What is Social Media Marketing? Definition of Social Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing Meaning and Concept

Social media marketing is a discipline that tries to increase traffic to a website, and position itself in social networks as a brand to attract the attention of users through a previously defined action plan.

To achieve these types of objectives, it is necessary to plan a series of strategies to promote the products or services of a company through social networks, blogs, or websites and thus get the attention of potential customers. They use this type of platform to carry out an action plan that generates brand recognition, positioning and traffic to their social networks, or website.

Steps to carry out social media marketing

These are the most important steps:

  • To analize the situation. This part requires a great research process since it will be necessary to see what the competition is doing, their presence in social media, what is working well for them, and what the brand itself has done and if it has had any impact on the audience.
  • Consistent objectives. It is important to set a series of objectives that are measurable, and quantifiable, as well as realistic. There is no use having unrealistic aspirations, such as thinking that eight million products will be sold through an online store that opens on a Tuesday on a Thursday. This is not sensible, and can lead to great frustration.
  • Value contribution. If we have investigated the competition, we have to look at our products or services, the value that we have as a brand, and highlight this so that the public chooses what the company offers, and not what the competition has.
  • Potential audience. The one that you want to repair the brand, through content, publications and the web.
  • Action plan. Once this previous process is carried out, it is time to define the actions and strategies that will be carried out in the digital media in which the brand has a presence. How many times will it be published? What kind of content? These are some of the questions that must be answered before starting the journey through social networks.
  • Selection of social networks. A very prominent point, and one that is often a headache for companies. You just have to choose those that after the investigation carried out are synonymous with guarantee. It is not necessary to be on all social networks, but to work on those that are really important for the brand, and its potential audience is there.

As you will see, carrying out social media marketing will bring clarity, and a defined action plan to all those companies that decide to have a digital presence.

What is achieved with social media marketing

This will be what the company will achieve thanks to this procedure:

  • Clarity of ideas when launching into the online world.
  • Ability to enhance its value above the competition.
  • Choose the social networks you need, and discard those that are not necessary for your strategy.
  • Generate traffic to your website.
  • Get attention on social media.
  • Publicize your products, or services.
  • Reach your potential audience thanks to the previously planned strategy.

These are some of the positive consequences that are obtained when this type of procedure is carried out. In this way, you will always have a presence in social media that has more guarantees when it comes to achieving the initial objectives.