11 Ways to Take Care of an Automatic Car for Excellent Performance

Recently, Indonesian people's interest in automatic cars has increased. For those of you who have it, of course, you have to understand how to take care of an automatic car because there are several differences from caring for a manual car in general.

How to care for automatic cars that are not the same, mainly because they are influenced by different transmissions. For that, the following Auto Insurance Agencies article will review how to take care of automatic cars so that your car's performance is more prime. Read on, yes!

What Is Automatic Car

Automatic cars or cars with automatic transmissions are vehicles that have a transmission shift system with settings without having to step on the clutch pedal. Currently there are two types of automatic systems issued by car manufacturers on the market.

The two systems are automatic and semi-automatic. Transmission gear shifts in automatic cars are simply carried out by a gearbox which will respond to transmission shifts based on the speed and speed pattern of the vehicle.

The transmission lever on automatic vehicles contains an array of features such as the PRND-D3-D2-L. Well, sometimes the arrangement of the clutch has a difference between automatic and semi-automatic.

Tips and How to Care for an Automatic Car That Is Good and Right

Previously you already knew what an automatic car was and of course you already understood the difference with other manual cars, right? Well, if you have an automatic car, it's good to know how to care for an automatic car that is good and right.

Here will be discussed complete automatic car care tips!

1. Warm Up the Car Every Day

The first way and tips that you should pay attention to is routinely heating the car every day, at least 30 seconds to 1 minute every morning. Although it seems trivial, automatic cars tend to be fussy when it comes to heating the engine.

An automatic car that is routinely heated every day, the engine will be more prime and will rarely experience disturbances. By doing this regularly, the oil in your car will also remain evenly distributed throughout the engine.

Remember to always warm up the car engine with the transmission in neutral and one more thing, leave it running without air conditioning, yes!

2. Routinely Conduct Road Tests

Those of you who have an automatic car, you should use it every day for daily activities. If you don't use it for a long time, make sure to drive once a month at a time to detect if there are significant changes in the condition of your car's engine.

Also pay attention to unusual shocks when shifting the transmission or other uncomfortable changes. This is important to do because it relates to the condition of the gearbox when the car is rarely used to make the transmission oil thick.

3. Perform Regular Oil Changes

Automatic car maintenance for various types such as CVT or diesel and various other brands, is generally the same. You have to make sure to change the oil regularly because for automatic machines, maintenance depends on the health of the car oil as well as the transmission oil.

Oil in automatic cars has a very important role such as lubricating transmission components, maintaining transmission temperature, and more importantly maintaining component wear.

You should always pay attention to changing the transmission oil periodically which is determined by the mileage of the car. An ideal car oil change should be replaced if it has covered a distance of 25,000 km and a maximum distance of 50,000 km.

However, for more optimal results, you can change the automatic transmission oil every 10,000 km.

4. Avoid Stepping on the Gas Suddenly

Automatic cars are designed to drive less aggressively and drive relaxed. So that the speed of the car feels smooth, it's a good idea if you step on the gas slowly from a stop position.

Not only for driving comfort, this also affects the condition of the car which can be damaged quickly due to suddenly stepping on the gas deeply. This habit can cause the solenoid valve to malfunction.

5. Check the Transmission Fluid Regularly

This is very important to do, because if the transmission fluid is low it can affect the performance of the car. This happens because of a leak and also check if you smell a dark rotten fish smell from the transmission fluid to take care of the automatic car so that it lasts.

6. Perform Maintenance on the Car's Cooling System

Tips for caring for the next automatic car, namely, pay attention to the car cooling system on the automatic transmission. The car's cooling system is very important to prevent the engine from overheating.

According to the Technical Service Division of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) as quoted from Gridoto.com, the ideal working temperature of automatic transmission oil is 70-90 degrees Celsius. If it exceeds that, there may be damage to the radiator cooling system.

You must be diligent in checking and maintaining it so that there is no damage to the car.

7. Routinely Control Valve Condition

Automatic cars have a component called a valve that can leak due to the way the transmission is moved too fast and too fast. If there is a leak in the valve, it can propagate to other transmission components and interfere with driving comfort.

Damage to the valve is also caused by the gas beat that is too aggressive, therefore routine valve condition control is one of the important maintenance.

8. Understand the Correct Use of Gears

The next way to care for an automatic car is that you have to pay attention to the condition of the car's transmission, make sure you know the entire history of the car even if you don't buy it in a new state.

There are two ways of maintenance that you can try, namely changing the oil regularly and using the right gear.

9. Do Not Drive with the Spare Tire for a Long Time

Tire size that is not suitable and used for a long time is not recommended. Not only will it damage other parts of your car, but it will put unnecessary burden on the transmission.

10. Don't Leave the Car's Fuel Tank Empty

This car is automatic transmission, with its complex system, the engine requires proper lubrication to run smoothly. You need to store enough fuel in the car's gas tank.

This aims to save your car engine from heating up too fast and to avoid engine damage later.

11. Doing Car Service Regularly

When you buy an automatic car, make sure you understand the maintenance and driving guidelines. Indeed, every car brand has different maintenance procedures from other brands.

