What is Transactional Marketing? Definition of Transactional Marketing, Transactional Marketing Meaning and Concept

Transactional marketing is a discipline based on commercial strategies that seek to satisfy consumers and achieve the objectives of a business through a system of exchange, or transaction, of goods or services.

The highest priority is the sale and works in the short term for quick, almost immediate profits. It's all about product-oriented marketing, in short.

In transactional marketing it is obvious to facilitate and make a satisfactory user experience, giving priority to the majority and giving almost all its attention to the product.

Transactional Marketing Features

The main characteristics of transactional marketing are:

  • Your goal is for the customer to capture the benefits of a product or service, arouse their interest and end up acquiring it.
  • It does not try to build customer loyalty. It does not repair in excess in the attention to the client. Its primary purpose is direct sales.
  • Premium the economic transaction. It is the primary objective.
  • Seek immediate impact, not permanence. Surprise is the most sought after option.

Advantages and disadvantages of transactional marketing

Among the advantages of transactional marketing we can highlight:

  • It focuses on the product, optimizing its quality and constantly increasing the number of transactions. The product is what is important in this case, not so much the user experience.
  • It allows the achievement of sales in the very short term. It is one of his greatest achievements.
  • It provides the consumer with reasons of impulse that allow them to repeat purchases more frequently. Compulsive buying takes a greater role here.

Of course, all that glitters is not gold. Here are some disadvantages:

  • Raises conflict between competitors.
  • User experience is not their priority.
  • The client exercises a passive role.
  • Two-way communication is not established.
  • It does not guarantee long-term stability.
  • Lack of a reliable customer database.

Transactional marketing is presented as a type of commercial action developed from direct response campaigns that prioritize and emphasize sales transactions. The company speaks and the customer listens, the products and advertising messages are massive and little differentiated. His treatment of the client as an anonymous and static being is losing followers.