What is Green Marketing? Definition of Green Marketing, Green Marketing Meaning and Concept

The marketing green is the treatment given businesses the environment, including it as one of their own values so that a brand is valued by the public and the market in which it operates.

The objective is to show products that respect and better reconcile with the environment. Green marketing arises from the concern, concerns and demand of certain movements regarding the consequences of marketing on the environment. Thus, some companies decided to take sides with the environmental movements that were taking place.

Entrepreneurs, in general, have been increasing their ecological awareness. The first actions on this topic took place in the decade of the 70s. At that time ecological marketing began, although officially the entrepreneurs began to be aware from the 80s and began to implement ecological marketing strategies to late 1980s and early 1990s integrating respect for the environment in their processes.

Green Marketing Features

The main functions of green marketing for the company are:

  1. Direct consumer choice: Inform consumers that the company's products or services respect and are favorably reconciled with the ecological environment. The environment continually suffers from pollution and the public is becoming more and more aware of it. For this reason, the information that a company exercises this type of marketing is promoted so that it is the priority choice for consumers as a contribution of value included in the product.
  2. Reorient the marketing mix of the company : Reconcile economic objectives with ecological ones, in such a way that there is no opposition between the two, but rather that they are complementary and feasible for the business.
  3. Organization of the company: The company takes care of all those strategies that will be implemented when launching the product or service to the market without affecting the environment. For example, companies that use machinery avoiding that they promote pollution, products such as bags that are recyclable, or that respect construction materials in accordance with the environment.

Effects of green marketing in companies

The main effects of green marketing are:

  • Comply with legal requirements in environmental matters.
  • Improvement of the brand image in the market and the general public.
  • Greater control over the generation of polluting agents, with the aim of reducing the negative impact on the environment.
  • Easier to carry out environmental actions such as concessions or permits.
  • Satisfy the demands of consumers while respecting the ecological environment.