5 Functions of Periodic Car Maintenance

Regular car maintenance will provide benefits for you , such as the car will be fuel efficient, driving quality is more comfortable , and the resale price is stable.

When deciding to buy a car you need to realize that a car is a machine that requires timely maintenance to keep it functioning properly. When car maintenance is carried out properly and regularly, the value of the car can be maintained.

Value is what determines the selling price of the car, if one day you want to sell it. Many people underestimate this because they think the car is still fine, still comfortable to use. Regret arrived when suddenly the car experienced engine failure.

As a car owner, it's high time you realized that regular maintenance will help your car's life and also save costs. In addition, protection from unexpected costs in the event of a bad risk must also be considered. Now, many have realized the importance of car insurance in today's era.

Because, you or anyone else will never know, when and where the bad risk occurred. If that happens, you don't need to worry because someone already guarantees the insurance costs.

Car Maintenance Function

Ideally, car maintenance is carried out regularly every month. Because there are components that must be checked, from tire pressure, oil conditions, to braking. Here are some car maintenance functions that are carried out regularly.

Optimizing Engine Performance

No one wants a car with a broken engine condition that causes the car to break down in the middle of the road. A good vehicle will not let you down on the road, so car owners must take responsibility for maintaining it by taking proper care.

If you have absolutely no knowledge of cars then look for information about car maintenance in the vehicle manual. It contains important points which car parts should receive attention.

Keeping Your Car Value

The important thing in doing maintenance is maintaining the value of your car. There may be a time when you want to resell your vehicle, but of course you will not be willing if your favorite car is offered at a price below the average. Therefore, the role of car maintenance is so important. Cars that are regularly serviced will have a more optimal engine quality. That way, potential buyers don't hesitate to invest in your car.

More Efficient Fuel Consumption

All vehicle owners want their cars to be fuel efficient. The good news is there are many techniques that we can practice to save fuel consumption, namely by maintaining the correct tire pressure and making sure the air filter is not clogged.

Maintaining the Quality of Car Security System

Indirectly, your safety has to do with the condition of the vehicle. You will feel very comfortable driving if the car you are traveling in is maintained and cared for properly. Because, if the car is cared for properly, it will certainly minimize the bad risks that could occur.

Save Your Expenses

In addition to maintaining safety while driving, taking care of the car regularly can also minimize large expenses that will occur in the future. Because various minor damage to the car is more quickly detected and dealt with so as not to cause major damage in the future.

Car Care Tips

After knowing the importance of regular car maintenance. Now is the time to know how to maintain the right vehicle. Here is the full review.

Regular Car Wash

One of the ways to keep the exterior condition durable is to wash the car regularly. The gloss of your car's paint can last a long time if you wash your car regularly. Try to wash your car twice a week. In addition, if your car is raining, wash it immediately to avoid rust and dullness on your car's paint.

Parking Inthe Shade

Park your car in the shade, this is done to prevent exterior and interior damage from exposure to UV rays. If shaded areas are not available, use a car cover or visor to minimize the impact of the sun's rays.

Change Engine Oil and Filters Regularly

Regular oil changes can remove bad particles and metal from the engine, thus prolonging its life. In addition, changing the oil filter regularly is also necessary because the old filter contains a buildup of oil particles and dirt so that if it is not replaced it will mix with clean new oil.

Check Tire Pressure

Check your tire pressure regularly to keep driving comfortable and safe. Make sure it's not too flat or too tight.

Clean Car Engine

In addition, you also have to pay attention to the cleanliness of the engine. If the condition of the machine is dirty enough, wash it immediately so that the condition of the machine is maintained.