What Is Difference Between Marketing and Advertising? Definition of Difference Between Marketing and Advertising, Difference Between Marketing and Advertising Meaning and Concept

The marketing and advertising are two very important concepts, and can sometimes lead to confusion, but they are different in theory and in practice. They are essential for a company to achieve success and stay in the markets.

Marketing is the set of techniques, tools and actions whose objective is to optimize and improve the commercialization of products and services of a business.

Marketing is responsible for assessing the market, competition, consumers and as a result of this type of data programming and planning actions aimed at selling more.

Advertising is a part of marketing, it is included within the possible marketing actions. In this case, we are talking about advertising when it is aimed at achieving good communication with the customer to capture their attention, improve and strengthen the brand image of a company and increase the use of products.

The first is a much broader concept that includes an action plan with a series of actions that have been planned based on prior research on markets, customers, products, competition, prices, among others.

Why is marketing and advertising important in a company?

A business should pay special attention to the marketing department. If we want to know the consumer, what they need, what they want and how the market is operating, it is essential to have a specialized department for this.

It is vital for the survival of the company since it is responsible for knowing, assessing and studying the following:

  • The product.
  • The competition.
  • The distribution.
  • Advertising actions.
  • Prices.
  • It serves as the basis for advertising campaigns.
  • Transfer the vision to the most effective techniques to achieve the general objectives of the company.

The marketing department and a marketing plan are extremely important for any company that wants to consolidate its brand in the market for all the elements it carries out.

On the other hand, the advertising that is within these marketing actions deals with following the strategies defined above, getting to inform the public about a product, service or the brand itself so that they sound in the mind of the consumer.

To get a good publicity it is necessary to work on the following:

  • A good slogan.
  • A logo that is able to captivate the essence of that brand and convey its message.
  • Creativity to surprise users and get them hooked on the commercial message.
  • Choose the most appropriate channels to transmit advertising information.

As can be seen, both concepts are responsible for ensuring that the company is established in the market, more products are sold and that the ideal customer is reached with less money and more benefits for the brand.