What is Copywriting? Definition of Copywriting, Copywriting Meaning and Concept

Copywriting or content creation is a persuasive writing technique dedicated to the reader taking a certain action.

We can find it anywhere: our daily lives, in advertising, radio spots, in politics, emails, among others. Although the best example of copywriting are children. Why? They always give reasons for not wanting to do something, and in a very justified way, this is when we must have enough skill to persuade them and finally do what we consider is best for them and they should do at that time. That is why we say that copywriting is always in our daily life.

Copywriting is used for everything mentioned above, but it is especially focused on digital businesses, specifically the language we use for our websites.

What do we need to know to use the right language?

These are the main factors that we must take into account to carry out copywriting:

  • Know our ideal client: He has problems that we can solve, he will appreciate our work, he will pay us what we are worth and he will see us as a valuable need not as a nuisance. For example, if an SME needs a website and we offer this service, they will see us in this way since what they are interested in is that we solve their problem and make the website that they need. Why is it important to know our ideal client? It will help us select the keywords for our page, focus our language towards it and we will have more inspiration to write since we will know who our words are directed to.
  • Know our project well: We must know what we do and offer a clear definition of what we do so that the public knows immediately what we can offer them. A good way to know how we are and what we do is to develop an initial business plan to assess everything that our project offers and define its keys and characteristics so that they reach the potential client in a simple and direct way. This will allow us to focus our words appropriately to make ourselves known.
  • Properly work our headlines: It is important to ask ourselves the following questions when we work: Do I want to continue reading more with this title? Would you say it in exactly the same words if you re-created it? If you join it together with a call to action, would you click on it?

Based on this we can create our headlines following methods such as the following:

  • Write several working titles.
  • Choose a wildcard title.
  • Create a structure based on that headline.
  • Keep developing the information.
  • When I edit the final information, I put the finishing touch on the headline.

What will we achieve with all this?

Our goal is to develop websites and projects that generate sales. If we use and work the appropriate language we will get the reader to carry out the actions we want.

Along with copywriting , content marketing can be used . This is another writing technique, but this time what it brings is value to the brand, differentiation from its competition and demonstrates the knowledge we have on a specific topic.