What is Digital Positioning? Definition of Digital Positioning, Digital Positioning Meaning and Concept

Digital positioning is the process by which, through techniques and strategies, a brand is placed in the Internet environment.

The key is not to have a website, but to make users find it, and once there, find what they are looking for. For this reason, digital positioning is absolutely necessary for any web page, so that it is easier to find it than the competition.

Types of digital positioning

There are 2 types of digital positioning, organic (SEO) and paid (SEM):

  • SEO : To achieve a good organic positioning it is necessary to do your homework well. Have a website with the right content, optimized, updated. The better these tasks are carried out, the more visibility the website will have, since it will appear in a better position in search engines due to quality.
  • SEM : To achieve a SEM positioning, an economic outlay is necessary. In search engines we usually see this type of positioning in the first or last 2 or 3 positions, sometimes highlighted with a different color, and sometimes highlighting the word ad. For example, Google is constantly making changes, experimenting to find out what works best and also to detect new trends.

Depending on the type of product or service, users also click on the ads, although they generally present the so-called banner blindness. This consists of automatically ignoring any advertisement, and it is because the brain has already got used to not paying attention to it because repeatedly it has not found what it was looking for in it.

Example of digital positioning

To understand what digital positioning consists of, the best option is to think about how we use Google.

Let's imagine that we want to buy a second-hand car, so we will enter the search engine and write: car + second-hand + province. The options will be endless, pages and pages full of cars are displayed on the screen, but the most common behavior is to consult only the first page, especially the first 3 results.

The SEM results will always be the ads, the companies interested in occupying these spaces have bid on the keywords buy + car + specific place, in this case, and the one that has best fulfilled the Google items has taken first place.

The SEO results will always be web pages that occupy the place it occupies depending on their quality.