What is Guerrilla Marketing? Definition of Guerrilla Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing Meaning and Concept

Guerrilla marketing is a type of advertising strategy focused on the practice of resources and techniques based on imagination and ingenuity. Through the use of unusual advertising practices and minimal investment, the aim is to achieve a great public diffusion.

The main idea of using guerrilla marketing is to seek novelty and surprise in the consumer.

It is a form of absent-mindedness. You will try to create an advertisement with the premise that it does not look like it. The provocation and capture of the receiver should make him feel the need to share that experience with his environment, so that the echo multiplies and the effect of the advertising work is amplified.

One of the main advantages of using this marketing technique is to avoid the advertising saturation that we live with the expansion and multiplication of communication media and advertising resources today.

Guerrilla Marketing and Mass Advertising

Unlike mass advertising, guerrilla marketing is based on the creation of personalized messages for a pre-established and specific sector of the population that you want to impact. The search for creativity, imagination and emotion will be basic to achieve this end and for the target audience to transfer or share the message to others.

The technological and virtual factor has played an important role in guerrilla marketing work in recent years. Through a creative and unconventional effort, companies have the possibility to achieve their communication objectives and even improve their corporate image if their campaign is effective.

Thanks to the Internet, the role of social networks and the proliferation of multimedia content on the Internet, guerrilla marketing has become an increasingly common practice in advertising planning for firms. Which decide to take on creative challenges seeking distinction through viral messages, surprising videos or disguised advertising as the basis of their online marketing.