If you buy a used automatic car, first ask for details on the maintenance of the automatic car engine and the special features of the car so that the engine condition remains excellent.

the Problem of Automatic Car Damage That Often Appears

In addition to understanding how to take care of automatic cars, you also need to anticipate the problems that often occur in automatic cars. This is important so that you can take the right solution when you find damage to your car.

Here are some problems with automatic cars that you need to know.

  • Car Can Not Be Started

This may happen to your car, but don't worry. One way to deal with automatic cars that can't be started is to check the condition of the battery and battery fluid in the appropriate dose.

The car battery is responsible for the car's electrical system so that if the battery is damaged, the electric starter function will be disrupted.

You can also deal with a car that cannot be started by cleaning or replacing the spark plugs and also checking the cleanliness of the carburetor. Spark plugs are an important part of the engine ignition process that drives the car.

  • the Car Smells of Burning Oil

The gearbox will be damaged quickly if you drive the car in an inappropriate and careless way. If the gearbox is damaged, it can affect the quality of the transmission oil which gets dirty quickly.

You have to pay attention to the routine schedule of changing the transmission oil that is dirty which can make the car engine heat up quickly and cause the smell of burning oil.

  • Shifting Transmission That Feels Rough

This problem is indeed a major risk for automatic car owners, because this component is very susceptible to damage. The problem that is a sign when the automatic engine is experiencing damage is a rough transmission shift and a jump in acceleration in speed.

If this transmission problem occurs, you will lose driving comfort and it is very dangerous.

  • Difficult to Shift Teeth

Another problem that often occurs in automatic cars is that it is difficult to move the transmission. The shift lever sometimes doesn't make any changes to the condition of the car.

These problems can occur if the driver has bad habits in operating the transmission system. You have to be more consistent and careful in caring for automatic cars with conditions like this.

  • Unnatural Vibrations Appear When Driving

You have to know which vibrations occur because the normal speed and abnormal vibrations are different from normal. If there is an unnatural vibration, it is usually caused by a problematic transmission system resulting in friction of a worn clutch.

  • Car Can't Reverse

If your automatic car cannot move backwards even though it has been moved to a reverse transmission, the cause is mechanical component damage that interferes with the transmission system. There are other things that trigger an automatic car that can't go back, namely a broken reverse gear lever, loss of stroom. a broken solenoid or shift cable.

the Advantages and Disadvantages of Automatic Cars

Automatic cars certainly have their own advantages and disadvantages that you need to know, including:

Advantages of automatic cars

Compared to manual cars, there are several advantages that you can feel from this automatic car, namely:

  • It is safe to use in terrain that has an incline, because this car is not prone to recoil like a manual car. There is also a special transmission for steep climbs, this car is certain to be able to pass through steep terrain.
  • The absence of a clutch pedal makes your feet more relaxed. Drivers only need to use one foot to step on the gas and brake alternately.
  • It is easier to use because of the simpler way of driving because this car can be driven by simply pressing the gas pedal.
  • The driver does not have to change the transmission too often if the vehicle is slow so this car is very comfortable to use on traffic jams.

Disadvantages of Automatic Cars

In addition to the advantages, of course automatic cars also have disadvantages that are important for you as a user to pay attention to, including:

  • Maintenance costs are quite expensive, this car has to do an oil change according to a predetermined schedule with a fairly high intensity.
  • Automatic cars are known as fuel-intensive cars. This is because the engine speed is more frequent and has been adjusted automatically so that it cannot be adjusted when driving. This is actually influenced by a feature called Torque Converter which causes the high RPM level on automatic cars to affect fuel consumption.
  • Automatic cars have a low selling price because the service costs are expensive, so many potential buyers don't want to buy a used car.
  • The absence of an engine brake as in a manual car is at risk of dropping on the road. Automatic cars run without an engine brake and only brakes that can be relied on when the car will hold its speed.

Automatic Car Maintenance Costs

Automatic car maintenance does require a lot of money, call it the Honda New Jazz. Referring to the service manual, manual transmission oil changes per 40,000 km including component replacement is IDR 1.3 million.

For the automatic version of the Toyota Avanza, the costs incurred for maintenance are IDR 2.1 million per 40,000 km.

When compared to a manual car, the price is very different, such as for the manual version of the Toyota Avanza, changing the transmission oil can be done every multiple of 40,000 km at a cost of Rp. 2 million.

From there you can find out an overview of the costs for maintenance, how are you more interested in automatic or manual cars?

Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! Automatic cars are indeed the choice of many people today because they have their own advantages. If you are an automatic car user, you must know how to maintain it so that your car is always in top condition.

Well, Auto Insurance Agencies has a tip for you! As a way of taking care of automatic cars, choose good quality oil and always check the condition of the oil through the dipstick. If the oil position is in normal condition, then the oil condition is in good condition. However, if the oil position is at the lowest line, it means that there is an oil leak and must be addressed immediately.

Take Advantage of Car Insurance to Cover Repair Costs at the Workshop

Having a car, of course, must be prepared with the various costs that come with it. What usually drains the pocket the most is the cost of repairing the car at the workshop.

Therefore, so that your finances are not burdened by the high cost of car service, use the best car insurance that can cover the cost of damage, both small and large.

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