What is Health Marketing? Definition of Health Marketing, Health Marketing Meaning and Concept

The marketing health is a specialization of marketing - oriented health sector used to analyze and present information related to medicine, advances in health and promote certain services in that field. It is also called health marketing.

Talking about health marketing does not only refer to the commercialization of a specific product, but also to the prevention of healthy habits since marketing is an effective tool to attract resources and people in an area.

Ultimately, health marketing is understood as the set of activities that guide and guide organizations in this sector to improve their products and services.

Health Marketing Goals

Health marketing aims to complement the work of health professionals: Doctors, nurses, specialists, etc. To do this, it must play a more strategic role that is based on the fulfillment of certain objectives such as:

  • Better attract and retain patients.
  • Improve patient care.
  • Standardize the patient care process in the first visits.
  • Increase online services and integrate them into hospital management.
  • Create and implement a powerful and differentiating communication strategy.
  • Develop unique, differentiated and patient-focused business models.
  • Implement communication in a crisis situation.

Social networks within the health sector are influencing and modifying the forms of communication and promotion that had been done until now. This sector, with the inclusion of new technologies, is experiencing a digital transformation regulated by laws and strict regulations on the types of information that can be communicated.

Advantages of health marketing

Here are some benefits of health marketing:

  • Website optimization and increased number of visits.
  • Guarantees a presence on social media.
  • Increase the number of patients.
  • Improve digital positioning in search engines.
  • It makes known the most outstanding services.

Disadvantages of health marketing

Some disadvantages may appear in health marketing:

  • Exposure of information that does not cause the interest of patients.
  • Undefined correct communication strategy.
  • Spam and other types of network problems.