Basics of Driving a Car for Beginners

Today, there are many people who can drive a car. However, if you can't, just follow good and correct driving tips for beginners.

For those of you who can't drive a car, of course you want to be able to drive a four-wheeled vehicle like most people, or even those closest to you. Indeed, learning to drive a car is not easy, but it is not difficult either. There are things you need to learn if you want to drive a car proficiently.

Before discussing too much about how to drive a car, you should first understand the basics of driving a good and right car below!

the Basics of Good and Correct Car driving

Entering a Car Flat

When driving a car, get in a flat position and fasten your seat belt to make your journey safer. When the position of the car is in a flat area, it will be easier for the car to move, besides the presence of a seat belt not only serves to increase the sense of security during the trip.

However, when you use your seat belt, then open the side window of the car, you will hear a clearer sound of the car's engine, so you can predict when it's time to start shifting gears.

Set a Comfortable Seating Position

When you want to start driving a car, the seat must be arranged in advance so that it is comfortable and the journey is enjoyable. The seat will affect the foot in applying the brake, clutch, and gas. When applying the pedals in the right, left, and middle foot positions, make sure you can step on them completely so that the ride is safe.

Get to Know All the Pedals in the Car

Recognizing how and the function of each pedal in the car must be done by the driver. The pedal on the left or left foot is the pedal for the clutch, while the pedal in the middle functions as a brake, and the pedal on the right is the gas pedal. When you already know the function and whereabouts of each pedal, driving a manual car will feel very easy.

Mastering the Clutch

The car clutch serves to decide the rotation of the wheels and the engine speed that are interconnected, besides that the clutch is also used to change gears, whether you want to increase or decrease teeth without damaging the gears of each transmission gear. It should be noted, when you reduce or increase gears, you have to step on the clutch pedal. So, the main thing contained in a manual car is the rotation of the car engine, transmission, clutch, and car wheels.

Even though the car is not running, the car's engine has actually rotated, but because of the rotation that has occurred it has not been able to connect to the wheels so the wheels cannot move. Therefore, to connect the wheels to the engine speed must be passed from the clutch circuit in the car. When the gear is connected in positions 1,2,3,4,5 and R then the engine can rotate, the clutch and the wheel will also be connected, make sure the clutch is not pressed. While the engine speed, clutch, and wheels are not connected because their position is in the Normal (N) position.

Operate Pedals Well

Operating the pedals must be done with full concentration, especially when considering the distance of the pedal swing, the distance of the brake pedal and the gas pedal. When driving a manual car, make sure you get used to releasing the clutch pedal slowly and regularly.

Transmission Lever in Neutral Position (N)

Before the car starts, make sure the lever is in the Neutral (N) position. The transmission lever functions to increase or decrease, when you want to add gears, try to step on the pedal fully. If you want to move the transmission lever it must be done carefully.

Start the Car Engine

How to start a car engine with the starter in the car key, make sure you also step on the clutch pedal fully. When the engine is running, release the clutch pedal. While the transmission lever is still in the Neutral (N) position.

Step on the Clutch Fully

The best way to remember the distance from the clutch, brake, and gas pedal swings is to fully depress the clutch and hold it. Then release the clutch pedal slowly and regularly so that you can hear the engine sound as it starts to descend. After that you can do this by pressing the clutch pedal repeatedly to make it easier to recognize the sound of the car engine.

Drive Car Carefully

When you want to start the car, slowly lift your foot in the clutch position until the engine speed decreases. After that step on the gas pedal carefully. The position of the car is currently running, the next step you just need to balance the gas with the clutch.

How to balance it by practicing many times so that the pressure when stepping on the gas and releasing the clutch can be done properly. Now you need to concentrate more and be on the lookout for the handbrake when you have to stop in an unexpected or sudden situation. Generally, when people stop the car, they will release the clutch pedal very quickly, but what happens is that the car engine immediately turns off.

Excessive rotation of the car engine when the clutch is stepped on can cause the clutch to wear out easily, but it will also emit smoke like burning.

Moving the Transmission Lever

How to learn a manual car requires more detailed knowledge, especially related to the gear lever. When the engine is on and the sound is stable, then move the transmission lever from the Neutral (N) position to gear 1. The position of the 1st gear is on the upper transmission lever, no need to worry because in manual cars there are also writings or pictures of each tooth position.

Now it's time to start the car by stepping on the clutch fully, shift gears to first gear, the right foot is in the gas position, slowly lift the clutch until the car moves after that you can fully lift the clutch until the car is running. When the car is running, you can add gas by stepping on the gas slowly, when you want to reduce speed, you can slowly lift your foot that is in the gas position.

When the car is stable then add gear to second gear, taking into account the indicators found on the engine RPM. If you have crossed the number 2 it means that it exceeds 2,000 revolutions in minutes so you can add 2nd gear.

Then, fully lift the gas so that the engine speed decreases after that fully step on the clutch and shift it to 2nd gear. Slowly lift the clutch up to half, then step on the gas carefully at the same time as lifting the clutch until it is fully lifted.

Recognize Machine Sounds

In recognizing the sound of the engine can be done by stepping on the clutch pedal fully. Then, lift your feet carefully until you hear the sound of your car engine going down. Then run the car carefully by lifting the foot on the clutch pedal and slowly step on the gas.

How, isn't it difficult to learn to drive a car? Just apply the points above when you learn to drive. Hope you get better soon!