3 Ways to Fishing for a Car Battery That Is Overdrawn, Easy and Safe

An overdrawn car battery is certainly a problem for vehicle owners, because the function of a car battery is very important, namely as a component to supply electricity. A low battery causes no electricity supply to the vehicle so that the car owner cannot turn on the starter system to start the engine.

The condition of an overdrawn car battery can not only occur when the vehicle is stationary, but can also occur while running, causing the car to break down. To overcome this, it is important to know how to lure a low car battery or how toturn on a dead car battery so that the vehicle gets a power supply to start the engine.

How to Find Out If the Car Battery Is Overdrawn

Before discussing how to fish for a low car battery, you need to make sure that whether the car won't start is caused by the battery or not. To make sure that the problem with the car not starting is caused by the battery, you can try starting the car engine.

If you still hear the sound of the engine when you turn on the starter then the real car problem is not caused by a low battery. However, if you don't hear a sound at all, it can be ascertained that your car's problem is in the battery, so doing a battery jumper can be the right solution to this problem.

the Cause of the Low Car Battery

The cause of an overdrawn car battery can be due to various factors, both internal and external. If your car battery runs out, causing the vehicle engine to not start, you should not force it so you don't experience bad things in the future.

In order not to be wrong in determining the factor of a car battery that is short and then bothering to find out how to turn on a dead car battery. first know some of the following causes.

1. Battery Life

The battery is an important component in supplying vehicle electricity and also has a service life. Because, the longer the age of the car battery that you use, the voltage will continue to decrease so that it is unable to receive electricity from the alternator.

If the problem that occurs is caused by internal factors due to the age of an old battery, it is highly recommended to replace your battery with a new one. Although it is possible to fish for a low battery due to age, it is best to replace the battery so that it does not experience problems in the future.

2. the Alternator Is Broken

One of the external factors that can cause an overdrawn car battery is a damaged alternator. The alternator is an important component in a car engine that functions as a power generator for all parts of the car, including the battery.

A faulty alternator causes the battery to not get electricity again when the car is started. A battery that supplies electricity to the entire vehicle without the support of an alternator can cause a decrease in its capacity, causing the battery to run short and the car engine cannot be started.

3. Old Car Not Used

If you often leave the car for a long time and never start it, then this activity should be reconsidered. Because, leaving the car engine not running for a long time can potentially make the battery short.

Even though the engine is off, a number of car components still require electricity. In this condition, the car battery consistently supplies electricity to a number of components and does not get electricity again so that the voltage on the car battery will decrease.

4. Excessive Electronic Accessories

Excessive installation of electronic accessories can also have an impact on the battery. Although the appearance of the car becomes more attractive, the installation of excessive electronic accessories also increases the need for electrical voltage in the car.

The installation of electronic accessories for cars, in the form of lights, audio, etc., should be done in moderation while taking into account the vehicle's electrical needs. Because, if it is not balanced with adequate energy sources, then the car battery must work extra in supplying electricity to the car components, thereby shortening the life of the battery.

5. Misuse

Errors in using the battery are one of the factors that have a negative impact on the life of a car battery. A form of error that is often not realized by vehicle owners, for example, turning on the air conditioner excessively.

In addition, turning on the audio when the car is off also has the effect of shortening the life of the battery.

Preparing to Fish for a Short Car Battery

A car battery fishing rod or jumper is a quick solution when the car is in a state of breakdown due to an overdrawn battery. The term, which is also known as jump start. is a way to help supply electricity to a short battery so that it can start the car engine.

How to fish for a low car battery is actually quite easy to do, it's just that many people are worried about doing it because of the electricity from the battery. Here are some things that must be prepared in advance to do a battery jumper safely:

1. Use Jumper Cables

The safest and easiest way to jump the battery is to use a jumper cable. The jumper cable used for fishing the battery should use a special cable consisting of two thick red wires for the positive pole and black for the negative pole.

The use of special jumper cables serves to minimize the occurrence of short circuits considering the electric current used to rotate the car starter dynamo is large enough so that it requires strong power.

In addition, thick and good cable materials can conduct electricity better according to the amount of electrical current.

2. Prepare the Battery for Jumpers

In addition to preparing tools to lure out a car battery that is short, of course what is most needed is a battery with good condition from another vehicle as a donor. If you don't have another vehicle as a donor to do jumpers, then it's a good idea to ask people around for help.

However, in choosing another vehicle that is used for jumpers, you should also pay attention to the engine capacity of the donor vehicle having the same or even greater capacity so that it can lift power in a car whose battery is short.

