must be replaced.

2. Discs Do Not Grip

Braking is not optimal because the brake clamp does not feel optimal. The condition of the disc brakes that are thin and slippery makes the grip disappear. So it can be dangerous for motor braking.

Price of Motorcycle Brake Pads

Here are some recommendations for the price of motorcycle braking pads according to the brand. This is because the need for brake lining usually depends on the raw material and the type of motor. Here's the choice

1. Price of Beat Motorcycle Brake Pads

The price of beat brake pads varies, depending on the raw material. However, in general, the price of the front brake pads is around Rp. 35 thousand to Rp. 70 thousand. And for the price of the rear brake pads, beat is sold in the range of Rp. 65 thousand.

If you are looking for beat front brake pads and beat back pads, you have to prepare that much budget to replace the brake pads.

2. Price of Vario Motorcycle Brake Pads

Even though they are both Honda manufacturers, the Vario motorbike is considered to have stronger disc brakes. So the price of the vario 125 front brake pads is different from the beat rear brake pads.

Likewise, the price of the vario 125 rear brake pads is also different from the beat rear brake pads.

For the front brake lining, Vario 125 is priced at Rp. 100 thousand to Rp. 130 thousand. As for the rear brake lining vario 125, the price is around Rp. 65,000.

Those are some things you should know about braking pads. Braking pads actually have a crucial function, so it's important to keep them in prime condition. So that driving is also safer and more comfortable.

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