What is Sports Marketing? Definition of Sports Marketing, Sports Marketing Meaning and Concept

Sports marketing is a type of marketing that seeks to attract customers and enhance the brand image through advertising actions in the world of sports. It is an increasingly used strategy, because the consumer feels identified with a team or sport and it is easier to sell a product.

Sports marketing is a style within marketing that aims to attract customers and improve the company's corporate image, carrying out advertising actions in the sports sector. It offers a multitude of possibilities since there are a great variety of types of sport and each one of them has a greater or lesser impact.

In addition, the consumer does not interpret this type of advertising as something negative or invasive. Sport is usually associated with a feeling of belonging to a certain institution. Due to this, the potential client conceives as close to all the companies that support their team or promote the sport that they are passionate about.

Characteristics of sports marketing

Among the main characteristics of this type of marketing we can highlight the following:

  • It seeks to generate business in the sports sector.
  • It has different areas in which to act, according to the needs of the company.
  • The image of the company is associated with the values ​​that sport represents.
  • Improves the image of the company in front of consumers. They perceive that the organization is collaborating so that they can enjoy something that they are passionate about.
  • Allows you to create specific products associated with the competition or sponsored athlete.

Types of sports marketing

We can find the following four types of sports marketing:

  • Athletes: Consists of carrying out actions in collaboration with athletes who enhance the image of the company or advertise any of its products.
  • General sport: There are many advertisements related to sport so that the consumer can associate its values ​​with the company.
  • Sports competitions: The vast majority of sports competitions that we can see through television or streaming platforms show advertising panels of different brands.
  • Sports companies or groups: This last type of sports marketing refers to those collaborations carried out, for example, by football teams with a certain sports brand for their clothing. You can also mention the advertising that is included in the soccer players' jerseys.

Sports marketing example

As mentioned above, it is very easy to find examples of sports marketing. In any competition broadcast on television, we can identify advertisements from multiple companies. In any case, if we see for example a Formula 1 race, we can see billboards throughout the entire circuit. In addition to this, we will also find advertising on the pilots' overalls and even on the vehicles themselves.

In this sense, let's say we have a clothing company specializing in racquet sports. We would like to carry out a sports marketing campaign and we carry out a study to guide how to carry it out. We identify that paddle tennis is a sport with more and more followers and that the cost of advertising in it is lower than, for example, tennis.

For this reason, we decided to sponsor the main paddle tennis championship in our country. Along with this, another action that we are going to carry out is that the logo of our company will appear on the trophy. In this way, we will have carried out a sports marketing campaign.

In conclusion, sports marketing is a type of marketing focused on carrying out advertising actions within the world of sports, with the aim of increasing the number of clients of the company.