6 Ways to Overcome Car Windshield Fogging at Night, Easy to Do!

How to Overcome Foggy Car Glass – One of the things that is often underestimated is the problem of dew on the windshield. Although it sounds trivial but in fact this is quite dangerous for users. Dew on cars sometimes occurs at night.

The Following Is How to Deal with Fogged Car Windows on Night Trips:

1. Turn on the Air Conditioner

The first tip that can be done is to turn on the AC. The air conditioner will change the air temperature to be cold, even though it is hot outside. By turning on the air conditioner the dew on the car will disappear. Even if it is possible to set the condition of the air conditioner to the lowest temperature position. Then the dew will quickly disappear. However, this method can only be used to treat dew on the inside of the car.

2. Laying Silica

How to deal with foggy car windows at night can also use silica or other products that can absorb moisture. Therefore, it is hoped that the condition of the car will no longer be dewy. Also make sure to keep the temperature inside the car dry.

Also try not to store items or objects that contain water, such as used umbrellas or wet shoes. Because this is also the cause of dew in the car. And park the car in a shady and not humid place.

3. Activate the Defrost / Defogger Feature

Most modern cars are equipped with features, namely Defrost and Defogger. This feature itself can be used to remove dew on the windshield. Defrost ventilators are generally located on either end of the dashboard. Meanwhile, if the dew occurs in the back of the car. Then the user can press the dew remover button.

4. Provide Anti-Dew Liquid

If you don't want to bother or if the car you own doesn't have the Defrost or Defogger feature. Then the user can use anti-dew liquid. This kind of liquid is already widely sold in many car variation shops.

The price itself also varies depending on the quality of the product. How to use it is also very easy. Namely by spraying the liquid and smoothing it onto the windshield, then wipe with a clean cloth or chamois. In this way the car will be protected from dew during the day and night.

5. Using Shampoo

Another way that can be done if you don't have anti-dew liquid is to use shampoo. Shampoo can actually remove foggy car windows. This is because shampoo has a PH element that functions to dry the steam.

The method is also very easy. Take a little shampoo and then apply it to the car using a clean cloth. Try to wipe in the same direction to prevent the glass from blurring. This method is powerful enough to overcome and remove dew on car windows.

6. Open Car Glass and Windows

The last is by opening the glass and car windows. This is so that air from outside can enter inside. So that is expected to remove the dew that sticks to the windshield. Air circulation is important for the rider and also serves to prevent condensation. This method is the easiest to do. But of course it is not recommended to do it when it rains.

Those are some ways to deal with frosted car windows at night. Drivers should be aware of the safety of themselves and others. By ignoring trivial things like this, it is not uncommon for drivers to get hurt. Because driving with a foggy car window certainly interferes with your eyes when driving. Hopefully it can be a reference and as knowledge for car users out there.