What is Naming Rights? Definition of Naming Rights, Naming Rights Meaning and Concept

Naming rights are an advertising technique by which an entity acquires rights to name a venue or a certain event during a specific period of time.

It is a denomination that was used in its English version, but that has been adapted to Spanish without difficulty and without losing nuances of what its real meaning implies. A company through a series of rights that it acquires reflects its name in an event, or venue. That is the main function of this advertising technique.

In English it is known as naming rights.

Examples of the use of naming rights

In the media itself there are examples where this concept is used. Among them news that are published continuously.

  • Barcelona signs the most important naming rights contract in history, in which it will be able to put its name on a well-known venue in the capital.
  • Metro de Málaga takes a further step in the application of naming rights, and companies will be able to reflect their name by acquiring the necessary rights at existing stations.
  • Atlético sold its naming rights to the Wanda company and called its stadium Wanda Metropolitano.

These are some phrases that can be seen in the headlines where this concept is used.

Other expressions related to the Spanish translation of naming rights are name rights and trade name rights.

Changes in denominations

Although some names do not change, such as proper names and most of the things that are used, there are others, such as the name of an organism, institution, event or subject that is taught in a faculty that are susceptible to suffering a change in its name. All without their identity being affected, something that would be impossible in the case of proper names.

Sometimes, the changes in the denominations respond to clarifications or to make a better distinction about some issues, situations or institutions.

The fundamental characteristic of the right of naming is that the buyer obtains an advertising strategy to promote his products and services.

Different combinations can be given, such as attaching the brand of the corporation at the end or at the beginning of a generic name, American Airlines Arena. The brand added sand because that is how the multifunctional stadiums that are covered are known in the English language.