4 Ways to Choose the Right Car Engine Lubricants

Choosing a car engine lubricant should not be arbitrary. Because, every car needs a different lubricant. Therefore, before choosing, make sure you understand how to choose the right lubricant below.

Car engine lubricant or what many people call this oil is one of the important components for a car engine to work properly. This is because lubricants can optimally reduce friction between components in the engine and also help reduce engine heat.

The reason is, to produce a comfortable trip, excellent engine conditions are needed. Therefore, you must choose and also use the correct car lubricant and according to the type of your car.

Determining car lubricant should not be arbitrary. There are several factors to consider in choosing the right lubricant for your car. So. so that you get the right lubricant and according to your car's needs, here are some tips that you should do in choosing a car lubricant.

Understand Machine Character

The first way to choose a lubricant for an engine is that you have to understand the character of the car engine. The easiest way is to look at the manual book that is included at the time of purchase. Usually, the book describes the engine specifications and the right type of oil. Therefore, when you choose a lubricant, make sure it is compatible with the engine as well as its quality. Don't be tempted by the brand.

Lubricant Viscosity

One of the things that should not be forgotten when choosing a lubricant is the viscosity level of the lubricant itself. Although basically all lubricants have the same function, not all lubricants can protect the engine optimally if the content does not match the character of the car itself. You can find out the level of viscosity aka viscosity-grade from the Society of Automotive Engineer (SAE) number. The larger the number behind the SAE code, the greater the viscosity of the lubricant.

Lubricant Making Material

Basically, the ingredients for making car lubricants are divided into two types, namely synthetic lubricants which are made from various chemicals and have additive properties. As well as mineral lubricants formed from petroleum extraction (more natural). Usually synthetic lubricants are often used for new manufacturers' cars and the results are very maximal.

Avoid Fake Lubricants

The more widespread the circulation of fake lubricants, making you have to be more vigilant in choosing car lubricants. The following are the characteristics of counterfeit lubricants:

  1. Counterfeit lubricating fluid is usually more concentrated and dark black in color.
  2. Fake lubricants will feel rough when held with both fingers because they contain metal.
  3. The smell of fake lubricant is very rancid like the result of burning.

That's the trick or way you can do in choosing the right car lubricant. Remember, don't make the wrong choice of lubricant!