Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Car Cover

There are many advantages of car covers. One of them, which can protect losses from the risk of being scratched, peeling paint, to vandalism.

Cars are one of the most valuable items, although nowadays you can only afford used cars. For the people of Indonesia, this four-wheeled vehicle is indeed a symbol of prosperity. It is not surprising that the first item that young workers always hunt for is a car.

Because the price is expensive, people are often worried about the condition of the ride. Moreover, vehicle prices can fall by up to 50% when resold if the exterior is no longer beautiful. One of the causes is damage to the car body.

Car insurance can be one of the efforts made to protect that possibility. There are many benefits that you can get from various losses experienced, such as damage due to accidents, floods, and so on. However, to improve the protection of the car, you need your intervention as the owner. Well, one of the efforts to protect the shine of the car is to use a car cover.

Advantages of Using Car covers

According to some users, car covers provide many benefits. One of them is to reduce direct exposure to sunlight and keep the body clean. Here are some advantages when you use a car holster for your favorite ride.

Protecting Your Car from Damage Caused by Changes in Weather

The use of a car cover or holster is the best protection from erratic weather changes. You need to know that even the whirring of the wind and small pebbles has the potential to cause damage, making the car body blister. If left alone the car paint can peel and make it dull.

Especially if the car is often parked in an open area, the level of damage to the body can be greater without any protection. Cover or car holster can also block exposure to direct sunlight which often damages the steering wheel and all metal can become very hot.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can also cause exterior paint to fade, also damage the appearance of the seats, especially if they are genuine leather, and the most risky is the dashboard made of plastic. If left exposed to UV light for a long time, the dashboard can crack.

Protecting Cars from Theft and Vandalism

The car cover not only protects the body from weather changes, but also offers protection from vehicle theft. When a thief sees a car protected by a cover, they usually think twice.

The reason is not necessarily the type of car that exists, it is not worth the risk. The use of a holster also protects the car from the risk of theft of items in the car so that you can leave valuables, such as bags and cellphones in peace.

Protecting Your Car from Animal Scratches

Often the car is the most comfortable place for your pet like a cat. Not infrequently several other wild animals, such as mice also tried to enter the interior. Other animals that are also potentially destructive are insects such as cockroaches. These nuisance animals often nest in the exhaust pipe or hood which can ultimately reduce engine performance. Using a car cover can block the entrance for these insects.

Protects from Minor Accidents

Accidents that result in damaged cars can happen at any time, even when people accidentally bump into your car it can leave pretty heavy scratches. The friction of keys, fingers and metal objects can gradually erode the original paint of the car. Protect the shine of your favorite vehicle with the right choice of car cover.

Protects from Dust and Mud

When the vehicle is stored for a long time, dust can accumulate. In addition to making the car unsightly, dust also causes the car to get dirty quickly. For standard cars, dust may not be a problem. However, not for luxury rides like Porsche, Corvette, or Mustang because dust makes this luxury car look less aesthetic. The use of a cover is the best protection for cars that are more often parked in the garage.

In the garage, the main problem facing the car is dust, while outside the room there is mud which can be a threat, especially when the rainy season comes. Because many car owners in Indonesia do not have a car cover garage. it is a must-have.

Disadvantages of Using Car covers

The use of a car cover or glove is not always profitable, because if you choose the wrong material, it can also cause damage to the body. Here are some of the drawbacks

Causing the Air Around the Car to Get Hot

Using a car cover for a long time when the car is parked in an open area causes high-temperature air to be trapped in the cover. If the car is parked in an open space, try not to use a car cover, or you can buy a special one that can be used in high temperatures.

Wrong Size Causes Car Paint Peeling

The size of the cover also affects the quality of its protection. A cover that doesn't fit the size of the car, either too small or too big can cause the car paint to peel off. In addition, the wrong size can also cause the car paint to become striped.

Wrong Material Causes Body Damage

When buying a cover for a car, you should pay attention to the type, size and material of manufacture. Make sure the material is waterproof so that when it rains raindrops don't leave marks on the car body. In addition, rough materials can also cause small scratches on the body.

Quality Car cover Material

The presence of a car protector can indeed be a savior, but if it is made of poor quality material, it can have bad implications. Here are some quality car cover materials that deserve to be chosen:


This plastic cover is the first generation car cover, when there was no other alternative material to be used as a car cover . This plastic material is waterproof so it can avoid the car from being damaged by rain. But plastic materials can cause condensation on the surface of the car

Moisture and heat can get trapped inside the cover and damage the car paint. Because it's a cover made of plastic should be used during the weather is not so hot. Or you can work around this by covering the car body with flannel, then use a plastic cover as an outer protector. Make sure the flannel is big enough to cover all the important parts of your car.

Cotton and Polyester

Cotton and polyester blends are available in the usual fabric styles or the less popular flannel styles. To make your job easier when choosing which polyester-cotton blend you should choose, limit your selection to 100% cotton. However, the average car cover made of cotton and polyester is not waterproof. Because it can't be used to cover a car that's been parked in the open for a long time.

Silver Parasite

If this material is known to have high resistance to extreme weather, it is also waterproof. The texture is also very soft and smooth so that it can keep the car body smooth. For those of you who often park your vehicle outdoors, this is the most recommended material.

Those are some of the materials for making car covers that you can consider as an option.