What is Digital Marketing? Definition of Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Meaning and Concept

The marketing digital is all kinds of strategy of selling a product or service a company, brand or individual takes place in a market a digital environment.

The limitations of the offline field lead us to develop more, new and better actions in the online world, which has a series of advantages such as immediacy and its global capacity to achieve our objective.

With digital marketing, the decision-making capacity is not only held by the company that launches its strategy. It is also the user who has a remarkable power of choice. You can give your opinion freely and easily search for what you are looking for through a series of filters, without having to go directly to the brand.

Given this situation, a digital strategy must take into account all these factors if you want to place your product or service on the market. There are many potential customers who are equipped with a mobile phone, tablet or computer and who connect to the Internet on a daily basis.

Brands know this, so they focus their efforts on specific digital marketing actions.

Why apply digital marketing to a business?

Here are some reasons for this:

  • Technology allows us to share information instantly.
  • It is capable of reaching a very wide audience, from all over the world, to attract more clients.
  • Greater comfort. With a single click you can share articles, videos...
  • It is very flexible. Campaigns started online can be varied or modified on the fly if we believe that something is not working as it should or we need to give them a new impetus.
  • Create community. In the online world we constantly interact with users from all over the planet in two-way communication.
  • The investment costs are lower than in traditional media.
  • It allows greater control of the campaigns by being able to segment them into specific niches (age, sex, population...) and after obtaining the metrics that the results provide us with.

Digital marketing tools

The Network is a large virtual community where communication and information exchange takes place in two directions. Brands and users are constantly in the 2.0 world. with an interesting feedback in between.

Companies are aware that they must direct their sales and advertising strategy also to the online public and use the digital tools that this area provides them, such as:

  • Web page.
  • Blog.
  • Search engines.
  • Social networks.