What is Community Manager? Definition of Community Manager, Community Manager Meaning and Concept

The community manager is the person in charge of managing the social networks of a business, and being in constant communication with the users of these platforms on behalf of the company.

With the boom in new technologies, this figure appears with the aim of being a communication channel between the company and social communities. This work is carried out by the community manager.

After the success of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, it was evident that by 2010 companies began to see all the possibilities that there were for their businesses on digital platforms. It is when it begins to be necessary for a specialized person to take charge of developing this activity.

The community manager is usually always in relationship with the marketing and communication department when it comes to large companies, or develop their activity alone, when they are retail companies that do not have specific departments.

What tasks does a community manager have?

Key question for all those who want to work in the online sector, or know how it is organized.

The fundamental tasks are:

  • Creation and content management of social media publications. It is responsible for adapting each message depending on the characteristics and the social network to which it is directed.
  • Analytics and monitoring of all parameters in such a way that you can assess the statistics at all times to carry out effective changes or know if the proposals that have been carried out on the digital platforms are working correctly.
  • Editorial calendar. One way to plan is to always carry a previous organization, and the editorial calendar will serve to know that you have to publish at all times in an organized way.
  • Communication between company and users. It is in charge of transferring suggestions, doubts, complaints or proposals from users to the company.

Objectives of the community manager

It has the following among its priorities:

  • Increase the visibility of the brand so that its products and services are known among the public or audience that the company needs.
  • Increase and increase the community with users who are really interested in the content that is being managed, since in this way the company's products or services may also be favored.

One of the issues to take into account within the company is the realization of a social media plan to establish previous strategies according to the needs and objectives of the business.

What it is about is not to choose to publish anything, but what can be interesting and with a high contribution of value to the audience. This social media plan must always be done in advance to select the most interesting social networks for each project, as well as the tone of the messages, the number of publications, and the potential customers to whom those messages are directed.