3. Bring the Vehicle Closer

After preparing the cables and having a donor vehicle to fish for a low battery, all you need to do is adjust the position of the two vehicles close together. If the length of the jumper cable used is quite short, it's a good idea to remove the battery from the donor vehicle so that it can be near a car with a low battery.

Setting the position of the two vehicles so that they are close to each other or bring a healthy battery closer to a broken car serves to make it easier for jumpers to be carried out so that electrical power delivery can be optimal while adjusting the length of the jumper cables used.

Those are some of the preparations that you must do before starting how to fish for a short car battery. In the following discussion, we will discuss some of the methods.

How to Fish for a Low Car Battery

How to jumper a car battery is actually quite easy and can be done in various methods. Here's a complete way to do a car battery jumper that's overdrawn.

How to Fish a Car Battery from Another Car

How does a car jumper use a battery from another car? Here's the discussion.

1. Connect the Jumper Cables

Before starting to fish for the battery, make sure the jumper cables that will be used are not chipped or tangled so that this method can be done safely. Equally important, make sure both car engines are turned off, the transmission position is in position N for manual and P for automatic, and has been hand braked to avoid unwanted events.

The first way is to connect the red jumper cable to the positive pole of the battery which is still good and the other side is connected to the positive pole of the battery that is short.

Next, the first black wire is connected to the negative pole of the battery which is still good and the other side is connected to ground which is another metal part of the broken car.

2. Start Both Cars

After all the cables have been connected and wait a while for the low battery to charge a little, start the car starting with a good battery and step on the gas pedal a little.

Try starting a broken car. If it still doesn't turn on, wait a while for the battery to charge more then try restarting the car that broke down.

3. Disconnect the Jumper Cable

After the vehicle has started successfully, you must remove the jumper cables in the reverse order of how they were installed.

First of all, disconnect the black wire that is connected to ground which is then followed by disconnecting the wire from the negative terminal of the good battery. Then, remove the jumper cable from the positive pole of the low battery and followed by disconnecting the cable from the good battery.

How to Fish a Car Battery with a Motorbike

How to fish for an overdrawn car battery can also be done with a motorbike, you know. Here are the steps.

1. Start the Engine

How to jumper a car battery that is overdrawn with a motorbike is not much different from a car. The first thing to do is to start the engine. This is done because the power of the motorcycle battery is smaller than that of the car, so the motorcycle battery must get recharged so that it can perform jumpers.

2. Connect the Jumper Cables

First, connect the red side of the jumper wire to the positive pole of the good motorcycle battery and followed by connecting the other side to the positive pole of the low car battery. Next, connect the black jumper wire to the negative side of the motorcycle battery and the other side to ground in the form of a metal car.

3. Start the Car Engine

After the jumper wires are installed in the right order, wait a few moments for the low car battery to be charged. Try starting the car engine, if it still doesn't work then wait a while again because the motorcycle battery is smaller than the car before trying to restart the car engine.

4. Disconnect the Jumper Cable

How to remove jumper cables can be done in the opposite order from how to install them. Disconnect the jumper wire from ground followed by disconnecting the negative wire from the motor battery. Next, you can start removing the jumper cable from the positive pole of the car battery and then removing the cable from the motorcycle battery.

How to Fish a Car Battery Without Jumper Cables

How to fish for a low car battery can also be done without using jumper cables. Although a little more complicated than using cables, this method might be possible if you don't have jumper cables available.

The first thing to do is find someone willing to help push your car. Then put the transmission in position 2 because if the transmission is in position 1 it will be heavier when pushed due to a faster engine speed.

When the car is pushed, make sure the ignition is in the On position. When the car is driven with the transmission in position 2, the wheel rotation will rotate the engine crankshaft so that combustion occurs.

If the engine is running, the alternator will directly supply electricity to the engine ignition system and other components.

If the Battery Fishing Process Doesn't Work

If the whole process of fishing the battery does not produce results, then it may be caused by the condition of the battery that is too severe or even the damage does not come from a low car battery.

If you experience this, you should consult a trusted technician before buying a new battery so that you can determine where the real problem is.

Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! To jump over a car battery that is overdrawn can be done easily if you have a special power bank for car battery jumpers. This power bank is usually quite small and very easy to carry which can be purchased at battery stores or in e-commerce.

Using a special power bank is usually chosen by some vehicle owners who want to do a car battery jumper without cables. Thus the discussion about how to fish a car battery that is short. Hope it helps you, ok?

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