What is Trend Hunting (Coolhunting)? Definition of Trend Hunting (Coolhunting), Trend Hunting (Coolhunting) Meaning and Concept

The concept of coolhunting or trend hunting refers to the investigation of trends and predictions in the field of fashion and consumption.

It is a term related to the world of marketing and advertising. The objective is to anticipate possible trends to offer that information to companies and to have knowledge of the imminent fashions that may be launched in the market.

In this way, businesses will be prepared to offer products and services in line with the social trends that stand out.

Tasks that a trend hunter performs

The trend hunter (coolhunter) is responsible for researching and obtaining information on the most outstanding trends that will later be transferred to the company for which he works. Among his most outstanding tasks are:

  • Investigate: The coolhunter is responsible for investigating what happens around him, people's behavior, what they buy, what they wear, looking at and taking note of the public's attitudes on issues such as fashion and consumerism.
  • Sources: To obtain outstanding information, they resort to the internet of which they must have extensive knowledge in its management, to public places such as parks, shopping centers. The objective is to be well informed of what is happening around you in order to know the trends as much as possible.
  • Tools: He usually uses cameras, tape recorders, notebooks and computers when he does his work, which is usually on the street. These types of tools help you collect and record everything you investigate. He even sometimes sketches and captures images to record the most relevant information.
  • Detect opportunities: One of its most important tasks is to detect business opportunities that the company can take advantage of. Therefore, it collects data to later assess the products or services that consumers would need in the face of emerging trends.
  • Identify threats: Observe and identify threats that may affect the company. This is an opportunity to fix these problems before they cause greater harm to the business.

Coolhunting is a very positive tool in the business sector. It has been proven that those who use it can anticipate trends, offer products that meet consumer needs in a more successful way and obtain a greater competitive advantage in their businesses since they enhance and improve their results, which means a greater survival in the market in which they operate.