5 Ways to Clean Yellow and Dull Car Headlights

If you have a car, you certainly know that maintaining a car is not an easy thing. Many parts of the car are prone to dirt, including the yellowing of the headlamp. For that, you may need to know how to clean yellow car headlights.

To save your budget, you can also clean it yourself at home by using various home ingredients such as toothpaste, soap, to gasoline.

Here are some reviews on how to clean yellow car lights and recommendations for home materials that you can use.

How to Clean Car Headlights with Home Ingredients

You can clean yellow car headlights by using the following materials. You can easily find these ingredients around the house.

1. How to Clean Yellow Car Headlights with Sandpaper

The first way can be done by using sandpaper. This is a great way if your car's headlights are not only dull, but also have fine scratches.

Use 1500 sandpaper to scrub the car headlights that have scratches. First, make sure to wet the sandpaper with a mixture of water and alcohol.

Continue to rub the sandpaper until the scratches are no longer visible. Preferably, the car area around the headlights is covered with a cloth first. The goal is that the sandpaper does not get into the car and make the car paint become scratched.

2. How to Clean Car Headlights with Toothpaste

You can also clean yellowed car headlights with toothpaste. To do this, you first need to wash the headlamp first.

After washing and drying, apply toothpaste to the surface of the lamp. So that the toothpaste is applied evenly, apply it in a circular motion. Let stand for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water.

How to clean car lights with toothpaste is suitable if the dirt on the car lights is not too severe. If it is very severe, then the use of toothpaste will be less effective at cleaning it.

3. Wash the Car headlamp with Soap

There is also a way to clean yellow car headlights which is quite simple, namely by simply washing the headlamp using water and soap. You just have to wash the car as usual, it's just that you focus more on applying and rubbing soap on the light area.

When drying, use a chamois to make sure there is no residual water, dirt, or mildew on the car's headlights. This process may not be enough to do just one time.

If the car headlights are still dull after washing and drying, then take the time to wash them again until they are clean.

4. How to Whiten a Car headlamp with Gasoline

Next, you can also use a gasoline mixture to whiten car headlamps. Prepare gasoline and mix it with dish soap. Use a ratio of 70 percent for gasoline and 30 percent for soap.

Then, pour the mixture into the 2000 sandpaper. Rub the sandpaper into the car headlight area until all the dirt is gone and the headlamp looks clean again.

Not many people apply how to clean yellowed car headlights with gasoline like this. Usually, this method is only done when the condition of the headlamp is very dirty.

5. Take Advantage of Car Headlight Cleaning Services

If you don't know how to clean yellow car lights, you can also rely on car headlight cleaning services. Usually, services like this are available at repair shops or at public car washes.

Look for the nearest car light wash to where you live. By using a special washing service, you don't have to bother looking for ways to clean the headlamp.

In addition, the cleaning of the headlamp will be maximized because it is carried out by skilled personnel.

What Causes Car Headlights to Turn Yellow?

After the car is used for a long period of time, there will be a lot of deterioration in the quality of every part of the car. Car lights are included as one of the parts that are susceptible to damage.

A dirty headlamp. if you don't try to clean it regularly, will be more easily damaged. There are several things that can cause this headlamp to become dirty.

Never Clean the Lamp

Don't be surprised if your car headlights get dirty if you haven't cleaned them since the car was purchased. When washing the car, make sure to clean the light area as much as possible.

Follow the tips on how to clean yellow car headlights above to avoid long-term damage. If you're not sure you can clean it yourself, just take advantage of the nearestcar light wash service.

Do Not Dry the Car Headlights After Cleaning

When washing car headlights, remember that you also need to dry them well. Car lights that are left wet and damp will get dirty more easily.

Water that dries on its own on the surface of the lamp will leave spots that make it dirty again. So, every time you wash your car, make sure to dry the headlamp area well with a chap.

Turn on High Wattage Lamps

Dirty car lights can also be caused by the habit of turning on the lights with too high a wattage or voltage. High voltage will cause the headlamp temperature to get hotter.

When the armpit is hot, the headlamp will turn yellow more easily. If it's like this, how to clean the yellow car headlights will be even more difficult.

Changes in Temperature Around the Car

The cause of this one is not always easy to avoid, because it is influenced by environmental factors. The air temperature around your car will determine whether the headlamp is easy to turn yellow or not.

If the weather around the car keeps changing, for example from hot to cold and then back to hot quickly, then the headlamp becomes susceptible to mold growth.

Mold that spreads inside the headlamp will cause the car's headlights to look dirty and yellow.

the Importance of Car Insurance

For very severe cases, the only way to whiten the headlamp that can be done is to replace or repair the headlamp. Of course, compared to just washing, the cost of replacing the headlamp will be more expensive.

Replacing car lights will usually cost from Rp. 20 thousand to Rp. 600 thousand, depending on the type of damage and the model of the lamp to be replaced. If the damage occurs frequently enough, the costs incurred will also increase.

Instead, buy car insurance that can provide replacement costs if one of the car components is damaged. With car insurance, your savings and your assets will remain safe.

You can check the amount of car insurance premiums with the calculator below.

Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! Cleaning car headlights that start to turn yellow is important. In addition to making car lights last longer, the lights can also emit bright light, thus helping you drive at night.

Remember, replacing car lights costs more than maintaining them. So, you should clean your car headlights properly to prevent yellowing, yes.