What is Marketing Service? Definition of Marketing Service, Marketing Service Meaning and Concept

The marketing service is the marketing mode, as its name suggests, it focuses on services as a specific type of product. Through the creation of marketing strategies, companies seek to disseminate them and attract new consumers for them.

The service sector has, from the point of view of its economic definition, a multitude of typologies attending to the different natures that the services themselves have, existing from this point of view services such as health, security, hospitality, etc.

Focusing on the commercialization of services, the marketing strategies seek to reach future consumers with needs to be satisfied by the work of these companies and through the services that they usually implement within their economic activity.

Differences and Similarities with Goods-Focused Marketing

From the point of view of marketing theory, there is no great difference between the creation of mechanisms when displaying goods or services, since the a priori objective is the same and the marketing mix is used in a similar way in both cases.

This means that often the concepts and mechanisms used to sell a drink or life insurance are in principle similar in terms of marketing, regardless of the nature of both products.

However, it is still necessary to take into account that companies seek to publicize and offer service products characterized by being intangible and often consumable only once (as in the world of catering, for example).

Another basic characteristic of the services is their clear heterogeneity, since depending on their provider, their potential consumer and many other details, an enormous number of different services will be produced. This will mean that any marketing strategy that is going to be developed must necessarily adapt to these typologies, even taking into account what is indicated above about the existence of more or less common marketing practices.

Difficulty in creating marketing strategies in services

The intangibility of any type of service makes the complexity in the design and execution of an advertising work on it somewhat greater, since it becomes more difficult to disseminate the advantages and virtues of the product without being able to show it directly to the consumer. future as it would happen with any good.

This happens obviously because a service and its quality is not verifiable before consumption through the senses, as it is intangible. In this way, it also represents one more point in terms of competition than in the goods market. This, by basing the differences between products on sensations, effectiveness of advertising messages and other aspects that are normally subjective and related to the good or bad work of the firms.