What is Content Marketing? Definition of Content Marketing, Content Marketing Meaning and Concept

The marketing content strategy communication is carried out by a company or organization to give value to your brand, differentiate themselves from the competition and contribute their knowledge on a particular subject.

Instead of telling them to buy something, what content marketing does is attract consumers with valuable information. For this, articles or news related to topics of interest are published and that are usually related to the brand that you want to do marketing.

Content marketing subtly brings us closer to our clients or potential clients by offering them content of interest.

What do we use content marketing for?

Content marketing is very useful for the following:

  1. Talk about something we know: For example, if our company designs web pages with WordPress and we talk about this program, we will be offering information of interest to our potential clients on a topic that we know perfectly since our work is developed with WordPress.
  2. Show that we know what we are talking about: The more knowledge we show that we have about a subject we are working on, the more trust we will generate in our clients.
  3. Differentiate ourselves from the competition: Show that we not only offer, but also that we want to transmit knowledge of interest.
  4. Add value to our brand : We should care about the sale, which is the ultimate goal, but adding value to our image through words is essential. Returning to the example that we exposed previously, if we express ourselves according to our ideal client and write in a certain way with some topics of interest and frequently, it will be very likely that people will take us seriously and remember our brand as a serious entity and trustworthy.

Content marketing example

An example of content marketing would be to introduce a blog on our website where we talk about topics that we know.

For example, if I have a digital marketing company , on my blog I will create topics associated with that topic. I can publish articles on content marketing, copywriting, the work of a community manager, etc. If I develop these services, the blog will help me so that the public who reads them will find out that I handle these concepts perfectly and I have experience. If I also have a specific case of success that I have worked on, this will give you confidence to hire us.

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