What is Story Telling? Definition of Story Telling, Story Telling Meaning and Concept

The concept of storytelling consists of the communication of stories through the use of words, images and elements that help to transmit this type of narrative.

Storytelling aims to make known facts, stories, topics that serve as a connection between different cultures. It is a manifestation older than writing itself. For this, numerous ways have been used to transmit these messages until today.

Origin of storytelling

Before writing itself, there was storytelling. Since time immemorial, gestures, expressions, and mimicry have been used to communicate stories. Minstrels in Europe went from town to town telling stories and singing songs both to report events and to amuse the people. The first aborigines in Australia used paintings to convey the stories they wanted to make known to the rest of the inhabitants.

Over the years, music, dance, even felling logs have been used to capture the narratives of stories so that the public knows them.

The use of storytelling in the digital sector

At present, the concepts related to storytelling have been expanded, copywriting, which is a way of transmitting persuasive language, storytelling, which aims to transmit stories to excite the public for advertising purposes and as a marketing strategy, content marketing that Its objective is to add value to the content that companies disseminate through their social networks and other types of digital platforms.

All these new concepts through language try to convey the essence of brands and companies through the use of telling stories related to their products or services.

The attraction of using storytelling

Narrating stories is a way of sharing data, knowledge and information between different users. It has become a tool to teach at school, as a strategy for companies and businesses, or a way of communicating between individuals.

Stories are attractive to people because the brain works in such a way that it recognizes and remembers stories and feels familiar with them when remembering them.

Currently, storytelling has become a way of delivering effective messages to the audience through the narration of stories that move and excite with the aim of obtaining commercial results or improving the brand image of companies.