What is Production Orientation? Definition of Production Orientation, Production Orientation Meaning and Concept

The term production orientation designates the approach of all companies that pay special attention to the production and manufacturing process of the product that they subsequently put up for sale on the market.

Paying special attention to all manufacturing processes is essential since the product, the logistics, the intervention of human resources, the machinery if necessary, and the preparation of this entire process must guarantee the quality of the final product.

Many companies place special emphasis on this part of the process, and that is why they are oriented to the production of their products with special emphasis on it.

They are companies that are characterized by their great efficiency at the operational level since they take care of the manufacturing processes in detail.

The production orientation appears for the first time in the year 1820 of the 20th century, coinciding with the industrial revolution, a time of change and innovation.

At that time, companies focused on production, mass production was carried out to offer adjusted prices to the public, and all stocks were sold since there was no excess of competition.

The companies were not so interested in the criteria or opinions of consumers, but rather focused on developing production efficiently.

The production orientation is also related to the fact that companies produce the goods that they are going to sell in the market, in a massive way to promote large consumption, in exchange for offering cheaper prices.

All this has meant that some companies continue to maintain this way of managing their productive development.

Differences between production orientation and product orientation

It may seem that both concepts have the same objective, but there are some differences:

  • Orientation towards production : In this case, as we have mentioned, the focus is associated with creating an effective methodology for the production process with the idea of ​​generating products massively at reduced prices for the consumer.
  • Product orientation: When a company focuses on this aspect, it is mainly concerned with producing high-quality products, applying all kinds of innovative techniques or tools to achieve it. The drawback of this orientation is that sometimes the needs of consumers, their opinions and what the market demands are not taken into account. This can lead to the fact that, despite the fact that the product is excellent and of great quality, it does not cover the existing needs and demands.