What is Macromarketing? Definition of Macromarketing, Macromarketing Meaning and Concept

Macromarketing is the study of the impact that marketing strategies have on the economy and society in general.

The marketing is a part of everyday life of a consumer, and as a discipline focuses on understanding how individuals and societies learn, evolve and be improved.

It should be said that macromarketing is based on the 4 P's of marketing :

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion.

As a sales strategy, macromarketing studies how companies decide what products or services they offer in the market, how they market them and what they will charge for them. It is an action that reflects the values ​​of society and, therefore, attempts to carry out the sale of goods, services and ideas in a manner consistent with the public good.

Advantages and disadvantages of macromarketing

These are the advantages of macromarketing:

  • Analyze the exchange processes from a general and broad perspective. Delve into them broadly.
  • Study the role that marketing plays in society. Something so important considers it of value to obtain effective results to plan valid strategies.
  • Search and analyze the information necessary to plan, execute and control actions. It carries out extensive work in terms of analysis that serves as the basis and promotion of strategies.
  • Understand, explain and manage the relationships between marketing and society. It combines both perfectly.

The most characteristic disadvantages of macromarketing are:

  • It does not allow to develop an approach to the consumer in an individualized and personal way. It is based on generalities.
  • You are unable to focus a stock on a specific market or clientele.

The objective of macromarketing is to create and maintain a harmonious relationship between marketing and society. So it stands as a philosophy or discipline that studies the activities and processes that create and try to maintain this harmony.

It is in constant motion, it does not slow down. Macromarketing remains in constant evolution, promoting the establishment of free competition markets and the systematic improvement of production processes. It provides a great service for a more just, inclusive and sustainable society.