What is Internal Microenvironment? Definition of Internal Microenvironment, Internal Microenvironment Meaning and Concept

The internal microenvironment refers to actors external to the marketing department, but who are part of the same company, so they are not controllable, but they can be influenced.

Thus, we will say that the microenvironment is formed by the company itself, especially by the different departments that make it up.

To put the internal microenvironment in our minds, we must remember that the marketing environment is made up of the macroenvironment and the microenvironment. In turn, the microenvironment is divided into internal and external.

What is the internal microenvironment for?

The internal microenvironment tries to explain that in the same company there must be harmony between the plans of the marketing department and the rest. And we must understand that the final product needs a part of each of them to see the light. Well, although individually they fight to improve their situation, the ultimate goal must be to reach a joint agreement to satisfy the consumer in the best possible way.

Example of the internal microenvironment

Let's imagine that it is time to prepare the planning and strategy by the marketing department:

  • It would be unfeasible to design a budget to carry out the different actions throughout the year. In the same way that the financial department set a totally opposite one.
  • Or that the products did not meet the deadlines due to delayed deliveries of the raw material, a task that is handled by the procurement department.
  • Or that the staff was not enough because the human resources department has not hired the expected workers.

All these actions can affect marketing, and although you cannot control them, you can influence them by negotiating all these conditions.

The company is made up of a set of mechanisms with a common final objective, which forces the different gears to fit together to achieve it successfully.