What is Word Of Mouth Marketing? Definition of Word Of Mouth Marketing, Word Of Mouth Marketing Meaning and Concept

Word of mouth marketing is an advertising technique whose mission is to generate notoriety for a product or brand. It is intended to get people talking to highlight all the benefits of that brand and thus attract more potential customers.

One of the pioneers in using this type of marketing, and also known as its forerunner, was George Silverman.

He was a psychologist, who created what he himself called "watching influence groups by teleconference" whose main objective was to involve other psychologists by fostering dialogue between them about the pharmaceutical products that were emerging.

He found that if there were some psychologists who had positive opinions about the use of a certain product, they could influence the rest of the group, and vice versa. If the opinions were negative, the opposite effect could also be seen.

With the arrival of the internet and new technologies, this type of marketing has become essential, since users look at the opinions they usually read on different platforms and social networks to make their own decisions.

How You Can Implement Word of Mouth Marketing Effectively

The following must be taken into account:

  • Relationships are essential for this technique to be carried out. It is important that there are individuals who interact with others and a communication is generated in which what is related to the product and the brand is revealed.
  • Exposing the benefits and positive results are essential. Those who communicate this to other users will generate a viralization, very necessary for this type of technique.
  • Opinions, testimonials and references, more if they are positive, can become the best cover letter. This generates trust and curiosity in other users who will notice the brand and the product after being aware of these references.
  • It is important that one of the objectives of word-of-mouth marketing is the retention of those customers, which is retained over time, in addition to having attracted their attention initially.

Obviously, to achieve all this, and carry out this type of strategy, it is necessary to have a good product. To be able to put this option into practice, it is also necessary to choose the type of person that interests you so that word of mouth is generated.

Before carrying out this practice, it will be necessary to know the tastes of the user to whom the practice is directed, the topics that interest them, if they have a family, their leisure activities and free time, among others.

When creating a product, it must be designed and segmented taking into account a specific audience, and this word of mouth marketing technique will also be directed towards that audience, which can grow dramatically thanks to the fact that the world is interconnected through internet and other social media.

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