What is Isologo? Definition of Isologo, Isologo Meaning and Concept

The isologo is a compound element that coherently fuses the image and the text of a brand, project or company.

In other words, an isologo is the representation of a brand made up of text and an image.

A brand needs to offer a certain image according to its style. The essence of these must be perceived correctly by the public and the visual image they offer in the market must captivate the audience.

For this reason, an isologo is a visual element that must be taken care of with great care when it is produced by the company.

This visual element seamlessly unites the text and the graphic part of the brand. When we speak of an isologo, we do so from the point where both elements complement each other, they do not act separately.

What is an isologist for?

It is an element widely used by brands and that has great importance among the public, since it allows people to identify with the brand.

The perfect fusion of the two elements that make it up, text and image, helps the brand to be easily recognized among users.

The most advisable thing is that the design is simple, creative and that it transmits the essence of the brand so that it can attract attention among the end consumers.

Differences between logo and isologo

On many occasions, people tend to confuse both concepts, but there are clear differences to distinguish them. These are the most prominent:

  • Logo : The logo is the word or name of the company that is included within the visual representation of this. They can also be acronyms. For example, CNN. When we refer to a logo, it will always be necessary to bear in mind that it is the element that comprises the text.
  • Isologo: In this case, when we speak of isologo we refer to the visual representation that the brand has elaborated and that unites the image and the text in a coherent and indissoluble way. For example, Burger King.

Isologo example

The marketing and advertising fields are essential for brands. When they need to promote a product or service, they turn to pre-planned strategies to launch their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Before doing so, they have taken care of such important elements as the visual representation of these (brands) so that they can be easily identified by users.

The isologo is very useful for signatures, since it is made up of the image and the text that the brand has prepared and that are perfectly fused when we talk about this term.

There are numerous brands that have used this visual representation to get the public's attention. For example, Pizza Hut, Ford and Lays, among others.